Kickass Dog Names That Start With B (NEW LIST)

Are you bringing a new furry friend home and struggling to find the perfect dog names that starts with B? There are hundreds of unique, trendy, and popular dog names beginning with this vibrant letter.

In this article, we will guide you through an alphabetically curated list of top picks for male and female dog names starting with B– from Bella to Buddy. Get ready to discover your pooch’s new identity!

Dog Names That Start With B
Dog Names That Start With B/ Credits: dailydogimages

The Trend of Dog Names Starting with B

Dog names that start with B are a hit these days. Many dog owners pick names that start with this letter for their pets. Sometimes, they choose cute and playful names like Blossom or Bibi.

But often, people love more classic names like Barbara or Belinda too. This trend is not just for girl dogs. Boy dogs have great ‘B’ names as well! Some people choose fun and cool names such as Bolt or Bear to call their canine friends. 

With so many options out there, it’s no wonder why ‘B’ has become a favorite choice for naming our furry friends!

Top Dog Names that Start with B for Girls

In the canine world, female dog names starting with B such as Bella, Bailey, Bonnie, Brianna and Beatrice are popular choices due to their unique appeal and charming sound.


Bella is a top pick for girl dog names. Many people in the USA love this name. Bella comes from Italy and it means “beautiful.” It’s short but bold. Being beautiful, many link this name with dogs that have blue coats.

The name Belle, Beauty, Blossom and Bibi are also big hits for dog names starting with B. But Bella stands out among them all. It can be used as a sweet pet-name for Isabella too! So if you’re looking at Italian or popular ‘B’ names, think of Bella.


Bailey is a top pick for girl dogs that start with the letter B. It comes from English roots and means “bailiff” or “steward”. 

So, it’s a great fit if your dog likes to keep watch over things! Many people love this name because it’s cute and simple.

If you have a new female pup in your home, think about naming her Bailey!


Bonnie is a top pick for girl dogs that start with B. This name comes from Scotland. It means “pretty, happy”. Many owners love this bright and fun name. You have probably heard it on the dog park or vet’s office.

Dogs named Bonnie are often friendly and full of joy!


“Brianna” is a popular girl dog name that starts with B. Many owners love it because it sounds sweet and classy. It fits a cute, playful, or quiet girl dog very well. 

This name also stands out because not many dogs in the park will have the same name! So if you are looking for female dog names starting with B, think about “Brianna”.

Your furry friend might just love this new tag!


Beatrice is a top pick for girl dogs that start with B. It’s a name from Latin roots and it oozes class with a sweet sound. Many dog parents love the fine, stylish ring to this name.

Beatrice has lots of charm, just like Beatrix, its twin name from the same root.

It ranks high among other popular names like Bella and Bailey. So if you’re looking for something grand but not too common, Beatrice could be your perfect match!

B dog names
B dog names/ Credits: dailydogimages

Top Dog Names That Start with B for Boys

Explore popular dog names for your male pups that start with the letter ‘B’. From classic like Buddy and Bear to unique ones such as Benji and Bentley, there’s a perfect name for every furry boy out there.


Buddy is a top choice for boy dog names that start with B. Dogs named Buddy can be girls too! Many pet owners in the USA love this name. 

Lists and articles confirm its popularity. Some of the best dog names are easy to say like Buddy.

Other cool B-names for dogs are Beau, Bear, Bruno, Bella, Bentley, Bailey, and Buster. But Buddy holds a special place in many hearts! It’s more than just a name; it speaks of friendship and closeness between dogs and their humans.


Bear is a top pick for boy dogs that start with B. This name is bold and fits well for a small, brave puppy. It shows strength and warmth, like a real bear. Many people in the USA love this name because it is strong and sweet at the same time.

So, if you have a male dog that acts tough but loves to cuddle, Bear could be the perfect name!


Bruno is a strong name for boy dogs. Many dog owners love this name. It starts with the letter B. Bruno shows that your dog is friendly and loves to be around people.

Dogs named Bruno like making new friends. They are loyal and loving pets. This name suits different breeds and sizes of dogs, from small pups to big adult dogs!


Benji is a top pick for boy dog names that start with B. Many people love this name. It’s cute and easy to say. This name also fits well with many breeds of dogs. If you want a sweet, likable name for your male pup, Benji could be the perfect match!


Bentley is a top dog name starting with B for boys. Most common in the Golden Retriever breed, it has a high-class feel to it. Each Bentley tends to fit his name well. This male dog name is not only stylish but also unique.

It includes traits like charm and strength, which dogs often have. Choose Bentley if you want your furry friend to stand out!

B dog names
B dog names/ credits: dailydogimages

Cute and Unique Dog Names That Start with B

When it comes to cute and unique dog names starting with B, options like Biscuit, Bubbles, Bandit, Blue and Buttercup stand out as charming choices full of character.


Biscuit is a fun dog name that starts with B. It’s often used for small, fluffy dogs. But this name fits all types of dogs, big and small. Many people like the name Biscuit because it’s simple and sweet.

Naming your dog Biscuit can make them feel like part of the family.

Other cute names that start with B are Blossom, Belle, Baby, Bluebell, and Berry. The good thing about these names is they are unique just like your pet! So if you want to give your pup a special name beginning with B, think about choosing one of these options!


Bubbles is a unique dog name that begins with B. It is fun and shows the cute side of your pet. This lighthearted pet name is perfect for both girls and boys. If you want to give your furry friend a special name, consider “Bubbles”.

This choice stands out on any list of dog names starting with B. Your dog will love this playful nickname!


Bandit is a fun dog name studded with boldness. It sparks thoughts of rogues and rebels, perfect for daring pet pals. Bandit suits both boys and girls and stamps an image of playful strength on your four-legged friend.

Daring dogs will carry the English-origin name with pride. So, if you feel your furry buddy has a big dash of daring mixed with mischief in their bones, go ahead! Name them Bandit!


Blue is a popular dog name that starts with B. This cute and unique name fits many dogs well. You could think of the color blue when you hear this name, but it can mean more than just a color.

There are also fun variations like Bluesy or Bluebell for pet owners who want something different. Out of 500 dog names that begin with B, Blue stands out as one of the top picks!


Buttercup is a bright and happy name for dogs. It can fit both male and female pets. This fun name begins with the letter B. Many pet parents in the USA love this cute pick for their furry friends.

The Buttercup flower adds a cheerful vibe to this unique dog name. You might see its sunny charm reflected in your pup’s playful spirit. So, if you have a lively and joyful pup, Buttercup could be the perfect name!

b names for dog
b names for dog/ credits: dailydogimages

Funny Dog Names That Start with B

Give your pup a dose of humor with these funny dog names. Consider ‘Boogie’, perfect for a pooch who loves to wiggle and waggle. Or what about ‘Bowser’, ideal for those canine video game lovers? Don’t overlook the charm in food-inspired names like ‘Bagel’, or musical ones such as ‘Bongo’.

For meat-loving dogs, ’Brisket’ could be an amusing choice!


Boogie is a funny dog name that starts with B. Imagine calling your playful pup Boogie in the park! This name has a fun and lively sound to it, just like its owner. It’s a great choice for energetic dogs who love to jump, run and of course, boogie around!


Bowser is a funny dog name that starts with “B”. This name can suit both male and female dogs. It sounds bold and would be perfect for a yellow dog too. Some other fun names related to Bowser are Bruiser and Baloo.

They all have the same powerful vibe. So, if you wish to give your pet a unique name starting with “B”, think about Bowser!


Bagel is a funny dog name that starts with B. It comes from Yiddish, a language used by Jewish people long ago.

 Do you love eating bagels? Your furry friend might love this tasty name, too! Even if your pup can’t eat real bagels, they can carry the whimsical spirit of this food in their name.

Choosing Bagel as a pet’s name also makes for great jokes and fun times. It adds charm to your pet and gives them a unique identity. People will surely smile when they hear your dog’s cute and funny name – Bagel!


Bongo is a funny dog name that starts with the letter B. It is often used for male dogs. This name comes from Africa and it means an antelope. If you’re looking for something unique, fun, and different, Bongo could be the right pick!


Brisket is a fun name for your dog who loves food. It’s an English name and people link it with funny dog names that start with B. Many like this option when they want to give their new puppy a cute, fun name.

dog names starting with b
dog names starting with b/ credits: dailydogimages

Dog Names Inspired by Famous People and Famous Dogs

Choosing a name for your dog can also be inspired by famous people or renowned dogs from pop culture, like Beethoven, the lovable St. Bernard from the movie series, Bolt, the super dog from Disney’s animated film of the same name; Billie Jean named after Michael Jackson’s hit song or Bo Derek commemorating the iconic Hollywood actress and model.

These names do not only bring some star power to our furry friends but also are great conversation starters when meeting other pet lovers.


Beethoven is a key name that sparks joy and ideas. It stands out in the list of dog names starting with B inspired by famous people and dogs. You may think about the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven when you hear it.

But, comic strip Peanuts gave us another Beethoven – Snoopy’s wise brother who loves classic music.

This name has a playful side as well! The star St.Bernard in the movie “Beethoven” made this name famous among dog lovers too. Naming your pet Beethoven can be a fun chat starter for sure!


Bolt is a great dog name that starts with B. It comes from the famous movie about a super dog named Bolt. This name suits dogs who are fast and strong. Many pet owners like this name because it’s fun and easy to say!

Billie Jean

Billie Jean is a great dog name! It shows love, hard work and good nature. Many dogs named Billie Jean are girls. The name comes from famous people and their pets. Billie Jean is also the name of a pop star dog in pop culture.

Your dog will be happy with this lovely, popular celebrity-inspired name!

Bo Derek

Bo Derek is a big name in the world of dog names. She is an actress with much fame. Many people like to use her name for their dogs. This shows how much she matters in the world of dog names.

Some say Bo Derek had dogs with names starting with B too!

How Did You Choose Your Dog’s Name?

Choosing your dog’s name is a personal journey often reflecting your interests, the dog’s personality or appearance, or even inspired by pop culture and favorite characters.

Personal Preferences

Your own likes matter a lot when picking your pet’s name. Some love classic choices like Bella or Buddy. Others might want a unique name like Biscuit or Bandit. Funny names such as Boogie can make us laugh and smile too! There is a wide selection of B dog names for every owner’s preference out there.

It’s all about choosing what feels right to you and your furry friend!

Meaning Behind The Name

Names hold power. They can tell stories about your dog’s traits or your hopes for them. Dog owners often choose names with deep meaning. For instance, “Bella” means beautiful in Italian.

Many people pick this name because they think their pet is lovely to look at. “Bear” is a common name given to big, strong dogs as bears are seen as powerful animals in nature. 

Some folks like fun names that make them smile, like “Boogie” or “Bongo.” These show the playful side of their pets and bring joy every time they call their furry friend!

Pop Culture References

Pop culture often helps people pick dog names. Many dogs have names like Beethoven, Buddy, and Benji from movies about dogs. Other dog names come from stars in pop culture. 

A lot of people name their dogs Cardi B, Harry or Groot because they saw these stars on TV or heard them in music.

Some choose to use fun dog names like Barkley and Bandit that they heard in shows or games. It’s clear that pop culture has a strong effect on how we name our pets!

dog names starting with b
dog names starting with b/ credits: dailydogimages


Choosing a dog name starting with B is fun. There are many great options for every type of dog. Be it cute, cool, or funny names. The perfect one is out there to fit your new friend’s special traits and personality just right!

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