Do Dogs Have Adams Apples? All Things To Know

So Do Dogs Have Adams Apples? Dogs do not have a feature anatomically equivalent to the human Adam’s apple. The Adam’s apple is a bulge in the throat caused by the thyroid cartilage around the larynx. While dogs also have a larynx and thyroid cartilage, the structures are less prominent and do not protrude outwardly. Overall, the external throat anatomy of dogs lacks a bulge comparable to the human Adam’s apple.

do dogs have adams apple
do dogs have adams apple

What is an Adam’s Apple?

An Adam’s Apple is a lump you can see or feel in the throat. It is part of what we call the larynx, or voice box. Both men and women have this lump but it tends to be bigger and easier to spot in males.

The Adam’s apple gets its name from an old tale about a man named Adam with a piece of apple stuck in his throat.

In dogs, this same area exists. Like humans, the dog has a larynx with similar parts. But there are key differences between human and dog anatomy. Dogs’ version of an Adam’s apple is part of their laryngeal skeleton.

This helps control how they bark or whine.

Comparison to Human Adam’s Apple

Just like humans, dogs have an Adam’s apple or the laryngeal prominence. However, in canines, it is less visible and smaller than in males of our species. The primary function remains the same across both species – housing and protecting the vocal cords while aiding in swallowing and breathing functions.

Size and prominence

Dogs and people both have Adam’s apples. But the size and look are very different. A dog’s throat prominence is not as big or clear as a person’s. This is because of neck anatomy, vocal cord size, and other factors.

The sizes can be changed by hormones too. Dogs don’t show gender differences in their Adam’s apple like humans do. So it might be hard to see a dog’s Adam’s apple whether they are male or female dogs.

Genetic factors play an important role in this.


The Adam’s apple in dogs helps them make sounds. It sits in the throat and is part of the voice box or larynx. When a dog barks, howls, or whines, it uses its Adam’s apple. This small bump works with the vocal cords to create different sounds.

The function is not just for making noise though. It also keeps the throat safe when a dog eats or drinks. Just like humans, this part guards the airway so food and liquid do not go into the lungs.

Location of Dog’s Adam’s Apple

In dogs, the Adam’s apple, also known as the laryngeal prominence, sits in the upper neck region. It lies beneath their skin and muscles, adjacent to their trachea or “windpipe”. You can find it by gently palpating your dog’s throat area; however, unlike in humans, it may not be distinctly visible due to varying factors such as breed size and fur length.

Difference from human anatomy

Dogs and humans both have Adam’s apples. But, they are not in the same place. In dogs, it is farther down the throat than in humans. It does not stick out like it does in human males.

This is due to how a dog’s larynx is made up. The cartilage here shapes more flatly and less round so it seems hidden away. Both male and female dogs have this part of their anatomy present even if it doesn’t show much outside.

How to locate it?

Start by facing your dog. Place one hand on the back of their head. With your other hand, use your thumb and forefinger. Gently feel in the middle part of their throat for a lump. This is where you will find a dog’s Adam’s apple.

The larynx is another name for this lump in dogs. Do not push hard as it can make them uncomfortable or cause pain. It might be small and not stick out like it does in human males, but it’s there! Regular checks are good to look out for any growths that seem abnormal or new.

do dogs have adam's apple
Do Dogs Have Adams Apples

Can You Feel a Dog’s Adam’s Apple?

While it may be possible to feel a dog’s Adam’s apple, distinct factors such as the breed, size of the dog and individual anatomy can make this challenging.

Factors that may make it difficult

Finding a dog’s Adam’s apple can be tough. Some things can make it hard:

  1. Dogs have fur. The fur hides the skin and bumps like an Adam’s apple.
  2. Their muscles hide it too. The neck has many muscles that keep the throat safe.
  3. Male dogs have bigger Adam’s apples than female dogs. This is because they have more testosterone.
  4. The shape of a dog’s throat is not like ours. This makes it hard to feel their Adam’s apple.
  5. Some dogs are big, and some are small. Size can change how easy it is to find their Adam’s apple.
  6. Dogs move around a lot! It is not always easy to touch their throats when they are moving all over the place.

Potential Concerns for a Lump in a Dog’s Throat

When you discover a lump in your dog’s throat, several health issues could be at play, including laryngitis, where the voice box becomes inflamed. Laryngeal paralysis may also cause such a bulge if your dog’s vocal cord muscles fail to open correctly.

Swollen lymph nodes often indicate an infection or disease that affects the immune system. A thyroid tumor is another suspect for a lump in their throat, while cancer remains the most severe condition associated with this symptom.


Laryngitis is a common issue for dogs. It makes their voice box swell. This can happen if they bark too much, breathe in dust, or absorb smoke. Breathing problems and a rough cough are typical signs of laryngitis in dogs.

The way to help your dog with laryngitis depends on what caused it. Sometimes the vet gives medicine. Other times, you can take steps at home like using a humidifier or keeping your dog quiet so its throat can heal.

If you see these symptoms in your dog, go to the vet right away because it could be due to other serious health issues.

Laryngeal paralysis

Laryngeal paralysis is a health concern for dogs. It can either be born with it or get it later in life. Dogs with this issue may sound different when they bark. They might also have a hard time breathing deeply and cough often.

In some cases, the back end of the dog’s body may become weak. There are ways to help dogs with laryngeal paralysis. Doctors can give them medicine or do surgery. If it gets very bad, some might think about putting the dog to sleep for good.

Swollen lymph nodes

A dog’s throat may show a lump if its lymph nodes are swollen. This often happens when the dog is unwell, like with an infection. Bacteria could be the cause, but so can ticks, fungi or parasites.

The dog may feel sick and not want to eat. It might even throw up or have trouble eating or breathing well. These signs tell us that the lymph nodes in your dog’s throat are likely inflamed.

Even though some people treat this at home, it is always best to talk to a vet first. They will know what has made your pet ill and how best to help them heal.

Thyroid tumors

Thyroid tumors are a worry for dog owners. Close to nine out of ten thyroid tumors in dogs are bad, or malignant. Most of these bad lumps do not make too much thyroid hormone, which is good news.

These lumps can be kind (adenoma) or cruel (carcinoma). The kind ones may get bigger and start making more hormones. Having too much thyroid hormone, known as hyperthyroidism, in dogs is rare but can happen if the dog has active cancer.


Dogs can get cancer in their throats. It can be many kinds, like lymphoma or squamous cell carcinoma. A rare type is chondrosarcoma that hurts the dog’s larynx and trachea. Some dogs have a higher chance of getting this sick.

Cancer changes how a lump looks on your dog’s throat. The size, feel, and color might change if it has cancer inside it. Dogs with throat cancer may not live as long or as well. It is necessary to visit a vet for symptom checkups and early diagnosis.

do dogs have adam's apples
Do Dogs Have Adams Apples

Do Puppies Have Adam’s Apples?

Just like adult dogs, puppies also have Adam’s apples, although they might be less noticeable due to their smaller size and underdeveloped throat and larynx.

Development and size differences

Puppies have Adam’s apples, too. They can be found even in newborn pups! As the puppy grows older, this part of its throat also gets bigger. The size change is linked to age and growth hormones, like testosterone.

This hormone can make a dog’s Adam’s apple grow more than usual. So male dogs may end up with a larger one than female dogs. But all dogs’ Adam’s apples stay hidden deep inside their throats, unlike humans’.

Other Animals with Adam’s Apples

Not just dogs have Adam’s apples. Cats also share this throat structure. Like dogs, the Adam’s apple in cats is tied to their larynx.

A bulge out or visible bump – like what we see in human males – does not occur in most other animals. Yet, the function remains vital for breathing and making sounds. Animals big and small all make use of this important part of their body, even if it is not prominent or noticeable to us!

Conclusion – Dogs Do Have Adam’s Apples

Yes, dogs do have Adam’s apples. They are part of the larynx, or voice box. Both boy and girl dogs have them. The size can change from dog to dog.

FAQs on Do Dogs Have Adams Apples

1. Do Dogs Have Adam’s Apples?

No, dogs do not have Adam’s apples. The Adam’s apple is a feature unique to humans caused by the protrusion of the thyroid cartilage around the larynx. Dogs have different throat anatomy.

2. What Causes The Adam’s Apple In Humans? 

The Adam’s apple is caused by the protrusion of the thyroid cartilage surrounding the larynx. This creates a visible bulge in the front of the throat.

3. Why Don’t Dogs Have An Adam’s Apple?

Dogs lack the defined thyroid cartilage protrusion that causes the Adam’s apple in humans. Their thyroid cartilage is less prominent and does not protrude outward.

4. Do Female Dogs Have Adam’s Apples?

No, female dogs do not have Adam’s apples. Neither male nor female dogs have the anatomical structure that creates the Adam’s apple in humans. 

5. Do Any Animals Besides Humans Have Adam’s Apples?

No, the Adam’s apple is a unique feature to human anatomy caused by a protruding laryngeal structure. No other animals have the equivalent.

6. What Is The Purpose Of The Adam’s Apple In Humans? 

The Adam’s apple protects the vocal cords and plays a role in deepening the voice, especially during puberty in males. It does not serve a function in dogs.

7. Are Adam’s Apples Bigger In Male Humans?

Yes, male Adam’s apples are usually larger and more prominent. This is because male larynxes tend to be larger and the thyroid cartilage protrudes more outwardly.

8. At What Age Does The Adam’s Apple Develop In Humans?

The Adam’s apple becomes visible and protrudes more noticeably during puberty. Testosterone enlargement of the larynx causes the Adam’s apple to become more prominent. 

9. Can You Feel A Dog’s Adam’s Apple?

No, you cannot feel a bulge like the Adam’s apple on a dog’s throat since dogs lack that anatomical feature. Their neck and throat region will feel flat.

10. Are Adam’s Apples Visible On Dogs Like In Humans? 

No, dogs do not have visible protrusions on their throat that are equivalent to the human Adam’s apple. Their external throat anatomy is flat.

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