When Is National Labrador Day? Things To Know

If you own a Labrador retriever, CONGRATULATIONS! Aren’t they a delight? Did you know that there was a day especially for labradors? So when is National Labrador Day celebrated? It is January 8th and is the perfect time to recognize and show love for these beloved canines.  Celebrate and honor these national best friends and loyal partners this year. Some other pet holidays to keep in mind:

  • National Rescue Dog Day:- May 20.
  • Veterinary Appreciation Day:- June 18.
  • International Guide Dog Day:- April 26
  • World Veterinary Day:- Last Saturday of April
  • National Dog Day:- August 26
  • National Pet Week:- first full week of May
  • National Purebred Dog Day:- March 8
  • Assistance dog day aug:- August 4
  • Pet day Feb:- Feb 20
  • Sled Dog Day Feb:- February 2
  • German Shepherd Day:- May 10.
  • Doggy date night Feb:- Feb 3

Why Is National Labrador Day Celebrated? 

Not to be confused with National Puppy Day (March 23rd) or International Dog Day (August 26th), National Labrador Day is a chance to celebrate the Labrador Retriever specifically.

This breed has long been affectionately called “The Labrador” and is one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide. Moreover, Labradors are prized for their intelligence and willingness to please and are often used as working and sporting dogs. Popular in the home due to their gentle, friendly, and kind nature, Labradors are great companions and friends. This day is a tribute to this unique breed.

labrador day
national labrador day

Did You Know This About National Pet?

Check out some labrador retriever trivia. Labrador retriever was, as of 2023, the national dog number 1. But they have been dethroned by the Bulldog

Yellow Labradors were originally considered less desirable than black Labrador Retrievers. This was because yellow Labradors were seen as less common and less traditional. However, now they’re just as popular as their black and chocolate counterparts.

🤔 Did you know that Chocolate Labs can have a range of colors, from light brown to almost black?

And they’re not named after the chocolatey color. Their coat color is caused by a different gene than the one that causes brown fur in other dog breeds.

More Awesome Facts

A black labrador retriever is the most common color for Labradors, but did you know they were extinct in the early 20th century?

They were saved by the efforts of a few dedicated breeders who recognized their value as hunting and sporting dogs.

Labradors have also made their mark on the world of pop culture. Did you know that the beloved children’s character, Winnie the Pooh, had a yellow Labrador named Buster as a best friend in the animated series?

And in the movie “Marley and Me,” the titular mischievous pup was played by a yellow Labrador named Jonah.

🤔 Did you know they make great guide dogs for the blind and therapy dogs for people with PTSD or other mental health conditions?

Their loyal and obedient nature makes them ideal for these roles. Moreover, did you know that Labradors hold some unusual world records?

A yellow Labrador named Augie holds the record for the most tennis balls held in a dog’s mouth at once – a whopping five! And a black Labrador named Zoe holds the record for the longest jump by a dog into the water, at a stunning 31 feet and 5 inches.

How Can I Celebrate National Labrador Retriever Day?  

Celebrating and showing love for these special dogs is easy. If it is today, here are a few fun ideas:

Spend Time With Your Labrador As Pet Lover: 

Take your furry friends out for a walk or to the park, or take some time to hang out with them in the backyard. It’s great to show them how much they mean to you.

Donate to Labrador Rescue: 

If you cannot spend time with a Labrador of your own, consider donating to a Labrador rescue organization. Many rescues need resources to help them with their work of taking in and caring for homeless Labradors.

Take Advantage of Special Deals: 

Many pet stores and online vendors offer special deals to owners on this D-Day. Therefore, consider taking advantage of these deals and showing your support.

Share Photos on Social Media: 

Remember to share photos of your Labrador and your favorite moments with them on social media and use the hashtag #NationalLabradorDay.

Participate in Labrador Events:  

If you’re in an area with an active Lab community, consider participating in one of the many Lab Day events. Therefore from fun runs and adoption days to fundraisers and more, there’s sure to be something for you to do and enjoy.  

international labrador day
National Labrador Retriever Day

Activities Labrador Retrievers may love:


Labs love the water, so consider bringing them to the lake or river for a day of swimming and playing.

Play Fetch: 

Dogs love to play fetch. It’s an excellent way for them to exercise and spend quality time with you. Therefore, take your Labrador for a hike through the woods. Let your Labrador lead the way and explore as they go.


Labradors are intelligent, so brush up on their obedience training. Many pet stores also offer classes and private coaching to help your Labrador learn new tricks.   

Go for a Hike: 

Take your Labrador for a hike through the woods. Let your Labrador lead the way and explore as they go.

How To Remember These Pet Holidays?  

There are a few strategies to help you remember when is national labrador day:

Label a day:  

If you don’t want to forget when National Labrador Day is, label one of the days of the week “D-Day.” From time to time, remind yourself to look it up and prepare for the upcoming pet holidays.

Bookmark websites: 

There are many websites about National Labrador Day and other furry holidays. Therefore, consider bookmarking them, reminding yourself to return before the holiday, and ensuring you attend the celebration.

Use an app: 

Like websites, many apps remind you about National Labrador Day and other pet holidays. Download one for your phone, and ensure you get an alert before pet holidays, so you remember! 

when is national labrador day
labrador retriever day

National Lab Day Dog Trivia

Is there a national black lab day?

There is no separate National Black Lab Day, but National Labrador Retriever Day, celebrated on January 8, includes all colors of Labradors.

Why are Labradors so special?

Labradors are highly intelligent, loyal, and friendly dogs. They are often used as service animals, such as guide or therapy dogs.

Why is it called Labrador?

The Labrador Retriever was named after the Labrador Sea, situated near Newfoundland’s coast and Labrador in Canada.

What is Labrador short for?

Labrador is not an acronym or an abbreviation. It is the full name of a region in Canada from which the breed originated.

Why is Labrador No 1?

Labrador Retrievers are popular and highly regarded for their friendly nature, trainability, and versatility as working dogs. Also, they are registered under the American Kennel Club

Is Labrador friendly or not?

Yes, Labradors are known for their friendly and outgoing personality, which makes them excellent family pets and service animals.

Why are Labradors so famous?

Labradors are famous for their versatility as working dogs, intelligence, loyalty, and friendly personality. Therefore, they are used as service dogs, hunting companions, and family pets.

What are chocolate labs known for?

Chocolate Labs are known for their sweet and gentle disposition, intelligence, and loyalty. They are also highly trainable and often used as service dogs.

What is the rarest Labrador Retriever?

The Silver Labrador Retriever is considered the rarest color of Labradors. Moreover, the American Kennel Club does not recognize it as an official color. They are labs with the dilution or grey gene. Red labs are also rare

Is 12 years old for a chocolate lab?

12 years old is a relatively old age for a Chocolate Labrador Retriever. However, it is common for Labradors to live well into 15 years of age

Why are chocolate Labradors rare?

Chocolate Labradors were not particularly rare. They were less common than black or yellow Labradors until the 20th century, when their popularity increased.

Do chocolate labs cuddle?

Like all Labradors, Chocolate Labs are known for their friendly nature. They are often called “velcro dogs” as they love to cuddle and stay close to their owners.

Why are Yellow Labs so hyper?

Yellow Labs are not necessarily more hyper than other Labradors. Moreover, they are easier to train than the Chocolate labrador retriever.

Why are Yellow Labs such good dogs?

Their chill temperament and friendly, loyal, and trainable nature make them great family pets. Moreover, they are very obedient.

Is Golden Lab and Yellow Lab the same?

Golden Labs and Yellow Labs are not the same but both Labrador Retrievers. Golden Labs have a lighter coat color and are sometimes called Cream Labs, while Yellow Labs have a more standard yellow color.

How do I celebrate National Labrador Day? 

A. You can celebrate National Labrador Day by spending time with your dog, taking advantage of special deals, sharing photos on social media, and participating in Labrador events. 

What kind of offers are available on Labrador Day?

Many pet stores and online vendors offer special deals to owners on this Day. Deals may include discounts, special merchandise, and more.

How can I donate to Labrador Rescue?

If you’d like to donate to a Labrador rescue organization, consider researching online to find organizations in your local community. Moreover, these rescues usually need resources to help them with their work of taking in and caring for homeless Labradors.

Are there events to celebrate this day? 

Many areas with an active Labrador community will have events to celebrate this day. Events may include fun runs, adoption days, fundraisers, and more.

What else can I do to show my appreciation for Labradors?

Aside from donating and participating in events, you can show your appreciation for Labradors by spending time with your Labrador and taking advantage of special offers. Moreover, you can also share photos of your Labrador and your favorite moments on social media.


As pet lover, owning a pet is an incredible journey. Therefore, mark your calendar for January 8th, National Labrador Day! Have a good day, and remember to show your Lab some love!

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