Goldador Retriever Dog Breed Traits, Facts, FAQ: Complete Guide

The goldador retriever combines North America’s two most popular dog breeds- the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever. Popular for their good nature and easy trainability, the lab golden retriever mix inherits top traits from their purebred parents. These active dogs need a household.

Goldadors are a perfect fit for service dogs, bomb detection dogs, therapy dogs, assistance dogs, and rescue dogs. Their calm and cooperative nature makes them great apartment dogs too.

What is a Goldador Dog? What Are the Parent breeds?

A first-generation mix between a purebred labrador retriever and a golden retriever makes a golden retriever labrador mix. They are like other designer dogs.

The parents being similar, the breed is a balanced blend. Their friendly nature is sparking their popularity. While the goldador is a family pet, it takes up several working roles. It is great as an assistance dog. They have a high willingness to please their first-time dog owners.

golden retriever lab mix
golden retriever mix labrador

History of labrador mixed with golden retriever

The goldador dog breed is popular among pet owners and Guide Dog societies. It is considered the most successful guide dog by the Guide Dogs For The Blind Association.

The mix breed origin cannot be traced back to an exact date. However, breeders have been mixing golden retrievers and labrador retrievers for long.

The two working dogs have been mixed to benefit in games and field sports. Today, goldador dogs are in great demand.

Characteristics of Goldador Puppies

The goldador parent breeds are friendly and highly trainable. A golden retriever lab mix will likely be the same. You will rarely see a better working dog than a golden lab. Both labrador retrievers and golden retrievers are known for their hunting, therapy, and service skills.

Predicting traits and characteristics in mixed breeds is challenging. Hence, there is no guarantee of how the puppy will turn out. Since the two breeds have similar appearance, size, and personality, there are fewer variations. The predictability of success is higher in the goldador puppy than in other dogs.

How Big Does A full-grown golden retriever lab mix Get?

Goldador dogs weigh between 55 and 80 pounds. The length between their paws and shoulders is about 21 1/2 – 24 1/2 inches. Male dogs are around the higher end of the scale, while females are at the lower back. Goldador dogs are large dog breeds, so be ready to stock high-quality dog food.

labrador and golden retriever mix
golden retriever and lab mix

When Does a Golden Labrador Stop Growing?

Large breed dogs grow slower than their smaller counterparts. Goldador dog breed stops growing around 18 months of age. They are prone to hip dysplasia, so if they grow slowly, it is good.

Joints may form incorrectly in quick-growing puppies. It puts a dog at risk of hip dysplasia as they age. Feed them proper dog food. Their food must be high in glucosamine and low in calcium.

Labrador Golden Retriever mix Appearance

It is tough to predict the size of this large dog breed till maturity. They are usually stockier, with their athletic bodies being more apparent.

  • Their faces are less square than the labrador retriever breed.
  • The tails can be long and slender like Golden retrievers or straight and thick like labrador retrievers.
  • The goldador’s nose, eyes, and other features are black or brown. Their eyes are round and large.
  • You will see a perfect blend of a labrador and a golden retriever in a goldador.

One day, they might appear as a labrador retriever and a golden retriever on the other day.

lab golden retriever Mix Colors

Goldador puppies are more likely to be born with golden or yellow coats. They can inherit the black or chocolate jacket from labrador parents. The litter comes in mixed colors. An English cream golden retriever parent offers yellow or golden sheen. Expect a darker coat if the lab parent is a Fox red labrador retriever. Even with yellow or golden parents, golden puppies are not guaranteed.

gold lab dog,retriever lab mix.
Goldador Retriever

Golden Labrador Retriever Coat Types

Their coat is a mix of both parent breeds. It is shorter than the golden retriever parent but longer than the labrador parent.The coats are dense and straight. They have a curl or wave if it inherits any feathering fur. The goldador has a double coat and is a moderate shedder.

The coats are weatherproof and water-resistant, making them warm in cold climates. The coats require effective grooming for upkeep.

lab and golden retriever mix Shedding and Grooming

With goldador dogs around, expect hair on the furniture and clothes. Your new friend sheds and sometimes excessively.

Both parent breeds shed their coats twice a year with seasonal changes. The goldador gets it from the parents. Goldador grooming requires significant time from you. Here are a few grooming tips

  • Adequate brushing help manage them during the transitional phase. Apart from the weekly brushing, give special attention during the shedding season.
  • Use a slicker or pin brush for day-to-day brushing. A de-shedding tool for the seasonal transition is handy.
  • You can save hours of cleaning and vacuuming with a well-maintained coat. It also results in a healthy coat and even distribution of natural coat oils.
  • They should bathe once in 8 to 12 weeks and not more. It can damage their coats else.
  • Check their eyes and body for any changes while grooming.
  • Dental cleaning, nail trimming, and ear cleaning routines remain the same as other dogs.

How Much Exercise Does golden lab mix Need?

Sixty minutes of intense exercise daily is a must for a goldador. Pick another breed if you doubt your commitment. It is because inadequate exercise turns them problematic and unruly. This is why many goldadors end up in rescue shelters.

  1. The cuddly goldador puppy will become a workaholic goldador adult quickly.
  2. Don’t make them perform intense workouts during the puppy phase. It can impact joint development.
  3. Stick to long walks in a dog park and some swimming till they mature.
  4. When grown, they can be perfect jogging partners. They can be a frisbee catcher too.
  5. Moreover, they are intelligent dogs and don’t like repeated exercises.
  6. They can quickly get bored of the long walks with a dog walker. Hence, having a variety is recommended.
  7. Take them to a local dog park to catch up with their canine friends.
  8. Keep their minds stimulated. Leave a few toys to keep them engaged for mental stimulation. You can join them too for double fun.

Goldador is a fantastic family pet, provided its exercise requirements are met.

Goldador retriever
lab golden mixes

Temperament Of golden retriever and labrador mix

 Both parent breeds are excellent family dogs, so the goldador is not far behind. They are loyal to their families and don’t like to be left alone.

A snuggle on the sofa or movie time makes them happier. They need a family who can spend ample time with them. If you are sociable, the goldador will love it.

If you are looking for a guard dog, goldador is not the answer. They are less likely to scare intruders. Golden retriever lab mix needs enough exercise to show their best side. Their energetic minds also need yard play to be active.

They will go into a relaxed mode when their exercise needs are met. They have a balance of calm and energy. If you can keep their bodies and minds engaged, they are adaptable.

The playful pooch will accompany you on hikes and swimming even. It is because they love to be around their owners. Goldador dog breed craves companionship and are much above ordinary pets.

5 Products Every Golden Retriever Lab Mix Puppy Owner Needs

Are you set to bring home a golden retriever lab mix? If yes, the below products will make your journey easier.

Freefa Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Bloat is common in the goldador dog breed, and products like this prevent it. Eating quickly or overeating results in bloats. With this slow feeder, the dog food is consumed slowly and adequately.

It is an excellent play for intelligent goldador dogs.They get rewarded with more food for eating slowly, making it fun and challenging.

Pet Grooming Deshedding Tool

Stocking up the right de-shedding tool helps maintain this heavy shedder. Brush your goldador routinely. It will keep the coat healthy and home-free from dead hair in the shedding season.

This de-shedding tool can reduce shedding by up to 95%. This two-in-one tool allows both brushing and grooming. Say no to the fur on clothes and furniture with this effective tool.

New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

High-energy dogs find crate training beneficial. Investing in a dog crate for your goldador is a smart move. They come in different sizes with single and double doors.

This metal dog crate is leak-proof and can be folded for convenient storage. It is highly portable. From camping to road trips, you can take it anywhere. Provide a comfortable and cozy space for your pet with this dog crate.

Nina Ottosson Interactive Puzzle Toy

Intelligent pets like goldador dogs find interactive puzzles fun. This one by Nina Ottosson lets your pup find treats by solving puzzles. It will keep your dog busy when you are not around.

They find purpose and fulfillment when occupied with such toys. You can buy this toy at different advancement levels based on your goldador puppy.

PetSafe Easy Walk Harness

This breed is hungry for exercise. Apart from frisbee catching and runs, they also need walks. This mixed breed, like other high-energy dogs, can pull leashes.

  • Dog walkers can invest in this high-quality harness to reduce pulling.
  • The simple style and comfortable fit make it a great option.
  • No pressure is put on the trachea, and the harness redirects the golden labs naturally.
  • The combination of praise treats and this harness results in quality training.

Get this quality front clip harness for a seamless dog walking experience.

How to Train A Golden and Labrador Retriever Mix?

Irrespective of the genes they inherit, the Goldador will be intelligent. Their eagerness to train and loyal make them simple to train. It does not mean they don’t need hard work from your end. Follow the below tips for effective golden retriever labrador training.

Start Them Off Early

Starting the training early makes it easier for everyone involved. Goldador dog breed parents were taught to carry things earlier. They were originally bred as gun dogs and hunting companions. Hence, the goldadors sometimes pick unnecessary things.

Starting early helps in stopping the habit of being mouthy. It prevents them from putting their mouths on things and people unnecessarily. Keep lots of toys at their disposal to fulfill the desire to be mouthy.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Goldador dog breed is sensitive. The positive reinforcement technique is the best to train them.

  1. Having a harsh tone or punishing them will have adverse effects.
  2. They will get scared and lose trust. It also hampers the training.
  3. Set a few rules and be consistent with them.
  4. Give him his favorite treat for performing well.
  5. Correct the manners if he is not doing well.

Find a Quiet Place to Train Them

 Train them in a quiet place for improved focus. Goldador puppies can get easily distracted. Choosing a quiet place for training helps.

Goldadors Health Problems

Goldador is usually a healthy dog. However, here are a few health concerns regarding this mixed breed.

Hip dysplasia

The thighbone does not fit properly in the hip joint in hip dysplasia. Lameness and pain in one or both rear legs are visible.

The condition can develop into arthritis in time. Despite the condition being hereditary, certain environmental factors can worsen it. Be careful of injuries and rapid growth from a high-calorie diet.

Elbow Dysplasia

It is another common hereditary concern for large breeds. Different growth rates of the bones cause joint laxity. A dog’s elbow can witness painful lameness. Weight loss, medication, and surgery are among the recovery options.


Golden retriever has a higher chance of cancer. Choosing a responsible breeder helps as they pick the parent breeds that do not have cancer. While it does not eliminate goldador puppy catching cancer but reduces the chances.

Eye condition

At times their lens becomes opaque, causing sight difficulty. Dogs experience cloudy vision. It occurs as the dog ages and needs surgery for clear vision.

PRA, or progressive retinal atrophy, occurs from the loss of photoreceptors. It can eventually cause blindness. The condition can be detected years before any symptom is visible.

Gastric Torsion

Also known as bloat, the dog’s stomach gets twisted in this life-threatening condition. Do not feed your dog immediately before or after workouts. Distribute their meals evenly instead of feeding one large meal to avoid the condition.


When the body is unable to regulate sugar levels, diabetes mellitus occurs. A diabetic pooch eats more but simultaneously loses weight. It is because the food is not used efficiently.

Excessive thirst and urination, weight loss, and increased appetite are a few symptoms. Check for the above health concerns and enquire about the clearance certificates from the breeder. It is vital and prevents potential health issues in your dog.

Is half lab half golden retriever Right For Me?

The golden retriever lab mix puppies are lovable yet bouncy. Here are a few reasons why you should and should not get a goldador.

Reasons to Get a Goldador Breed

  • A goldador is an excellent companion for active families.
  • They are social, loyal, and friendly.
  • A great therapy dog, a service dog, and a family pet.
  • Bonds well with other dogs and animals.
  • A lower health risk exists than other purebred dogs.
  • Easy to train.

Reasons Not to Get a golden and lab mix

  • A social pet who does not appreciate being left alone.
  • Insufficient exercise and stimulation lead to destructive behavior.
  • They shed immensely.
  • They are active dogs, requiring space to run.

Rescue Dogs: Rescuing Goldador

Look for the local rescue shelter to rescue a goldador. Popular dog breeds like labrador retrievers and golden retrievers have specific rescue shelters.

While most rescue groups focus on single breeds, some also allow mixed-breed adoption. It might be challenging to find a goldador though right away

Most designer dog breeds at the shelters are seniors or adults pulled from a puppy mill.Contact more than one rescue shelter to double your chances.

Goldador retriever: tolerant working dog
Goldador Retriever

golden retriever labrador mix Breeders

Unethical breeding and malpractices are rampant among designer dog breeds. Some breeders focus on financial gain rather than puppy health. A reputable breeder emphasizes the well-being of the pet.

  • Visit the breeder to check the environment. Ensure it is clean and well-maintained.
  • Puppies who are raised well are happy and not anxious. They are friendly and the least aggressive.
  • A visit will add clarity about puppy behavior and temperament.
  • Reputable breeders will happily answer your questions and provide the required health certificates.
  • They will have dog parents registered with the American Kennel Club. A reputable breeder increases your chances of a healthy, happy, and polite pooch.

Goldador dogs are a popular hybrid breed resulting from cross-breeding a purebred Golden Retriever and a Labrador Retriever. Here are some popular names for Goldador dogs:

  1. Bailey
  2. Buddy
  3. Charlie
  4. Daisy
  5. Duke
  6. Finn
  7. Ginger
  8. Luna
  9. Max
  10. Molly

golden retriever yellow lab mix FAQs

How Long Does Goldador Dog Live?

Goldadors have an average lifespan of 10-12 years. Some have been reported living more than this. Factors like environment and genetics contribute to it.

Does lab mixed with golden retriever Make Good Family Pets?

The gentle and friendly Goldador nature makes them popular family pets. This family dog gets along with the family members and other pets. Families with adequate space find it easier to make them happy.

Are goldador adults Hypoallergenic?

The golden retriever lab mix inherits the labrador’s same double coat. The extra fur kicks the allergens and makes them non-hypoallergenic. There are no entirely hypoallergenic breeds; some are better than other dogs.

How much does a Golden Lab cost?

The average cost of a goldador puppy is $ 800 and above. Top-quality puppies can cost about $ 4500. Buying from a reputable breeder costs more because of the provided benefits. Puppy mills sell inexpensive but unhealthy dogs.

Can lab and golden mix be aggressive?

The golden lab dog breed is not known for its aggression. Instead, they do well with children, other pets, and strangers. They are calm dogs with lovable temperaments.

Is a golden labrador dog a purebred?

Goldador is not a purebred dog, it is crossbreed. Known as mixed breeds, designer dogs, or hybrids, they are the offspring of purebred parents.

Do goldadors (golden labrador mix) have the labrador smell?

Labrador retriever has a particular ‘doggy’ odor. But golden labs having the same smell depends on inherited traits, the dog’s diet, grooming, and overall hygiene. While some goldadors possess the labrador smell, it is not guaranteed.

Can I handle a Golden retriever/mix?

You can handle a golden retriever mix if you can provide them with enough exercise. You must have space for them to run. Golden retriever mix is an active dog and best suits an active family. They are great for first time dog owners.

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