Why Do Labradors Eat So Fast? Here’s How To Slow Them Down

Labradors are known for their voracious appetite and tendency to eat quickly. It often causes concern among their dog owners. Their evolutionary history as hunting dogs, where they had to compete with other dogs for food, is the reason behind this.

Some Labrador retrievers possess a genetic mutation that affects their hunger signals. It makes them feel constantly hungry and causes them to eat faster.  Fast eating can lead to health problems such as choking, vomiting, and gastric torsion. Monitor your Labrador’s eating habits using a slow feeder bowl or breaking up meals into smaller portions.

Why do dogs eat so fast? 6 Reasons

Natural Instincts

Labradors’ instincts contribute to their fast-eating habits. They share a common ancestry with wolves and possess innate survival traits like guarding resources and consuming food quickly.

This adaptive behavior was necessary for the wild. Dogs had to leverage every opportunity to eat since food sources were scarce or competed for among pack members.

Domesticated Labradors don’t face the same challenges in securing meals. But the deep-rooted instincts drive them to consume dog food at lightning speed.

They can perceive other pets in the household as competitors. A Labrador may feel compelled to gobble up their meal before it gets snatched if you have more than one dog.

Why do labradors eat so fast? give high quality food
Why do labradors eat so fast?

Fear Of Food Deprivation

Since Labradors have an insatiable appetite, they think there will not be enough food for them later.

Competitive Eating Habits

Labradors can exhibit competitive eating habits, especially if they have grown up in a litter. They may see mealtime as a race to finish their food before others can.

This behavior can be exacerbated if there are other dogs during feeding time. These could lead to several health issues if left unaddressed. Ensure that each dog receives an equal portion at mealtime to discourage competition.

Why do labradors eat so fast?
Why do labradors eat so fast?

Predisposition To Obesity

Labradors are genetically predisposed to obesity. Their love for food and fast eating habits can make this problem worse. Obesity reduces mobility and increases cancer risk.

Medical Cause

Specific health conditions can cause the dog to eat too fast. They can be extremely hungry because of it and get excited upon seeing the food.

They will overeat as a result and vomit. The increased appetite is often caused due to elevated cortisol levels. This can lead to Cushing’s disease.

Gastric dilatation volvulus can occur when the dogs eat too quickly. This condition mostly occurs in a large breed dog.

Unsure of next meal or food

Irregular schedules can make dogs eat fast because they are unsure of their next meal. You must feed them promptly and avoid irregularity.

Labrador eats fast
Labrador eats fast

What Are the Risks Associated When Your Dog Eats Fast?

Fast eating in Labradors leads to various health risks, including choking, bloating, torsion (GDV), digestive issues, and obesity.


When a dog gulps down their food, they are not chewing it properly. It makes it more difficult for the food to go down their esophagus.

This leads to an obstruction in the airways, causing them to choke and cough. Choking is a risk associated with fast eating in Labradors that needs careful attention.

Bloating And Torsion (GDV)

Bloating and Torsion, or GDV, occurs when the stomach fills with gas and twists on itself. It cuts off blood flow to vital organs. In severe cases, this could cause death within hours of onset.

Some signs to look out for include the following –

  • Vomiting or retching but bringing nothing up
  • Restlessness
  • Abdominal distension
  • Pale gums;
  • Shallow breathing or panting

To prevent GDV, feed smaller meals throughout the day instead of one large meal.

Why do labradors eat so fast
Why do labradors eat so fast

Digestive Issues

Rapid digestion resulting from quick eating can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and indigestion in Labradors. These digestive problems contribute to health complications like diabetes mellitus or heart disease.

Obesity And Related Health Issues

Obesity is a common problem with dogs that eat too fast or overeat, causing them to gain excess body weight.

This puts pressure on their joints and muscles, leading to mobility problems such as arthritis. Being overweight increases the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

How fast is too fast for a dog to eat?

A dog must chew his food for 15-20 minutes before eating. Letting the dog eat in his way is not a great idea. As a responsible dog owner, you must monitor the behavior and makes changes as required.

If a small breed dog is eating food in 40 seconds to 1 minute, it’s alarming. A large breed dog eating food in a minute is fast.

Slow eaters can take up to 20 minutes. IF possible, do hand feed them

Why do dogs eat so fast;  dog eats fast; dog's food
Why do dogs eat so fast

Tips To Slow Down Your Labrador’s Eating Habits

Here are a few tips to slow down the way your dog eats.

Use Slow Feeder Food Bowl

  • Choose the right size and design of the slow feeders bowl that fits your dog’s needs and eating style.
  • Increase the mealtime duration by spreading the food in the bowl. It will make it more challenging to consume quickly.
  • Bowls with raised ridges or maze-like patterns help distract and entertain your dog as they eat.
  • Slow feeders improve digestion by forcing your Labrador to chew its food thoroughly before swallowing.

These slow-feeder bowls can prevent choking, reduce bloating and torsion (GDV), improve digestion, control appetite, promote portion control, and encourage healthy dog eating habits.

Increase Feeding Frequency

If your dog eats fast, increasing feeding frequency can help slow them down. Rather than feeding them one or two large meals per day, feed them 3 to 4 times a day.

It will help regulate their digestion and reduce the chance of overeating and obesity. Feeding frequently also prevents your Lab from feeling too hungry at mealtimes. Watch out for portion sizes.

Ensure you follow the recommended daily calorie intake for adequate weight and activity level. You don’t want to overfeed your furry friend accidentally. If you’re worried about leaving food out all day at work, consider investing in an automatic feeder.

It dispenses small portions of food throughout the day. With this method, your Lab won’t be tempted to eat too quickly because they’ll know there’s more.

automatic slow feeder;  how fast does your dog eat? dog feel
automatic slow feeder

Add Moisture To Food

This method can be particularly helpful for dogs prone to overeating or those predisposed to obesity. Softening the food takes longer for your furry friend to consume it. It gives them time to chew properly and digest more efficiently.

Adding moisture prevents choking or digestion issues caused by dry food not breaking down properly in the stomach. Mix wet dog food with dry kibble, add broth or water, or even soak the kibble before feeding.

Not only will this benefit your Lab’s digestive health, but it also adds an extra flavor and texture variety. Just be sure not to leave moistened food out for too long, as it can spoil quickly and lead to other health concerns.

Dog's regular dish; how fast does your dog eat?
how fast does your dog eat?

Owner tactics for dog eating slow

Make your dogs eat slowly to prevent various health issues. Poor nutrition can also make them eat fast. Give your labrador high-quality food with proper nutrients in small quantities. Here are some tips to help train your dog to eat slowly:

  1. Teach your dog to sit and wait before eating by teaching basic obedience commands.
  2. Avoid feeding during playtime or after exercise: Excitement and activity can cause Labradors to eat quickly. It’s best not to feed them immediately after any strenuous activities.
  3. Try hand feeding as it will expand the consumption time. Incorporate a few tricks, like feeding in different locations between mouthfuls.
  4. Changing the diet can also keep these food-motivated dogs in check. Use high-quality food with essential nutrients. It must be rich in fiber, proteins, calcium, etc.
  5. If there are multiple dogs, competitiveness can arise. While not all dogs are competitive, it is best not to feed more than one dog at a time. It will prevent competitive feeding and ensure peaceful food consumption.

Get A Puzzle Toy or Use Kong

Food puzzles stimulate a dog’s desire to discover, lick, and eat kibbles. It reduces boredom and enhances mental stimulation. These puzzles are reusable as they can be cleaned after the dog’s food is finished.

Rotate the puzzles and prevent your dog from getting the treats easily. You can also use Kong for slow feeding. They are ideal for distracting the dog and entertaining them simultaneously. Dogs eating too fast can be slowed by making them work on their food.

feeding plates with ridges; is your dog eating fast among many dogs?
why do labradors eat so fast

Monitor Your Dog’s Eating Habits

Monitor how much food your dog consumes daily and how fast they eat. Talk to your vet immediately if you notice unusual behavior, like regurgitation or choking.

Another way to monitor their eating habits is by keeping a feeding journal. Record the food given at each mealtime and any treats or snacks throughout the day. It will help you identify patterns in their behavior and make adjustments accordingly.

Paying attention to your dog’s body language during mealtimes is crucial. If they appear anxious or agitated while eating, try different feeding methods.

stop dogs from eating fast; normal bowl; good meal
why do labradors eat so fast


How do I get my Lab to eat slower?

Slow feeder bowls, puzzle toys, etc., can be used for dogs to eat fast. These tools prevent your labrador from taking large gulps and reduce their speed.

Why do labs act like they are starving?

A specific gene mutation sets the lab apart from other dogs. It makes them beg for treats and remain obsessed with food. The gene mutation is responsible for the labrador to act likely they are starving.

Do all Labradors eat fast?

Labradors eat fast and quickly. They will eat not only their food but also anything provided. They can sneak food from your counter or even the trash.

Do Labradors stop eating when full?

Some Labradors possess a fault in the genes as per Cell Metabolism studies. It prevents the dog from signaling the brain to stop eating after a meal.

How many times a day should a Labrador be fed?

A dog should be fed at least two meals daily with a gap of 12 hours. Having a breakfast, lunch, and dinner schedule sounds ideal, though. A gap of more than 12 hours between a meal can cause hyperacidity.

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