8 Haircuts For Golden Retrievers For Summer

The Golden Retriever’s thick and beautiful coat raises the question: do they need haircuts? While they do not require full haircuts, regular grooming will maintain a healthy and clean coat. Let’s explore 8 awesome haircuts for golden retrievers you must try.

A simple trim removes dead hairs, prevents matting, and improves the overall appearance. Goldens have a double coat with an outer layer of long hairs and a short wool-like undercoat. This unique combination provides insulation during colder months but causes shedding year-round.

  • Brushing with an undercoat rake is a grooming technique that helps manage to shed.
  • Trim around half an inch off sanitary areas such as ears, feet, necks, and tails to keep your dog hygienic.
  • Never shave a Golden Retriever’s double coat completely because it prevents them from regulating their body temperature.

Instead of shaving or clipping them fully, try some haircut styles. It will flatter your pooch while keeping him healthy!

How Often Does Golden Retrievers Need To Be Groomed?

Goldens requires regular grooming to keep their beautiful coat in top condition.

  1. This includes brushing 3-5 times weekly to prevent matting and shedding.
  2. Do the dog’s nails every 2-3 weeks to avoid overgrowth and discomfort while walking.
  3. Bathe your dog regularly but not too often. It may strip off the natural oils, causing skin irritation.
  4. Make them bathe once a month or more frequently if your furry friend gets dirty.
  5. Dental hygiene is essential too. Do tooth brushing 2-3 times a week with dog-friendly toothpaste to maintain good oral health.
  6. Use an ear-cleaning solution to clean their ears properly. Doing this once every month is sufficient.

Should I Shave Or Clip My Golden Retriever?

Owners are often confused about shaving or clipping their hair. Both methods can help maintain your pup’s coat. However, please don’t give them a complete shave; it will hamper the benefits of the double coat.

  • Instead of shaving, clip your dog’s hair with scissors or clippers.
  • Trimming prevents matting and keeps them neat.
  • Regular trimming ensures that they don’t shed excessively during the summer.
  • If unsure how to groom your pet, seek advice from professional groomers.

They will guide you about a suitable grooming style and provide adequate tips.

Haircuts for golden retrievers
Haircuts for golden retrievers

Some Awesome Golden Retriever Haircuts

Puppy Cut makes your pup look younger and cuter. It trims the entire coat to around half an inch long, making it easier for petting and cuddling.

Show Cut is perfect when your dog needs to attend any show or competition. It’s the most sophisticated style requiring a professional.

Swimmer’s Cut suits an active lifestyle such as swimming in pools or lakes. It involves shaving off hair under their tails, legs, and neck. The cut keeps them cool, with a shorter hair length all over their body. It benefits on hot summer days when temperatures rise significantly.

The Simple Trim is for those who prefer simple looks too complicated designs. It involves cutting away loose hairs regularly using scissors or clippers.

Go with a Teddy bear cut if you always want your furry pal to look ready for snuggles. It creates a cute teddy bear appearance making them more huggable!

Haircuts for dog breeds
Haircuts For Golden Retrievers

Puppy Cut

  • The puppy cut is a popular and easy Golden Retriever haircut. It involves trimming the dog’s hair evenly throughout its body, leaving it about half an inch long. The golden fur is of the same length all over the body.
  • The puppy cut makes a Golden look like a Labrador Retriever, except for their tail, which remains fluffy and bushy.
  • This grooming style suits dogs of every age group. It is also easy to maintain, requiring less brushing than other styles. This is a wonderful option if you’re looking for a low-maintenance haircut!

Show Cut

  • The Show Cut is a popular haircut choice. It maintains the natural beauty and shape of the dog’s fur while keeping it neat.
  • This style requires minimal trimming. Owners who want their canine friends to look good without sacrificing too much hair can go for it.
  • Functionality is the main benefit of the Show Cut. It prevents matting and tangling in your dog’s coat.
  • This style lets air circulate in your dog’s skin, keeping them cool during hot days. Finding an experienced groomer who knows how to handle this breed’s thick coat is essential.
a good dog shampoo and undercoat rake is important
haircuts for golden retrievers

Swimmer’s Cut

  • The Swimmer’s Cut is a popular haircut for retrievers who love water. It involves shaving the hair around their hindquarters and belly.
  • It leaves about half an inch of fur on their back and legs. With this cut, your dog will dry off much quicker after swimming or bathing.
  • This summer haircut keeps your pup cool in warm weather. It allows air to circulate easily through the dog’s undercoat.
  • It protects them from sunburns, bug bites, and skin irritation. Regular grooming with this cut prevents shedding and keeps your pet healthy year-round.

Summer Cut

  • The Summer Cut aids Goldens during hot and humid weather. This haircut trims the existing dog’s coat.
  • It leaves just enough hair to offer sun protection and prevent shedding. The cut helps dogs stay cooler by allowing air to flow through their coat, adding more comfort.
  • The summer cut is low maintenance compared to other grooming styles. With this style, your Golden Retriever does not require frequent brushing or combing.
  • They are good until you regularly trim hair and keep sanitary areas clean. Complete shaving of a dog’s fur isn’t recommended because of protective undercoat functions.

Simple Trim

  • The simple trim is a classic grooming style. It maintains its natural coat without losing much hair. This cut requires enough trimming around the neck, paws, and sanitary areas. It keeps the dog’s body well-groomed.
  • A simple trim is an excellent option for dog lovers in the USA. It is both chic and low-maintenance. Unlike full shave or extreme cuts, the cut preserves the pup’s natural shape.
  • It minimizes dead hair during humid conditions. It keeps your dog cool in summer by removing excess fur. Routine brushing using a rake removes long hairs and dead skin cells. The coat’s lustrous shine remains intact!

Teddy Cut

  • The Teddy Cut has taken the dog world by storm. It is one of the best Golden Retriever haircuts.
  • This cut involves keeping longer hair on the legs and a shorter coat on other body parts. It provides your pet with a distinctive look setting them apart from others.
  • One of the most significant benefits is that it can keep them cool during summer months while still maintaining their shiny coat.
  • The Teddy Cut is an excellent solution for pet owners who want to keep their pooch comfortable and beautiful.

Field Cut

  • The field cut involves trimming the fur on specific areas of the dog’s body, such as the ears, feet, neck, and tail. Experts suggest that this cut is acceptable till there’s enough hair left to provide protection.
  • This cut suits active dogs who enjoy outdoor activities like hunting or swimming. It helps prevent matting and shedding in thick coats during humidity.
  • The field cut also makes it easier for pet owners to keep their pups clean. Hard-to-reach places like sanitary areas under paws and tails are more accessible.
  • Looking for a low-maintenance option to keep your dog healthy, happy, and stylish all year round?- Consider Field Cut!

Kennel Cut

  • The Kennel Cut hairstyle is for a dog who spends much time outdoors. It trims the fur short all over the body, leaving about half an inch of hair.
  • As the professionals suggest, it eliminates matting and prevents excessive shedding during the summer. The shorter coat makes it easier to clean your pet.
  • If you want a low-maintenance but stylish haircut, try the Kennel Cut.
Golden retriever's haircut
haircuts for golden retrievers

How Do I Keep My Golden Retriever’s Hair Soft?

One key aspect of maintaining a Golden Retriever’s coat is keeping it soft and healthy. Routine brushing with a slicker brush distributes natural oils throughout their hair, producing extra shine.

  1. Brush their hair weekly. Pay special attention to areas like behind the ears, around the tail, and under their legs.
  2. Regularly trim around their feet and pads. These areas can quickly become matted and uncomfortable for your pooch.
  3. Avoid bathing them too frequently, as it can strip oil from their double coat. Making it dry, brittle, and prone to tangling.
  4. Use a high-quality dog shampoo with natural healing ingredients like aloe vera. It will clean while nourishing your dog’s skin and fur.
  5. Using a coat spray before brushing can also effectively reduce static electricity. It also makes overall brushing easier.
  6. Some sprays contain essential oils like Lavender or Chamomile with strong calming properties.

They work wonders on this sensitive breed by removing tangles and providing aromatherapy benefits.

How Do You Groom The Double Coat In The Summer?

Grooming a Golden during the summer months requires special attention. Ensure that your canine friend stays comfortable and healthy.

  • Regular brushing is essential to remove loose hair, prevent shedding, and help oil distribution.
  • Use a rake to remove any excess fur.
  • Keep your dog cool in humid conditions by trimming its fur subtly.
  • The summer cut can be an excellent option as it follows the dog’s existing shape. This style leaves ample hair while allowing air circulation around the dog’s neck, legs, and foot.

What Is The Best Shampoo For Golden Retrievers?

Find a shampoo that is gentle on their long double coats. The FURminator Ultra Premium Shampoo is an excellent choice for reducing shedding, a major concern for Golden Retriever owners. This premium formula contains natural ingredients that nourish the skin and coat and reduce loose hair.

Another recommendation is the Snow White Whitening Shampoo by Veterinary Formula Solutions. This powerful formula cleanses your dog’s coat and brightens and whitens white or light-colored fur.

It contains no harmful chemicals or detergents, making it ideal for sensitive dogs. If you want to eliminate odors from your furry friend’s coat, try Zesty Paws Shampoo with Oatmeal & Aloe Vera.

It uses natural plant-based ingredients like oatmeal and aloe vera to soothe dry skin to remove unpleasant smells from your pup’s hair. Choosing the right shampoo is essential in keeping your retriever healthy and happy.

golden retriever grooming
Haircuts For Golden Retrievers

How Do You Groom A Golden Retriever’s Tail?

The tails require special attention. The fur on a tail can become matted and tangled, making it uncomfortable for your dog.

  • Start by trimming around the base of the tail. Leave some length at the top to maintain its natural shape.
  • Next, use scissors or clippers with a comb attachment to remove any excess fur from the sides of the tail. Don’t trim too closely or unevenly, as this could irritate your dog.
  • Finally, trim stray hairs on the top of the tail carefully and brush out the remaining tangles before finishing up.

During grooming sessions, focus on specific areas like their ears, feet, and tails.

How Haircuts Can Keep Golden Retriever Cool During The Summer Months

The double coat makes them feel hot and uncomfortable during summer. Haircuts can keep your pooch cool and comfortable despite the heat. One popular style for summer is the Swimmer’s Cut. It trims your dog’s hair short all over except for about half an inch at its base.

This style leaves sufficient hair to protect the skin from the sun while allowing air to circulate freely.

Another option is a Simple Trim. It removes dead hair and gives your dog a neat overall appearance without taking too much off. Not all Goldens need a haircut for summer. Some may naturally shed more during warmer weather due to double coats.

Consult your groomer or vet about the haircut or grooming routine.

Importance Of Scheduling A Summer Cut In Advance

Scheduling a summer cut in advance for your dog is vital. During the warmer months, dogs can become easily overheated. It leads to heat exhaustion and other related health issues.

  1. Planning and scheduling a summer cut for your pup ensure they stay comfortable and cool.
  2. Summer haircuts are not just about aesthetics; they also serve a practical purpose.
  3. Trimming your dog’s hair prevents matting and maintains cleanliness.
  4. Scheduling a haircut in advance ensures they are well-groomed.
  5. It promotes blood circulation as you brush, keeping fleas off of them.

Proper grooming is crucial for both hygiene and health. It saves dog owners time on veterinary bills in the future too.

Golden Retriever haircut
haircuts for golden retrievers

Benefits Of Regular Grooming

Regular grooming keeps them looking their best and provides numerous health benefits.

  • Regular brushing keeps the fur shiny and healthy.
  • It prevents skin irritations by removing dirt, debris, and dead skin cells.
  • Regular grooming reduces shedding and minimizes dander production.
  • Frequent grooming catches any underlying medical conditions. Check for bumps or thickenings.

Investing in regular grooming for your dog can go a long way.


How often should Golden Retrievers be groomed?

Goldens need grooming every 6-8 weeks to keep their coats healthy and free from tangles.

What kind of haircut will suit Golden Retrievers?

Golden retriever haircuts vary depending on the owner’s preference and the dog’s needs. Some popular options include the puppy cut, teddy bear cut, summer cut, show cut, and field cut.

Will A Summer Cut Make My Golden Retriever More Susceptible To Sunburn?

Besides regulating their temperature and reducing weight, a summer cut makes them susceptible to sunburn. Shaving a golden one exposes their skin to the sun’s rays, increasing skin cancer risk.

Is It OK To Shave My Golden Retriever’s double Coat Completely?

Shaving them completely leads to permanent damage known as Post Clipping Alopecia. It can cause the fur to stop growing, leaving bald patches on your pet’s skin.

Can You Shave Golden Retrievers?

It is not recommended to shave a golden retriever. It can negatively impact its natural coat. Shaving disrupts this protective system and can lead to skin irritation, sunburn, or bug bites.

How Often Do Golden Retrievers Need Haircuts?

Goldens typically need haircuts every 8-10 weeks. It can vary depending on the individual dog and its coat type. Regular grooming is essential to keep your pooch healthy and happy.

Do Golden Retrievers Have Hair Or Fur?

Goldens have hair rather than fur due to their double coat. This is primarily because they were bred as hunting dogs. Their coats are designed to keep them warm and dry in the water.

Can I give my Golden Retriever a haircut at home?

Trimming your dog’s fur at home with the right tools and techniques is possible. It is best to leave the task to a professional groomer. They know how to handle dogs during grooming sessions properly.

Are there any health concerns associated with certain haircuts for a Golden Retriever?

Some styles require shorter fur around sensitive areas such as the eyes or ears. It makes them prone to infections if not properly maintained. Work closely with your groomer and veterinarian when selecting a haircut.

What Are The 3 Types Of Golden Retrievers?

Goldens come in three types: American, Canadian, and British or English Golden Retriever. The American and Canadian types have thinner coats and a lankier build than the British. The British one has long hair with a dense double coat.

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