11 Best Shampoo For Labrador For A Shiny Coat (2023)

As a Labrador owner, keeping your furry friend’s coat clean and healthy is likely on your priority list. With their double coats and frequent shedding, choosing the right shampoo can make all the difference. This review will try to decode the best shampoo for Labrador, considering factors such as skin sensitivity, allergies, and more. 

Our top Pick is the Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Dog Shampoo. Comes with a pleasant scent and a lather that rinses easily. Give your labrador a luxurious bath experience with the best shampoo.

Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Pet Shampoo - Vanilla & Almond,...
FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo and Conditioner
Isle of Dogs - Everyday Elements Silky Coating Conditioner...
Buddy Wash Shampoo and Conditioner Plus Spritz Lavender Mint...
Mighty Petz 2-in-1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner –...
Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Pet Shampoo – Vanilla & Almond,…
FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo and Conditioner
Isle of Dogs – Everyday Elements Silky Coating Conditioner…
Buddy Wash Shampoo and Conditioner Plus Spritz Lavender Mint…
Mighty Petz 2-in-1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner –…
Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Pet Shampoo - Vanilla & Almond,...
Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Pet Shampoo – Vanilla & Almond,…
FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo and Conditioner
FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo and Conditioner
Isle of Dogs - Everyday Elements Silky Coating Conditioner...
Isle of Dogs – Everyday Elements Silky Coating Conditioner…
Buddy Wash Shampoo and Conditioner Plus Spritz Lavender Mint...
Buddy Wash Shampoo and Conditioner Plus Spritz Lavender Mint…
Mighty Petz 2-in-1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner –...
Mighty Petz 2-in-1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner –…

11 Best Dog Shampoos for Labs with Features

1. Earthbath Oatmeal

If you’re looking for a dog shampoo that doesn’t sacrifice either performance or safety, Earthbath Shampoo is the perfect solution.  Not only does it clean like any traditional soap-based shampoo, but it’s also free of all the synthetic chemicals that can be toxic to your pet’s coat and skin.

This luxurious shampoo contains colloidal oatmeal and aloe vera to combat dryness and itchiness while fighting bacteria. The added vanilla and almond oils give your pup a heavenly scent without resorting to masking perfumes.

Plus, they’re great for soothing skin, too!  It won’t wash off topical flea applications, so you don’t have to worry about them getting washed away in the bath. Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Pet Shampoo checks all the boxes for excellent results while being safe for pets – so we picked this product as No. 1 on our list! 

It’s economical since two bottles last quite a long time due to its rich lather formula. Its 100% biodegradable packaging makes you feel good about supporting eco-friendly products too!

best shampoo for labs
best shampoo for labrador


  • Relieves itchy skin with colloidal oatmeal and organic aloe vera
  • Leaves your pet’s coat clean, soft, and smelling great with the heavenly scent of vanilla and almond
  • 100% biodegradable, cruelty-free formula that contains no harmful ingredients like sulfates or parabens
  • Safe for all animals over 6 weeks old, including those receiving topical flea treatments


  • May not work for pets with severe skin conditions or allergies
  • Scent may not be long-lasting for some pet owners

2. Furminator

As a pet parent, I know that keeping up with my pup’s fur grooming can be challenging. That’s why I frequently turn to FURminator’s deShedding Ultra-Premium Dog Shampoo when it comes to bath time.

This shampoo and conditioner help reduce shedding by removing loose dander and unwanted fur on clothing through regular use. The key feature is its natural ingredients, which have been clinically proven to reduce shedding by up to 90%.

It contains no parabens or artificial colors, making it safe yet effective enough for weekly use without drying out your pup’s coat. This hypoallergenic shampoo is also soap-free, so you don’t have to worry about chemicals stripping away your pup’s fur. 

FURminator deShedding improves fur health, and its gentle foaming action cleans deep into the follicles leaving behind a long-lasting fresh coconut lime Verbena scent. Its unique blend of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids protects against excess shedding by replenishing key nutrients in the coat and reducing irritation from allergens like pollen. 

All these features make it our choice for number 2 on our list because it keeps pets happy and healthy while providing an enjoyable bath time experience!

best shampoo for labradors
best shampoo for labrador retriever


  • Promotes healthy skin and coat by reducing shedding
  • Enriched with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, calendula extract, and papaya leaf extract to nourish and strengthen the hair follicles
  • Gentle formula that is free of parabens, artificial colors or chemical dyes
  • Suitable for all breeds of dogs over six weeks old


  • May not be suitable for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies
  • May not work as well on dogs with very thick coats or long hair.

3. Isle of Dogs

The Isle of Dogs Shampoo and Conditioner for Dogs is an award-winning groomer’s choice for achieving show-worthy results at home!  Let me tell you why. As a pet owner, the smell of the conditioner (Jasmine and Vanilla) was pleasing but not overpowering.

The moisturizing formula includes natural conditioners like Aloe Leaf Juice and proteins to give your pup’s coat greater softness. This conditioning shampoo reduces excess shedding while protecting it from matting and tangles – perfect for long and short coats!

It also has an ExtenScent complex that neutralizes odors, so your pup will smell fresh all day long. When using the conditioner before brushing, I found that mats slid out more easily than ever – wowzers! 

Especially during shed season, I also notice less hair around the house – win/win. This one does exceptionally well compared to other products on the market today in its price range.

labrador retriever shampoo
labrador shampoo


  • Promotes a beautifully balanced and joyful life for dogs
  • Achieve show-worthy results at home with professional quality grooming
  • Invites more cuddles and pets with freshening formula and signature fragrance
  • Moisturizes, detangles, and adds shine for a smoother coat with less shedding


  • May not be suitable for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies
  • Some customers may find the scent too strong or overpowering
  • The product is a bit more expensive compared to other dog shampoos on the market

4. Buddy Wash Original

I love how it comes with a shampoo, conditioner for optimal hair care, and a spritz of lavender and mint cologne. The lavender is incredibly calming and helps to soothe an anxious pup when she’s feeling stressed or overwhelmed. 

After using the Buddy Wash, the lab coat has this beautiful shine and a pleasant scent that lasts for days! The directions on the bottle are easy to understand. Simply put it on wet fur and then rinse thoroughly. 

Overall, this is worth every penny. It has no strong chemical smells! This product is perfect for conscientious pet owners looking to provide their labrador with a natural and nurturing grooming experience.

best dog shampoo for labs
best shampoo for smelly labrador


  • Cleans and conditions dog’s fur with a single product.
  • Infused with calming lavender and mint for a relaxing grooming experience.
  • Leaves coat shiny, healthy-looking, and pleasantly scented.
  • Convenient spritz bottle allows for easy freshening between baths.


  • Not sent in original manufacturer’s packaging
  • May not be suitable for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies to lavender

5. Mighty Petz 2-in-1

Mighty Petz 2-in-1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner is a must for pet owners looking to keep their furry friends’ coats feeling soft and smelling fresh. This gentle shampoo soothes itchy or sensitive skin while cleansing the coat. It has natural ingredients like aloe vera, baking soda, and vitamins A, C, E, and B.

The approved pH-balanced formula keeps your pup’s coat healthy without harsh chemicals. This dog shampoo does double duty since it works as a shampoo and conditioner in one product! 

No need to buy multiple items, but still get the job done of cleaning, softening, and making your pup smell great – saving time AND money. 

Plus it is made in the USA using only 7 all-natural ingredients. Bathing sessions are now more fun. A subtle lavender scent makes bath time pleasant for pooches not used to grooming routines.

The perfect blend of oatmeal and aloe vera helps relieve itching from dry skin while moisturizing at the same time.

dog shampoo for labrador
best dog shampoo for labrador


  • Soothes and relieves itching for dogs with sensitive or allergy-prone skin
  • Provides a gentle, moisturizing wash with only 7 all-natural ingredients
  • 2-in-1 formula cleanses and conditions, leaving your pet’s coat clean, soft, and fresh-smelling
  • pH-balanced and free from chemicals, colors, and animal testing.


  • The lavender scent may not be preferred by all pet owners or dogs
  • Some users may find the 16 oz bottle too small for their needs

6. Veterinary Shampoo

Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Medicated Dog Shampoo is designed to help alleviate dogs’ flaky skin and coat issues.  This medicated pet shampoo is specially formulated with its pH-balanced formula and is free of damaging detergents and harmful parabens.

ALSO, it includes oatmeal and allantoin, which helps provide soothing hydration to your dog’s fur. This gentle shampoo is affordable compared to other premium products in stores. We recommend starting with 2-3 washes per week initially. 

After that, you can reduce the frequency of washings. The ideal customer is the dog owner who wants to provide their pup with a gentle cleanser to help maintain healthy skin and coat. This shampoo quickly relieves flaky, dry, or overly oily skin.

best shampoo for black labs
black lab shampoo


  • Alleviates flaky skin and coat in dogs
  • pH-balanced specifically for dogs’ needs
  • Fast acting with powerful ingredients that hydrate skin
  • Gentle and soothing, it promotes healthy skin and coat


  • Not suitable for use on cats.
  • Requires 10-15 minutes of soaking on skin and coat, which can be time-consuming for some pet owners.
  • May need to be repeated 2-3 times weekly for optimal results, which may not be convenient for all pet owners.

7. Nootie Japanese

The scent of the cherry blossom makes this particular shampoo smell delightful. Rosemary Extract and other natural ingredients give your pet’s coat an amazing sheen! This product has no parabens or SLS, making it friendly for vegans and animals with sensitive skin.

The best part about this shampoo is that it has been formulated by veterinarians for over four years and used in 5,000 vet clinics and 4,000 pet stores worldwide. 

Not only are you getting a quality product, but also one that won’t irritate your pet’s delicate skin. With just one wash, you will see a noticeable difference in the condition of your dog’s coat & skin – healthier fur and softer-feeling skin! 

It is made in the USA using leakproof packaging. If you want a shampoo that will improve your pup’s skin and coat in one wash plus has a long-lasting scent, this is the product you need! 

dog shampoo labrador
shampoo for labs


  • Revitalizes dry skin and coat
  • Formulated for veterinarians with over 40 years of experience
  • Paraben, sulfate and soap free
  • Long-lasting fragrance


  • May not be suitable for pets with extremely sensitive skin
  • Fragrance may not appeal to all pet owners

8. 4-Legger

Specifically formulated with lemongrass oil, coconut oil, and aloe vera, this product creates a gentle cleanse that soothes your pup’s coat

Unlike other chemical-based shampoos that can build up on a dog’s fur over time, 4Legger is a truly organic solution to provide long-term health benefits. The unique blend of vegan ingredients makes it ideal for pet parents conscious about the environment.

4Legger has earned awards from EcoExcellence three times and USDA Certification from the National Organic Program. Besides being safe for your labrador, this organic dog shampoo relieves itchy skin and helps brighten whites adding shine to colors in their coats.

This concentrated formula also goes a long way – only small amounts are needed per wash. Plus, its natural dog odor solutions quickly eliminate wet smells.

shampoo for labrador
best lab shampoo


  • USDA-certified organic ingredients for a truly natural and gentle dog shampoo
  • Great for itchy, sensitive skin, with lemongrass and aloe vera to soothe and nourish
  • Eco-conscious choice made from sustainably sourced ingredients
  • Trustworthy brand with multiple awards and backing from holistic vets and groomers


  • Relatively expensive compared to other dog shampoos on the market.
  • Not suitable for pets with severe skin conditions that require medicated shampoo.

9. Wahl

My brother-in-law recently tried Wahl Pet-Friendly Waterless No Rinse Shampoo on his pet labradoodle! It’s formulated with all-natural plant-based cleansers and cleanses and conditions. 

Moreover, its lavender and chamomile fragrance is a great way to ensure your pet smells fresh. Another feature that makes this waterless shampoo unique is that it doesn’t require rinsing. All you have to do is dry them with a towel and brush your coat. 

This was incredibly helpful since his pup gets uneasy whenever he has to take a bath! And best of all, this product is pH-balanced, alcohol-free, paraben-free, and PEG-80-free.

 This means it’s hypoallergenic, which helps ensure gentle cleaning without any harsh chemicals. So if you’re looking for an effective grooming solution, look no further than Wahl Pet-Friendly Waterless Shampoo! 

Thanks to its hypoallergenic, gentle cleansing formula, it’s the ideal way to condition fur and hair for a soft coat without wet shampoos. 

best dog shampoo for black labs
best shampoo for labrador dog


  • Professional-grade pet shampoo used by vets and groomers for over 50 years
  • Hypoallergenic formula with a calming lavender and chamomile scent
  • No rinsing is necessary, making it easy to use on pets who dislike baths
  • Moisturizes, detangles, conditions, and cleanses fur for a smooth and soft coat.


  • May not work as effectively on heavily soiled or matted fur
  • Scent may be too strong for some pets and owners

10. Pet Head Dirty Talk

This shampoo is designed to neutralize odors instead of covering them up. It has a delightful orange scent that makes bathing my pup even more enjoyable.

Plus, it’s made using human-grade standards. The formula contains baking soda and ordenone, which help deodorize and freshen his coat. The vegetable protein extract and hydrolyzed soy protein build elasticity, making the pup’s fur look healthier.  Furthermore, this product suits all dogs regardless of age or size. It has no parabens, sulfates or DEA.

shampoo for labrador dog
best labrador shampoo


  • Neutralizes odors, doesn’t just cover them up
  • Yummy Orange scent leaves dogs smelling great
  • pH balanced and free of harmful ingredients like petroleum derivatives and DEA
  • Contains protein extracts to leave fur looking fuller and luscious


  • Yummy Orange scent may not appeal to all dog owners or their pets
  • Slightly higher price point compared to other deodorizing shampoos on the market.

11. SynergyLabs

This heavy-duty dog shampoo utilizes DirtRepel ionizing technology to keep your pup clean and smelling great long after a bath. The all-natural formula includes wheat protein, vitamin E, shea butter, and aloe, which nourish the skin while cleaning deep down, leaving a pleasant green apple and white tea fragrance behind. 

Unlike other shampoos that can strip natural essential oils away or wash away topical spot-on flea treatments, this pH-balanced smelly dog shampoo won’t do either. It gently cleans your pup’s coat while still preserving its shine. 

best puppy shampoo for labs
shampoo for labrador puppy


  • Effective & Affordable
  • Long-lasting fragrance with patented extenders
  • The dirt-repelling formula keeps coat cleaner, longer
  • Formulated for sensitive dog skin and won’t wash away flea/tick treatments


  • May not be suitable for dogs with extremely sensitive skin
  • The concentrated formula may require more water to rinse off the dog’s fur fully

Factors To Consider When Choosing the Best Lab Puppy Shampoo

When choosing a shampoo for your Labrador, consider their coat type and condition, any skin sensitivities or allergies, and the use of parasite-prevention ingredients.

Coat Type And Condition

Labradors have a unique double coat consisting of a dense, soft undercoat that insulates them from cold weather and an outer water-resistant layer. This distinctive fur requires specialized care to maintain its health.

One common issue among Labrador retrievers is shedding – they are notorious shedders! Regular grooming, including brushing and bathing with the right shampoo, can help manage this problem. 

For example, some shampoos, like Labs, are designed for breeds with double coats. These can penetrate both layers for thorough cleansing without stripping away natural oils. 

Besides keeping their coat looking sleek and shiny, using such products may reduce shedding by removing loose excess hair during bath time. 

Remember to choose a shampoo that caters to your Lab’s skin condition. If they have dry or itchy skin, opt for hypoallergenic or oatmeal-based formulas, which are gentle on sensitive skin.

Skin Sensitivity Or Allergies

This is quite common for this breed. Like humans, dogs can react adversely to certain ingredients found in shampoos.

Consider hypoallergenic dog shampoos with aloe vera or oatmeal to minimize the risk. Oatmeal shampoo is an excellent option as it helps soothe dry skin while relieving inflammation caused by allergies. 

A brand like Burt’s Bees Oatmeal Shampoo contains colloidal oatmeal, which is a natural moisturizer that removes dirt and debris from the coat. 

Likewise, an aloe-based shampoo cleans your labrador retriever and provides hydration by locking in essential oils of dog’s hair for healthy growth.

Remember that not all dog shampoos are created equal. Some contain chemicals or artificial fragrances, which could exacerbate or create new sensitivities. 

By selecting gentle formulas with soothing natural ingredients such as coconut oil or chamomile extract, you’ll ensure bath time remains pleasant for your loyal companion.

Parasite Prevention

Fleas and ticks can be a nuisance for you and your furry friend. Look for dog shampoos containing ingredients like neem, cedarwood, or rosemary extract, known to repel fleas and ticks. 

Some shampoos also include topical flea treatments built-in, which provide an extra layer of protection against these pesky parasites.

However, they may not completely eliminate them if your dog already has an infestation. Use additional flea and tick treatments as your veterinarian recommends in those cases. 

Labrador owners should take extra care when choosing their pet’s grooming products because harsh chemicals could lead to skin irritation or allergic reactions.

Go only for natural ingredients such as colloidal oatmeal, almond oil, or aloe vera-based dog shampoos with no chemical dyes or fragrances.

How To Choose The best dog shampoo for Labrador retrievers?

Your Dog’s Individual Needs

It’s important to consider your Labrador’s individual needs when choosing a shampoo. Factors such as coat type and condition, skin sensitivity or allergies, and parasite prevention should be considered.

 For example, if your dog has itchy skin, opt for a natural oatmeal shampoo that soothes irritated skin. 

If your dog is prone to allergies, you should choose a hypoallergenic shampoo with only natural ingredients that won’t cause any adverse reactions.

Another thing to remember when selecting the right shampoo for your Lab is their age. Puppies require gentler tear-free shampoos, while adult dogs may benefit from shampoos that contain nourishing oils like coconut. 

Read Labels And Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Always read the label of any shampoo for dogs. Avoid chemicals irritating your dog’s skin and strip away essential oils. 

Look for shampoos made with all-natural ingredients such as aloe vera, oatmeal, and essential oils like mint or coconut oil. Chemicals in some shampoos can exacerbate skin conditions like dryness or itching. 

Consult With Your Veterinarian

Before choosing the best shampoo for your Labrador, consult with your veterinarian. Your vet knows your dog’s needs and can help you choose the best shampoo. 

They can also advise on any special requirements or allergies that must be considered when selecting a pet shampoo.

For example, if your Labrador suffers from dry skin, your veterinarian may recommend using an oatmeal-based shampoo like Burt’s Bees Oatmeal Shampoo.

Additionally, if other shampoos have caused an allergic reaction, your vet may suggest switching to a hypoallergenic dog shampoo like Earthbath Hypo-Allergenic Dog Shampoo.


what is the best shampoo for Labrador?

Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Vera shampoo is the best shampoo for labs.

Do Labradors need a special shampoo?

Labradors have sensitive skin, which makes them prone to skin allergies and infections. Therefore, it is best to use a specially formulated shampoo designed for dogs with sensitive skin. Mild, soap-free, hypoallergenic shampoo can help prevent skin irritation and allergies.

How often should a Labrador be bathed?

Bathe your Labrador once monthly or once every 2-3 months. Overbathing can strip their coat of natural oils and lead to dry, itchy skin.

Do Labradors need shampoo and conditioner?

No, it is not necessary, but it keeps the coat soft and shiny. If you choose to use a conditioner, make sure it is specifically designed for dogs and is free from harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances.

What do Labradors love the most? 

Labradors are known for their love of food and playtime. They also love spending time with their owners and going for walks or runs.

Can I bathe my Labrador every day?

 No, it is not recommended to bathe your Labrador every day.

How do I dry my Labrador after a bath? 

After bathing your Labrador, gently towel dry its coat and use a hairdryer on a low setting to finish drying its coat. Ensure not to use high heat, which can damage their skin and coat.

Why do dogs lick you?

 Dogs lick their owners as a way of showing affection and love. It is also natural for dogs to lick themselves and others to clean themselves or show submission.

Do dogs feel better after a bath? 

Yes, dogs can feel better after a bath, especially if they have been itching or have a skin condition. Bathing can help soothe their skin and relieve any discomfort.

Do dogs like warm or cold baths? 

Most dogs prefer warm baths, as cold water can be uncomfortable. However, ensure the water is not too hot, which can burn their skin.

Is it OK to feed a dog once a day? 

Feed adult dogs twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. However, the feeding frequency can vary depending on age, health, and activity level.

What Is Anti Shedding Shampoo?

Anti-shedding shampoo is a type of shampoo that is designed to help remove loose hair from your dog’s coat. It typically contains ingredients that help to loosen the dead hair and make it easier to brush out.

Some anti-shedding shampoos also contain ingredients that help to moisturize your dog’s skin and coat, which can help to reduce shedding in the long term.

How Can I Deshed My Dog At Home?

Here are some ways to deshed your dog at home:

  • Brush your dog regularly. This is the most important thing you can do to control shedding. Brushing helps to remove loose hair and distribute natural oils throughout the coat, which can help to prevent matting and tangles.
  • Use a deshedding tool. Various deshedding tools, such as a Furminator or shedding rake, are available. These tools can help to remove even more loose hair than brushing alone.
  • Bathe your dog regularly. Bathing your dog helps to remove dirt, debris, and loose hair. However, using a gentle shampoo that will not dry out your dog’s skin is important.
  • Feed your dog a healthy diet. A healthy diet can help improve your dog’s overall health and skin condition, leading to less shedding.
  • Consider using supplements. Several supplements can help to reduce shedding, such as omega-3 fatty acids and biotin.

How Can I Stop Shedding So Fast?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to stop your dog from shedding so fast will vary depending on the individual dog. However, some things you can try include:

  • Brushing your dog regularly.
  • Using a deshedding tool.
  • Bathing your dog regularly.
  • Feeding your dog a healthy diet.
  • Considering using supplements.
  • Taking your dog to the vet to rule out any underlying medical conditions.

You must note that you cannot completely stop your dog from shedding. However, by following these tips, you can help reduce the amount of hair they shed and keep your home slightly cleaner.

How Do I Stop My Dogs Hair From Shedding?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to stop your dog’s hair from shedding will vary depending on the individual dog and its breed. However, some things you can try include:

  • Brushing your dog regularly.
  • Using a deshedding tool.
  • Bathing your dog regularly.
  • Feeding your dog a healthy diet.
  • Considering using supplements.
  • Choosing a dog breed that is known for being low-shedding.
  • Trim your dog’s hair regularly.
  • Use a lint roller or vacuum cleaner to remove hair from your furniture and clothing.
  • Keep your dog’s environment clean and free of allergens.

Does Deshedding Shampoo Work? 

Yes, deshedding shampoos can be effective in reducing shedding in dogs. However, they are not a miracle cure and will not stop all shedding.

What Is Deshedding Shampoo? 

Deshedding shampoo is designed to help remove loose hair from a dog’s coat. It typically contains ingredients that help to loosen the dead hair and promote its removal from the coat.

Is Deshedding Shampoo Good For Dogs? 

Yes, deshedding shampoo can be good for dogs, especially those that shed a lot. However, choosing a shampoo appropriate for your dog’s coat type and skin sensitivity is important.

what is the best deshedding shampoo for dogs?

The best deshedding shampoo for dogs will vary depending on the individual dog’s coat type and shedding level. Some of dogs’ most popular deshedding shampoos include FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo, TropiClean PerfectFur Thick Double Coat Shampoo, and Wahl Shed Control Pet Shampoo.

Best Deshedding Shampoo For German Shepherds 

Some of the best deshedding shampoos for German Shepherds include FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo, TropiClean PerfectFur Thick Double Coat Shampoo, and Shed-X Shed Control Shampoo.

What Is A Deshedding Bath? 

A deshedding bath is a bath that is specifically designed to help remove loose hair from a dog’s coat. It typically involves using a deshedding shampoo and a grooming tool, such as a furminator, to remove the loose hair.

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