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The German Shepherd Lab Mix, lovingly known as the “Sheprador” or “Labrashepherd,” is a joy to welcome into your home. It blends a German Shepherd’s loyalty with a Labrador Retriever’s friendly nature. These sturdy companions, weighing 50 to 90 pounds, sport a beautiful range of coat colors from their German Shepherd parent’s deep blacks and sables to the warm chocolates and yellows of their Lab lineage.

german shepherd lab mix
german shepherd mixed with lab
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Adaptability And Designer Registry

Their adaptability makes them fit seamlessly into various roles – be it a search and rescue hero, a devoted service dog, or simply a faithful friend. Bringing home a German Shepherd Lab Mix is not just about owning a pet; it’s about adding a loving and spirited member to your family.

The parent breeds are intelligent dogs, originally bred for retrieving and guarding; these mixed breeds make great watchdogs. If trained, then guard dogs as well. They are not part of AKC’s dog registry but are part of the International designer canine registry. Whether you’re a first-time dog owner or an experienced pet parent, this guide will help you understand a Sheprador puppy better.

Origin Of The german lab mix

The German Shepherd Labrador puppies, or Labrashepherd, are a crossbreed of a German Shepherd and a Labrador Retriever. The history of deliberate hybrid breeding, or “designer dogs,” is relatively recent, dating back to the late 20th century. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when and where the first Shepradors were bred.

The trend was largely driven by the desire to combine the best traits of two different breeds and potentially reduce certain health risks through hybrid vigor. On the parents’ side, German Shepherds have a rich history dating back to the late 19th century in Germany, bred for their intelligence and working ability. Their strong sense of duty made them ideal as police, guard, and service dogs.

Originally from Newfoundland, Labradors were bred as water dogs to fetch game and nets for fishermen. They eventually became popular as gun dogs and family pets due to their affable nature and trainability.

Combining these traits led to the birth of German Shepherd Labrador mix puppies. The Sheprador is a hybrid mixed breed. Their appearance, temperament, and size can vary depending on the mix of the two parent breeds. However, the parent breed is generally large and athletic.

lab german shepherd mix
lab shepherd mix

Why You Should Get a Lab German Shepherd Mix?

Many think about only getting a purebred dog. However, there are many benefits to getting a mixed-breed dog.

Intelligence and Trainability

The Labrador Retriever and the German Shepherd are highly intelligent and agile. A Sheprador will understand commands and tricks easily. The Sheprador mixed breed is highly trainable and obedient and makes great service dogs.

Loyalty and Affection

Another reason for novice pet owners to consider a Sheprador is loyalty and affection. The Labrador and German Shepherd are extremely loyal and affectionate. A Sheprador is likely a great companion and can provide security.


A final reason to consider getting a Sheprador is because of their versatility. The Labrador and the German Shepherd are highly versatile breeds that also excel in hunting. A Sheprador will likely be able to adapt to any lifestyle and activity, making them an excellent choice.

shepherd lab mix
yellow lab shepherd mix

Why You Shouldn’t Get lab shepherd mix puppy?

 Let us explore three reasons why there may be better ideas than getting Labrador German Shepherd mix puppies.

High Energy Levels

One reason is their high energy levels. Labs and German Shepherds are highly energetic, so a Lab Shepherd mix will inherit these traits. They will require a lot of physical activity and can become aggressive or disobedient if you don’t train them well.

Strong Willed and Independent

Labs and German Shepherds are independent and strong-willed. This makes them harder to train and control. A German Shepherd lab mix with such traits can be difficult to train. They may respond poorly to traditional training methods and require an experienced trainer.

german shepherd lab mix size

German Shepherd mix puppies will be large dogs and robust. This can be problematic if you have small children. The size and strength of these dogs can pose a danger to smaller animals. 

Must Know Facts Before Getting lab shepherd mix puppies


Lab German Shepherd mix puppies are intelligent and active. They are excellent family pets who adore their dog owners. They are protective, making them suitable for roles like service dogs and therapy dogs.

German Shepherd lab mix Size & Appearance

The Shepradors are medium to large-sized dogs. Males weigh 85-95 pounds, and females weigh 75-85 pounds. They have a solid, athletic build, well-proportioned head, and a medium-length snout. 

Coat & Colors

The Sheprador’s coat is short and thick, with a straight or slightly wavy texture. They have a double coat, a soft undercoat, and a rougher topcoat. The coat can come in black, brown, and tan shades. The coat color can vary depending on the specific mix of genes inherited from the German Shepherd and Lab parent breeds.

Exercise & Living Conditions

The Sheprador requires mental stimulation. They thrive in homes with a fenced yard where they can run and play. Shepradors easily adapt to apartment living with regular exercise. They may do better in homes with a yard, where they can expend energy. 

Training these mixed-breed dogs

The Sheprador is a wonderful dog and a highly trainable breed.  Basic obedience training is essential as they are strong-willed. They need a firm but gentle hand to teach them advanced training, such as search and rescue work.


The Sheprador is a healthy breed but can be prone to health issues such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and bloat. Have regular check-ups with a veterinarian and ensure they are on a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Some health disorders may be more widespread based on the specific gene mix. 

Nutrition and Dog Food

Feeding your Sheperd lab mix a high-quality diet appropriate for their size and activity level is essential. They require a diet high in protein, fat, and carbohydrates to support their active lifestyle. Do provide them with adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals as well. Royal Canin dog food works best for them.

Age Feeding Frequency Type of Food Key Nutrients Special Notes
8-12 weeks 4/day High-quality puppy kibble High in protein, DHA calcium Small, frequent meals help maintain stable blood sugar levels
3-6 months 3/day High-quality puppy kibble A balanced diet with protein, carbohydrates, fiber, fats, vitamins, and minerals Monitor weight and adjust portion sizes as necessary to prevent overfeeding
6-12 months 2/day Puppy kibble transitioning to adult kibble Protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals Gradually switch from puppy to adult food over a week to avoid digestive upset
1 year+ 2/day High-quality adult dog food Adult food should maintain a healthy weight and support overall health. Adult food should maintain a healthy weight and support overall health
german shepherd labrador mix puppy
german shepherd yellow lab mix


The Labrador retriever shepherd lab mix coat is relatively low maintenance. Regular brushing can remove loose pet hair and dirt. They shed seasonally, and you should also bathe them once a month

Puppies & Breeders

When looking for a Sheprador puppy, research and choose a reputable breeder, they will have health clearances and information needed for the German Shepherd and Labrador parents. 

shepherd lab mix: Rescues and shelters

Adopting from a rescue or shelter is another option for adding a Sheprador to your family. Adopting can save a dog in need and be affordable. It’s also essential to research the shelter, ensure they are reputable, and have the dog’s best interests in mind.

Name of Rescue/Shelter Location(s) Specializes in
American Lab Rescue Willington, CT Labrador and Labrador mixes
Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption Various locations Labrador Retrievers and Lab mixes
German Shepherd Rescue and Adoptions North Carolina German Shepherds and German Shepherd mixes
BrightStar German Shepherd Rescue Rochester, NY German Shepherds
All Shepherd Rescue Baltimore, MD German Shepherd dogs and related mixes
Labrador Friends of the South Atlanta, GA Stray, abandoned, and unwanted Labrador Retrievers and Lab mixes
Midwest Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc. Midwest region Labrador Retrievers
lab shepherd mix puppy

how long do german shepherd lab mixes live?

The lifespan of a German Shepherd Lab mix can vary depending on several factors, including genetics, diet, exercise, and overall health. However, on average, German Shepherd mixed labs can live anywhere from 10 to 14 years. 

This lifespan is slightly shorter than the average lifespan of a purebred German Shepherd, around 12 to 14 years, but somewhat longer than a purebred Labrador, about 10 to 12 years.

Genetics is essential in determining the longevity of a German Shepherd Lab mix. For example, German Shepherds are prone to hip dysplasia, which is a condition that affects the hip joint and can lead to arthritis and chronic pain. Labradors are prone to obesity, leading to health problems if not addressed.

German Shepherd Lab Puppies: Diet and Dog Food

Another critical factor that can affect lifespan is diet. Feeding your dog high-quality dog food is paramount for overall health. Avoiding high-fat, high-calorie meals can help prevent obesity. Royal Canine is the best. Feeding your dog the best food, high in protein, vitamins, and minerals, can support its immune system.

Labrador German mix: Exercise

Exercise affects life expectancy as well. These dogs are known for their high energy levels and need plenty of exercise to keep them healthy. Taking your dog for regular walks, runs, or swims helps maintain a healthy weight and support their overall well-being.

GSD and lab mix: Care

Regular vet checkups, vaccinations, and preventative care can help you catch any potential problems early. Additionally, providing your dog with love, attention, and a safe environment can help.

Do German Shepherd Lab Mixes Make Good Family Pets?

  1. They make great family pets because of their intelligence and trainability. These make them an excellent choice for families. 
  2. Another reason that German Shepherd Lab Mixes make great is their loyalty. The parent dog breeds are known for their commitment. It gets passed down to their offspring. These dogs will protect their family, making them great companions.
  3. German Shepherd Lab Mixes are also known for their outgoing personalities. They are friendly, playful, energetic are great with children. They are versatile. They can thrive in urban and rural settings. 
  4. Regarding grooming, German Shepherd Lab Mixes have moderate shedding and require regular brushing to keep their coat in good condition. Provide regular veterinary check-ups and vaccinations.

How To Train Your Labrador German Shepherd Mix?

Start Early: 

The earlier you start training your Sheprador, the better. Puppies learn new commands faster and are more accessible than adult dogs. Begin working on basic commands such as sit, stay, come, and heel. Progress to more advanced training later.

Use Positive Reinforcement: 

Positive reinforcement is the most effective method for training dogs. Reward your Sheprador for good behavior. For example, if your Sheprador sits when you ask him to, give him a treat and praise him. Don’t praise him if he doesn’t sit. Over time, your Sheprador will learn that sitting gets him a reward, while not sitting doesn’t.

Be Consistent:

Consistency is vital. Regular commands, hand signals, and rewards are essential. This way, the Sheprador will understand what you want him to do.

Socialize Your Sheprador: 

Socialization is a must, without which it will lead to aggression. Take your Sheprador to dog parks, obedience classes, and walks to expose him to different people, animals, and environments. He will learn to be comfortable around new situations.

Provide Plenty Of Exercises: 

German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers are the perfect breed who is energetic. Shepradors inherited this as well. Consider taking them for hikes. Playing fetch will also help burn off excess energy.

Puppies should not be allowed to do high-impact exercises like running or jumping until their bones and joints fully develop. Some good exercises for German Shepherd Labrador mix puppies include:

  • Walking
  • Playing fetch
  • Swimming
  • Agility training
  • Nose work

Train For Specific Needs: 

German Shepherds are working dogs, while Labrador Retrievers are known for their retrieving instincts. You can train your Sheprador for tracking and retrieving as well.

Professional Training: 

If you find it challenging, consider hiring a professional dog trainer. They can teach you how to train your Sheprador and help you resolve any issues.

Who Should Own german shepherd and lab mix puppies?

First and foremost, active individuals and families who enjoy outdoor activities would greatly benefit. These dogs are made for the outdoors.

Secondly, individuals and families looking for a protective companion would love having german shepherd and labrador mix puppies. The strong instinct to protect their loved ones make them excellent watchdogs.

Thirdly, those looking for a family-friendly pet would also find a Sheprador a great choice. These dogs are sociable, making them a fantastic addition to any family.

Lastly, families looking for a knowledgeable and trainable companion would love having a Lab German Shepherd mix. These dogs are brilliant and have a herd instinct, making them ideal for search and rescue.

black lab shepherd mix
german shepherd lab mix dog

Fun Facts About Labrador German Shepherd Mix

The German Shepherd Lab Mix has a distinctive physical look, one of the breed’s most intriguing aspects. Due to their mixed heritage, they can have many coat colors, patterns, and textures. No two Shepradors will look exactly alike.

Coat Color Lottery:

These pups can inherit a wide range of coat colors from their parents, from the blacks, yellows, and chocolates of Labs to the sable and black-and-tan of German Shepherds.

Intelligence Galore:

Shepradors inherit the intelligence of German Shepherds and Labradors, making them one of the most intelligent crossbreeds. This can make training easier, but it also means they need plenty of mental stimulation!

Energy Bundles:

If you’re looking for a low-energy pup, think twice! These puppies are packed with energy, inherited from their parent breeds, both high-energy working dogs.

Swimmers and Fetchers:

Given their Labrador parentage, many Shepradors love water and are natural swimmers. They also often inherit the Labrador’s love for fetching games.

Size Can Vary:

Their size can be a bit unpredictable until they’re fully grown. Depending on whether the Labrador or German Shepherd genes are more dominant, adult Shepradors can weigh anywhere from 50 to 90 pounds!

Work Ethic:

Combining the German Shepherd’s strong work ethic and the Labrador’s versatility, Shepradors often excel in various roles, such as search and rescue, service dogs, therapy dogs, or police and military work.

Personality Plus:

While all dogs are individuals, many Shepradors inherit the friendly and outgoing nature of the Labrador, combined with the loyal and protective instincts of the German Shepherd, making them excellent family companions.

german shepherd black lab mix puppy
black lab shepherd mix puppy

Do Lab German Shepherd Mix Ears Stand Up?

The ears of the Lab German Shepherd Mix are one of its most distinctive features. Many wonder if the ears will stand up like a German shepherd. The answer is that it depends on the individual dog.

Genetics determine the appearance. The German Shepherd has a gene that causes its ears to stand up, while the Labrador’s causes its ears to hang down. When you cross these two breeds, the resulting puppies can have either standing or hanging floppy ears.

Even if the puppy has ears that stand up, it doesn’t guarantee they will stay that way. Whether a Lab German Shepherd Mix has standing or hanging ears does not impact its health or temperament. 

Health Problems of German Shepherd and lab mix puppies?

Like other dogs of all breeds, the Shepradors are susceptible to specific health problems.

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

Hip and elbow dysplasia is a genetic disorder that affects the development of the hip and elbow joints, causing them to become malformed. This condition can lead to chronic pain, stiffness, and difficulty with mobility.


Bloat, also known as Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV), is a severe condition in which the dog’s stomach fills with gas and twists on itself. It cuts blood flow and causes damage to internal organs. Bloat requires immediate veterinary attention and can be fatal if not treated promptly.


Obesity is also a common health problem for Shepradors, as they are prone to overeating and lack exercise. This issue can lead to various health problems, such as joint pain, diabetes, and heart disease.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Shepradors may also develop retinal atrophy, a degenerative eye disorder that can lead to blindness. The degeneration of the retina, the eye part responsible for detecting light, is the cause. Regular eye exams can help detect retinal atrophy early and prevent further deterioration.

german shepherd mixed with yellow lab
yellow lab german shepherd mix

FAQ of labrador mix German shepherd

is a german shepherd lab mix a good dog?

It depends on the individual dog’s personality and how well you train and socialize them. They are clever, devoted, and protective and make excellent family pets. 

How Much Are German Shepherd And Labrador Mix?

The cost of German Shepherd and Labrador mix puppies can vary depending on where you purchase them and the breeding quality. On average, they can cost anywhere from $125 to $2500.

What Is A German Shepherd And Labrador Mix Called?

A German Shepherd and Labrador mix is called a ‘Sheprador’ or ‘Labrashepherd.’

Is The german shepherd mixed labrador Aggressive?

German Shepherd Lab mixes, like all breeds, can have varying temperaments. Some may be more aggressive than others, but proper training and socialization can help prevent aggressive behavior.

When evaluating their character, it is also essential to consider the individual dog’s genetics and environment.

What is the temperament of a shepherd lab mix?

The temperament of a German Shepherd Lab mix can vary, but they are generally known to be friendly, loyal, intelligent, and energetic dogs.

Do German Shepherd labrador mix ears stand up?

The ears of a German Shepherd Lab mix can stand up, but it is not guaranteed. Some may have ears that stand up, while others may have floppy ears.

What is the personality of German Shepherd Labrador mixes?

A Lab Shepherd mix, or Sheprador, has a friendly, outgoing, and affectionate personality. They are also known to be intelligent, loyal, and protective.

What can I expect from my German Shepherd Lab pup mix?

You can expect a German Shepherd Lab mix to be a loyal and intelligent companion eager to please. They are typically energetic and require plenty of exercises and mental stimulation.

Is a Sheprador a good family dog?

A Sheprador can be a great family dog as they are friendly, loyal, and protective. They are also good with children and other pets when socialized properly. A lab German shepherd mix is typically intelligent and energetic but requires plenty of exercises and mental stimulation.

how big do lab mixes get?

German Shepherd Labs can vary in size depending on their genetics but range from 22 to 26 inches in height and weigh between 50 and 80 pounds.

Is a lab German shepherd mix healthy?

German Shepherd Lab mixes can be prone to hip dysplasia and bloat, but they are generally healthy dogs when properly cared for.

What is a German Shepherd yellow lab mix called?

A German Shepherd Yellow Lab mix is often called a Sheprador or a Lab Shepherd.

Does German Shepradors shed a lot?

German Shepherd Lab mixes can shed quite a bit, especially during shedding season. Regular grooming and brushing can help manage their shedding.

Is a german sheprador good with kids?

Lab Shepherd mixes can be great with children when socialized properly. They are friendly, outgoing, and affectionate dogs.

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