Jack Russell Lab Mix Breed Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Jackador

A Jackador is a mixed breed – a crossbreed between a Jack Russell Terrier and a purebred Labrador Retriever. This unique combination of two breeds results in intelligent dogs that are sweet, loyal to dog owners, and highly energetic with a hunting instinct.

Due to their high energy levels, a Jackador may require regular exercise and playtime to keep them healthy. They can be great with children and other pets with proper training, making them popular for active families.

But remember, this hybrid breed needs a lot of mental and physical stimulation. You can train them to be therapy dogs or service dogs. But please avoid puppy mills. Go for an american kennel club registered breeder only. When you bring this puppy home, it is going to light up your life for sure. 

Let’s know about the Jack Russell hybrid in depth.

What is a Jackador Pup?

 Jackador is a mix of Jack Russell Terriers and Labrador. A drastic size difference exists between the parental breeds. The labradors act as mothers, and Jack Russell is the father.

The physical traits and behavior are challenging to predict in this type of dog. However, the hunting instincts are passed on from both parents to the offspring. Be prepared to provide quality physical and mental stimulation with a jack russell lab. 

jackador; jack terrier lab mix

Jackadors Breed Overview

NameJack Russell lab, Jackador dog, Jack Russell mix lab
PurposeFamily dog
RecognitionNot recognized by AKC
Height16 to 20 inches tall
Weight20-50 pounds
Coat ColorsCream, brown, and black
Life Expectancy10-14 years
Puppy Price$400-$650

How Big Is The Jack Russell Terrier Lab Mix? 

A full-grown jack russell lab mix falls between the russell terrier and the labrador’s size. The offspring inhibits features from the dominant parental genes. The males are slightly bigger than the females. The height is about 16-20 inches tall, and the weight is 20-40 pounds. These are generally small dogs.

History of Jack Russell Lab Mix & Parent Breeds

Jack russell labrador mix in an unusual pairing. History suggests an accidental pairing resulted in this mix. Let’s check the individual breed’s history for a better understanding.

Jack Russell Terrier 

The terrier gets its name from Parson John Russell. He bred the dog around the 1800s as a baying terrier. Developed frombeagles and bull terriers, Russell terriers are small dogs

Creating fox-hunting dogs was the goal. John ensured they would be white with brown or black patterns to prevent confusion while hunting.Parson russell terrier barked to flush out the foxes during hunting. Fox hounds and russell covered long distances without breaks and fearlessly entered fox dens.

Purebred Labrador Retriever 

Labrador retriever rises from Newfoundland, Canada. They descended from St. John’s water dogs in the 1500s. The water dogs retrieved fish and ducks. Their coats were water-resistant and could withstand harsh cold.

English Noblement refined and standardized the breed in the 19th century. Used mostly to retrieve fish back in the day, they are the right dog for a first-time dog owner. Ranked most popular for 30 years in the USA, they excel today as therapy, service, and guide dogs. Both the Labrador and the jack russell breed are working dogs.

How Did The Jack Russell Terrier Mix Come About? 

Lab and jack russell terrier mix developed by crossing bulldogs with an agile, longer-legged terrier. It was most likely the fox terrier, but it can also be a black-and-tan or white English terrier. Jack Russell is a working terrier and flushed-out fox.

When Did We First Cross-Breed The Jack Russell?

Jack russell is considered to be first bred in the 1970s. The medium-sized dog breed got popular recently.

Use a DNA test to know your Jackador’s actual breed percentages.

A DNA test can help determine the breed percentage in your labrador jack russell mix. 2.5 billion nucleotides are present in a dog’s genome. Researchers concentrate only on 200000 individual genes. The single-nucleotide polymorphisms of the dogs are compared for breed percentages. DNA tests also detect possible health conditions.

Size, Colors & Physical Features

Lab Jack Russell mix is available incream, yellow,white,chocolate, orblack. A blend of two or more colors is possible.One color dominates the face, while the other focuses on the legs and face. The coat of this breed of dog is water-resistant, similar to a labrador.

Black Labrador Jack Russell Mix

Jack russell blacklab mix has a black coat without any other color. It inherits the genes from a black lab because the terrier has awhite coat. The mix results from thepurebred black lab and hybrid jack russell with additional fur.

Black lab jack russell mix has a high eumelanin gene percentage, owing to its black shade. Their temperament is the only distinction between a black lab and a hybrid mix. Regarding personality, it is similar to other jackadors.

black lab jack russell mix

Yellow Lab Jack Russell Mix

Jack russell yellow lab mix has a yellow-coated coat. It is not a popular shade among the terrier. So, it primarily inhibits it fromlab parents. A gentle and calmer temperament is their distinctive feature.

jackador size

Chocolate Lab Jack Russell Mix

This russell terrier lab mix is covered with a reddish-brown coat. It covers almost the entire body. Look for tan spots on the chest and legs for identification.

jack russell chocolate lab mix

Jack russell lab mix white

Expect an all-white color when discussing this category. It can result from a typical Jack Russell terrier mixed with a yellow lab with a pale coat.

Temperament & Personality of Jackador Puppies

Jackadors are generally working breeds that love hunting from a young age. They are highly energetic with an intense hunting instinct. Also, they are an Intelligent, friendly, active breed who loves playing. Plenty of exercise will make them affectionate companion dogs for kids and active families. These hunting dogs are great for a dog lover.

No exercise or play can make Jack Russell lab mix puppies, chew remotes, shoes, and other household items. Please don’t leave them alone for long to avoid destructive behavior. Remember, your terrier lab mix likes to be heard. Otherwise they may suffer from separation anxiety. 

Exercise and Training Process

Jackador puppies have an excellent reputation for training like their parent breeds. They learn quickly and are intelligent. Both parent breeds are enthusiastic and transfer the same into this medium-sized dog. Daily walks and play are vital to channel their energy.

However, some chocolate jackadors can be less obedient than their yellow cousins. Extra patience is needed if they inherit Jack Russell’s independent nature. 30 minutes to one hour of play/exercise daily is a must. Fetch, hikes, and running around the dog park are great for them. Both parent breeds are eager to please and problem solvers.

Food dispensers, puzzle toys, and chew toys work wonders. Labs are a people pleaser, and Jack russells loves solving problems independently. The obedience training depends on which breed the jack russell labrador takes after. Early socialization will benefit the Jack Russell lab mix, blending with other pets and family members.

How Does The Jack Russell Lab Mix Look Like?

The physical traits vary, like all mixed breeds. The designer dog has dense, muscular bodies with round white chests. Heads are flat or round, while the muzzle is tapered.

Ears can be upright like russell or floppy like Labs. The eyes take the shape of almonds, and the tail is medium. The water-resistant coat is constant because both parents possess it. The face and chest area are primarily white due to the russell terrier genes. Jack russell terrier and lab mix are available in cream, chocolate, black, and brown colors. 

The best way to predict is by considering the labrador parent’s color. Labrador retriever usually dictates the color of offspring. However, there can be variations.

jackador puppy

 How Long Do Jack Russell Lab Mix Dogs Live? 

Jack russell lab mix lives about 10-14 years. Jackador lifespan is comparatively lower than other hybrid breeds.

Food And Diet

Jack Russell and Lab Mix need a balanced and nutritious diet. Ensure adequate carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. One to one-and-a-half dry dog food cups can be offered in two portions. High-quality dog food is essential.

An AAFCO-approved seal is a must on the nutrition label. It ensures an appropriate balance of minerals and vitamins. If you have a habit of sharing food, ensure it’s non-toxic to them. Onion, garlic, and salt seasoning are usually considered unsafe. Artichokes (vegetable) and nectarines (fruit) are safe. Also, share in moderation.

Health Issues To Be Wary Of When Owning A Jackador

Being a healthy designer breed does not restrict these active dogs from inheriting certain health conditions from the parent breeds. Consequently, reputable and responsible breeders ensure DNA testing. It can expose potential health issues. Here are a few common health issues.

Patellar Luxation

An orthopedic condition in which the patella or kneecap is dislocated. Surgery is the last solution.

Legg-Calve Perthes Disease

This condition impacts the hip joint. It is because the femoral head receives inadequate blood supply. Reduced supply leads to the crumbled femoral head. It can further cause arthritis or limpness. Get surgery to address the issue.


Lab jack russell mix seizures can last longer than a minute in this neurological disorder. Brain cancer, liver disease, and genetics cause it. Anti-epileptic drugs are beneficial in this condition. However, it is best to consult a vet.


An overactive or underactive thyroid can cause this condition. Weight gain and cold intolerance are common symptoms. Oral medication for life is the only fix.

Elbow Dysplasia

The three bones in the elbow joint do not fit properly. Surgery is the only solution for this inherited orthopedic condition. Apart from this, recently, some puppies have been known to suffer from chronic degenerative valve disease and heartworm disease. Be prudent and take these labrador mixes to the vet once you see something is amiss

Shedding and grooming

Jackadors do not require much maintenance. Their short coats prevent dirt accumulation. However, if a jack russell lab mix puppy has rolled too much in the dirt, it’s time for a bath. Brushing the coat once a week is fine. Lab jack russell terriers mix can take a bath as and when required.A good shampoo will keep their coats healthy, clean, and soft.

The molting season needs additional brushing as both parents are shedders.A dog toothpaste with an enzymatic formula works best. It will prevent tartar and plaque buildup. Overgrown nails can cause moving difficulty and soreness.Keep them trimmed. Remember to clean the ears to avoid bacterial infection.

  • Bathing – Once or twice a month
  • Brushing- Two to three times a week
  • Teeth – Two to three times a week
  • Nails – As required

Is a Jackador the Right Dog for Me?

If you want a compact pooch with adventurous interests, a Jack Russell terrier labrador mix can be ideal. The best owner is one who can keep the dog’s mind active. People with allergies must refrain from such dogs shed quite a bit. They are best suited for families willing to dedicate specific time to their requirements.

jackador full grown

 Demands Plenty Of Exercises

Be prepared for an hour’s exercise . From fast walking and swimming to hiking, they are up for anything. Keeping them active is vital to prevent anxiety and boredom. You will need to spend ample time channeling their energy level.

Are Loyal And Want Your Approval

Since Jackadors inherit loyalty from their labrador retriever parents, they are loyal, affectionate dogs looking for approval and are easily trainable. The eagerness to please can be found significantly in some hybrids from the labrador retrievers’ genes.

One Of The Most Outgoing and Social Dogs You Can Adopt

Jackadors are the most outgoing and social. The owner is responsible for exposing this mixed-breed dog to different environments and situations. This will keep small dogs with an aggressive character in check.

Great With Children and Babies

The hybrid dog makes excellent family pets. Both parents’ breeds love to be in the owner’s company. However, ensure early exposure for best results. Getting used to their presence will prevent playful biting due to Jackador’s strong hunting instincts.

Awesome With Other Dogs and Pets

Jackadors are fine with other dogs and pets and reflect no aggression. The trick is early exposure.Early socialization and training can fetch the desired results. Jackadors can depict dominant behavior when not managed properly.

How Popular Is Jack Russell Terrier in the United States? 

Jack russells are considered the 12th most popular breed. Despite the demand for short-legged poochs, the long-legged terrier is famous. The horse crowd witnesses the highest demand. This small and friendly puppy makes an excellent family pet.

What about Jack Russell mixed with lab Living Conditions?

Lab russell terrier mix can fit any environment if its needs are met. The small-sized might need additional care when the temperature rises or drops. It is due to the thin coats.

Where can you find a Jackador Breeder?

A Jackador is a cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Labrador Retriever. Since it’s a designer hybrid dog breed, Jackadors are not recognized by major kennel clubs and cannot be found through official breeders. However, they are often bred and sold by smaller-scale independent breeders and individuals.

Some options to find these hybrid puppies and adults include:

  • Searching online classified ads and websites like Craigslist, Hoobly, PuppyFind, etc. Individual and small-scale breeders often advertise Jackadors there.
  • Checking with local animal shelters and rescue organizations. Though rare, some Jackador mixes end up there and are available for adoption.
  • Contacting Jack Russell Terrier and Labrador Retriever breed clubs and rescues. They may know of members/contacts breeding Jackador crosses.
  • Joining Jackador and designer dog Facebook groups and online forums. Members sometimes post when litters are available.
  • Attending local dog shows and expos. Individual breeders and specialty hybrid breeders may have Jackador puppies for sale.
  • Ask veterinarians and training clubs for referrals to breeders focusing on these hybrids.

Reputable sources are important though, as disreputable breeders often skimp on health-testing parent dogs and sell sick or unstable dog hybrids. Doing plenty of research is key in finding an ethical Jackador breeder.

lab and jack russell mix


The mix of Labrador and Jack Russell is a popular breed in the United States. While it is not purebred, they have great traits. Small to medium-sized, they come in multi-color. 

Obedient, lovely, and energetic dogs, this loving dog keeps you entertained. Jackadors could inherit the dominant parent’s genes for a unique personality. Give your dog enough time and extra care


Are Jackadors Easy To Train For Jackador Owners? 

Jack Russell, mixed with Labrador, is a quick learner, making them easily trainable. They are also intelligent, resulting in fast learning. They are eager to please, like their labrador parent. Training a jackador will always be a challenge.

Are Jackadors Healthy Dogs?

 Mixed breeds are considered healthier than many purebreds. However, health issues from their parent breeds can get transferred. A few conditions include patellar luxation, deafness, eye disorders, heart diseases, ear infections, cancer, etc.

Is A Lab Jack Russell Mix Prone To Excessive Barking?

Yes, lab Jack Russell can bark a lot. This trait comes from their terrier parents, who bark to alert their masters.Barking can be managed with training. Please do not leave them alone for long periods to be safe.

Is Jack Russell Mixed With Labrador Hypoallergenic?

No, Jack Russell mixed with lab is not hypoallergenic. Both parents shed much, specifically the labrador retriever parent. Expect fur on your clothes and around the house. 

What is the behavior of a Jackador?

A Jackador is generally a friendly, energetic, intelligent, and loyal dog. They can be good with children and other pets if socialized properly.

How much does a Jackador puppy cost?

The price can vary depending on factors such as the breeder, location, and the parents’ health clearances. It ranges from 450-600$, with some ranging higher.

Is a Jack Russell a good pet?

Yes, Jack Russells can make good pets. They are loyal dogs but require proper socialization and training. They can suit families with children and other pets, but their high energy levels may not suit everyone.

How big will a Jack Russell Lab mix get?

They are medium-sized dogs weighing 15 to 60 pounds and around 15 to 25 inches tall at the shoulder.

Is a Jack Russell mix a good family dog?

Jack Russell mixes can make good family dogs if socialized properly and given enough exercise and mental stimulation. However, their strong prey drive may not suit families with small pets.

What is the best Jack Russell mix?

The French Bull Jack, a cross between a French bulldog and a Jack Russell terrier, is the best Jack Russell terrier mix dog breed.

How do you know if your dog is a Jack Russell?

A Jack Russell has a distinctive physical appearance: a small, compact body, short legs, and a broad head. They also have a rough coat that can be white with black or tan markings. However, their physical appearance may vary if your dog is a mix.

What class of dog is a Jack Russell?

Jack Russell terriers are part of the terrier group.

Are Jack Russell terriers AKC registered?

Yes, the Jack Russell terrier is recognized by the American Kennel Club and is part of the terrier group.

Is Jack Russell a good family dog?

Jack Russells can make good family dogs, but require plenty of exercise and stimulation. Their high energy level may be difficult for families with very young children. They tend to get along well with older, respectful children. Proper socialization is important for this breed.

What are the positives of a Jack Russell?

Some positives of the Jack Russell terrier are that they are very energetic, intelligent, athletic dogs. They are loyal and bond very closely with their family. Jack Russells are also relatively long-lived for a small breed.

Are Jack Russells good house dogs?

Jack Russells can adapt to being house dogs, especially if provided with adequate exercise and stimulation. Without enough activity, they may become bored and destructive inside. Their exercise needs may make them more suited to a home with a yard rather than an apartment. Early training is important for house manners.

Are Jackadors good dogs?

Jackadors (Jack Russell/Lab mixes) combine the energy and spunk of the Jack Russell with some of the eagerly-pleasing nature of the Labrador. This can make for an energetic, fun-loving dog. A Jackador will require plenty of exercise and training. When properly exercised, they can be great dogs, but do best in active homes able to give them lots of activity and attention.

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