Lab Pitbull Mix: Authentic Expert Review Of The Labrabull

The ‘Nanny’ pitbull and the lovable labrador are sturdy dogs. Combining both breeds result in an active dog that loves kids. The extensive gene pool in the mixed breeds makes them better. Get the best of both breeds in the lab pitbull mix. Let’s get you started on the pit lab mix- temperament, health, personality, puppy food, costs, hip dysplasia, and more.

Lab Pit Mixes Give The Best Of Both Worlds

Labrador retrievers have remained America’s most popular breed for three decades. Outgoing nature and fun-loving personalities make them ideal companions. Obedience, intelligence, and a fearless attitude make them capable of several tasks. 

Pitbulls’ notoriety in fights and reported attacks portray them as ruthless. All of this isn’t true, and a fur baby lies underneath. Labrabull, pitador, bullador, and pitbull are other names for this designer breed.

pit bull mixed with lab
pitbull and lab mix

pitbull mix with lab: Origins

Labrador retrievers, or St. John’s dog, were initially bred in Newfoundland, Canada, in the 1950s. In 1800, they were introduced in England to the Earl of Malmesbury. He first named the dog a labrador and made them his hunting companion. The English Kennel Club recognized them in 1903, and the American Kennel Club in 1917. 

Pitbull originated in the United Kingdom in 1800. Terriers and old English labs were crossed to produce battle-capable pit bulls. The term’ pit’ in pitbull refers to their participation in cruel sports battles. Initially bred for fighting, they later reflected work ethics. AKC recognized American pit bull terriers in 1930. 

black lab pit bull
pitbull mixed with labrador

Pit Lab Mix Puppies

Each pitbull and lab puppy is unique. It may look like a labrador retriever parent or even a pitbull. The pup may inherit any genes. The lab retriever pitbull mix puppy’s color indicates his adult appearance. Pitbull lab mix puppies are brown, black, white, tan, and yellow. Some are solid, with white markings. 

Pedigree Or Cross?

Always research breed traits when getting a dog. Pedigree means a puppy having the same parent breeds. In a crossbred, parents are different. The advantage of pedigree is trait predictability. There is no predictability with crossbred-like breeds. However, it is unfair to label a puppy based on a percentage. The final call comes down to your priorities. Are you breeding for specific traits, or is unpredictability alright? Your dog must be healthy, irrespective of the choice made.

Are Lab Pitbull Mixes Sociable?

Dogs are social creatures and love being around others. It’s true for lab pitbull mixes as well. But a pitbull lab mix must acquire early social skills to minimize fights. Socializing makes pets comfortable around others’ They can be rough at play, but don’t mistake it for high prey drive. Consider getting professional help if you notice growling from your grumpy canine. 

The Pitbull’s Optimal Body Shape

Pitbull’s athletic build asks for more calories. They have low body fats, sloped stomachs, and are masculine. It helps them prevent obesity and keeps them in good shape. Hence, they live long and remain healthy. 

The Labrador’s Optimal Body Shape

Labrador is strong and athletic without muscular details. A thick and stocky appearance comes from excess fat. You can only see the outline in the labradors and not each rib. Obesity is a concern with labradors. 

The black pit lab mix’s Optimal Body Shape

Most pit lab mixes have bodies similar to the pit bull. They have tight masculine skin, deep chests, visible ribs, and tucked stomachs. It’s hard to predict the exact body size when mixed with labradors. An optimal weight won’t be midway between the lean pit, and the stocky lab Speak to a vet. Ask him what your pup should weigh and when.

What Are The labrador retriever and pitbull mix Dominant Colors?

black lab and pit mix

Black is a dominant labrador color. Pitbull black lab mix litter will be black if the labrador’s black. Most pitbull lab mixes are black with white marks on the face, chest, paw, and tail.

Black Lab Pitbull Mix History

Producing a black lab pit mix is a recent phenomenon. It is done by mixing a labrador retriever with a Staffordshire bull terrier, an American Staffordshire terrier, an English pitbull terrier, a miniature bull terrier, or a bull terrier. Labradors worked alongside fishermen in Newfoundland, Canada. The pitbull can be traced to dog fighting, dog sports, rattling, and bull baiting.

lab pitbull mix
pitbull and labrador mix

Is The Black Coat Color Guaranteed?

Eumelanin ( a pigment ) is responsible for black coats. Lack of eumelanin results in chocolate coats. Since black is dominant in labradors, most puppies have black coats. Labs have three dominant colors, but pitbull have variations.

A black lab mixed with pitbull may not have a black coat. It all comes down to inherited genes. Find a reputable breeder mixing a black lab with a black pitbull for the highest possibility of a black coat.

black lab pitbull puppies Temperament

Pitbull parent breeds impact the temperament of black lab pitbull puppies. The general traits are affection and intelligence. They are excellent with kids. Both the pitbull and labrador are energetic. The offspring requires ample exercise.

black lab pit Mix  General Appearance

Appearance in pitbull lab mix varies. Miniature bull terriers have egg-shaped heads, while American pit bulls have wedge-shaped ones. The dominant genes decide height, weight, and shape.

black lab and pit mix Health

The black coat is not associated with specific health conditions. However, a black labrador mixed with a pitbull can still face issues.

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Bloat
  • Cataracts
  • Progressive retinal Atrophy
  • Obesity
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Allergies
  • Heart disease

Parent breeds must be tested for these health issues before ensuring healthy pups.

chocolate lab and pit bull mix
black lab mixed with pitbull

Chocolate Lab Pitbull Mix 

A chocolate labrador has medium brown to dark chocolate coat. Lab mixed with pitbull produces puppies with rich brown hues and markings. 

chocolate lab and pit mix History

There is a little history about the origin of the chocolate lab and pit bull mix. However, designer dogs got famous recently. The demand for chocolate lab mixed with pitbull has increased since the 1990s.

Is The Chocolate Coat Color Guaranteed?

Mixed breed dogs, including the lab pit mix, are unpredictable. The presence of eumelanin pigment indicates the coat color. Lack of it results in a chocolate coat instead of black.

Chocolate Lab Mix With Pitbull Temperament

The temperament depends upon pitbull parent breeds. They are considered threatening due to their misidentification as an attacking breed. However, no proof supports that pitbull lab mixes are prone to attack.

Despite their poor reputation, pitbull and chocolate lab mix respond well to training and make for a great family dog. They are an intelligent dog breed, affectionate, and do not show aggression without reason.

pitbull chocolate lab mix General Appearance

The pitbull lab mix falls between the labrador and the pitbull. Pups have droopy ears, athletic stature, broad head, and a dense velvet coat. Purebred dogs are more predictable compared to hybrids.

chocolate lab and pitbull mix Health

Pit lab dog experiences the following health issues in their prime years.

  • Stomach sensitivities
  • Skin allergies
  • Mobility issues in later life
  • Hip dysplasia

Yellow Labrabull

A yellow labrador influences a golden, fawn, or tan color when crossbred. They inherit the best qualities from their parent breeds. Labrabull is an amazing dog, also called a pitador. They are sweet, amazing, and friendly and make great family dogs.

Yellow Lab Pitbull Mix History

Designer breeds became popular in the 1990s. Breeders mixed two purebred dogs to reduce health problems. Breeders continued the production of labrabull due to surging demand. Many designer dogs have ended up in local shelters and rescue. Adopt one to help and get home a mixed dog.

Is The Yellow Coat Color Guaranteed?

The dominating genes decide whether the coat will be yellow or not. Labrabulls can be yellow, black, gray, white, tan, or silver. Their coats are short, easy to groom, and sparse.

yellow lab pit mix Temperament

The yellow pitbull lab mix is loyal and lovable. They have high energy levels, and fetch games will help to maintain them. They can sometimes get frightened. While they look tough, they are soft inside. But the lap dog will go to any extent to protect their owner or family.

Yellow Lab Pitbull Mix General Appearance

They have a muscular and robust build. Their energetic body makes them excel in training and sports. They are medium-sized. The yellow pit lab mix and pit mix can weigh up to 90 pounds. Females are typically 3o pounds lighter than male dogs.

Yellow Lab And Pitbull Mix Health

While they are usually healthy, they may possess issues their parent breeds are prone to. Common health issues include –

  • Epilepsy
  • Bloat
  • OCD
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hip Dysplasia

Good care and timely vet checkups are of the order.

pitbull labrador mix
lab and pitbull mix


Pitbull Shepherd Lab Mix

American pitbull terrier and German shepherd dog breeds produce pitbull shepherd lab mix. They are energetic, loyal, and are medium to large dog breeds. Their athletic build and superior intelligence make them ideal for police work or service dogs. Lab shepherd pit mix does well in larger homes with a yard.

Their height ranges from 17 to 26 inches, weight is 30 to 90 pounds, and lifespan is 10-12 years. Lab shepherd pitbull mix shed a bit, and people with allergies must avoid them. Proper socialization keeps aggression in check. This intelligent dog will get along with other dogs.

Lab Terrier Pit Mix

A labrador parent and American pitbull produce labrabull, a mixed breed dog. Labrabulls inherent qualities like high energy and loyalty. Level two dog parents are a good match for them. They range from 20-24 inches in height and 45 to 90 pounds in weight and live for around 10-14 years.

They are black, brown, gray, yellow, white, and silver. Early training will enable them to bond with children. Leaving them alone for a long is not recommended.

Characteristics Of The Pitbull Lab Mix


The pitbull mixed with labrador is average to medium in size. Male lab pitbull mixes are comparatively larger than their female counterparts. Their ears lay flat, stand up on their big heads.

Pitbull terrier labrador retriever mix with the classic white spotted chest appears strong and masculine. Their foreheads are broader than labradors and narrower than pitbull.

They have long muzzles, pointed ears, and almond-shaped eyes. Their athletic stature and long tail look excellent. 


The American pitbull lab mix puppy inherits short coats from its parents. The coats are soft, shed mildly, and come in various colors.

The pitbull lab mix doesn’t need much grooming. Due to their single coats, you must make them wear one during child winter. Apply sunscreen during summers on areas with little fur coverage. 


The labrador and pitbull breeds can inherit any color from their parent breed. A labrador can be yellow, black, or chocolate. Pitbull has four different breeds and vary in color. 

The genes determine a black lab and a labrador pitbull mix, a yellow lab pitbull mix, or a chocolate lab pitbull mix. Standard colors include black, solid tan, white, brown, or yellow. The brindle labrador pitbull mix is also gaining popularity.

Puppy Prices

Price varies. A breeder will charge $ 800 and up if the labrador parent is papered. AKC does not recognize pitbull terriers; hence they aren’t papered.

American Staffordshire terriers fall under their classification and are considered. However, it isn’t the actual American pit bull terrier. 


Lab pitbull mixes are great with families. They are not stubborn, are easily trainable, and follow commands. Their emotionally sensitive nature makes them compassionate. Early separation training is vital as the pitbull lab mix is clingy. They are good with other people and pets.

Prey drive can be high in some. Bonding with cats and other dogs or animals is challenging.  The pitbull lab mix is a great dog. Introduce them early to other pets. Without proper exercise, they can get hyper. An active family with a backyard where a lab pitbull can run works wonders.

The Truth Behind The “Locking Jaw”

Many anti-pitbull gangs consider this sweetest dog threatening. But breeds like Chihuahuas, Jack Russell Terriers, and Dachshunds are more aggressive per research in Pennsylvania. 

American pitbull terrier has a passing temperament rate of 87.4, lower than Cocker Spaniels, Beagles, and Border Collies. Are you still wondering about the reported attacks by pitbull? 

Center for Disease Control shares how media misidentify pitbull. CDC confirms no scientific proof of more fatal pitbull attacks than other dogs. 

By nature, pitbull will not bite humans. Also, their bite produces 320 pounds of pressure. It is twice a human bite. You can easily handle an angry pitbull without much challenge.  However, an aggressive pet can terrorize an entire area, not just a pitbull. 

A cult favorite Among “Tough” Guys

The mixed pups don’t show aggression signs. If they become aggressive, the breeder is to blame. Lack of socialization and improper training leads to undesirable traits, irrespective of the dog breed. It can even turn the amazing dog labrador into an aggressive nightmare.

Irresponsible owners and pitbull terrier remains a typical match. These dogs are widely dumped. Please ensure your canine receives the proper training. Tendering love helps the pitbull lab mix respond well, unlike its undeserved reputation. 

Pitbull X Labrador Life Expectancy

The average lab pit mix lifespan is 10-14 years. 

Family Compatibility

The Labrador retriever pitbull terrier mix is an excellent family dog. Sociable and friendly, they get along with other pets and people. Expose pitbull lab mix to social outlets to get them accustomed. High intelligence makes them easily trainable. They are enthusiastic and are OK with learning new tricks now and then. 

Energetic, sturdy, and tolerant nature makes them a good match for children. Ask kids not to pull their ears or tail and disturb the pitbull lab mix while sleeping or eating

Yes, they can get destructive when left alone. Be ready to commit time when bringing home a lab pitbull. Keep them stimulated physically and mentally to see the best behavior


Pitbull lab mix must be socialized as pups. Then they will show less aggression and fear as adults. Introduce them to new experiences before they are 12 weeks.

Several pitbull breeds were aggressive due to their involvement in fights. However, a well-socialized lab pit mix will be outgoing, friendly, and confident. 

Health Issues Of Pitbull And Labrador Mix

High-protein dog food, proper training, and loving home can extend a dog’s life. A pitbull lab mix puppy from a healthy parent breed will be less likely to get sick.

Here are a few pitbull mix with lab health conditions

Hip Dysplasia:

It is a painful and crippling genetic condition. Larger dog breeds are affected and occur by breeding dysplastic parents. 

Progressive Retinal Atrophy:-

The retina is affected by this degenerative condition. Rods and cones perceiving light, color, and movement deteriorate.  The pigment epithelium protecting them also breaks down in certain conditions. It turns your pitbull lab mix blind. 

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:-

Obsessive behaviors like shadow chasing fly snapping, tail chasing, sucking, chewing, excessive barking, fixating on specific objects, or spinning is displayed. Lack of training and socializing, poor play habits, anxiety, and boredom are underlying causes. A vet or train helps dogs overcome obsessive-compulsive disorder. 


Unprovoked and recurrent seizures characterize this neurological disorder. It occurs due to brain abnormality. It can be inherited from the parent breed due to structural issues in the brain.


Gastric dilation and volvulus are two bloat types. GD occurs with gas filling the stomach. The distended stomach twists lead to GDV. 

Organs get twisted because of gas trapped in the stomach. It reduces blood flow to the heart and puts pressure on crucial organs. It makes breathing difficult by tearing stomach walls. 


Lymphocytic thyroiditis or idiopathic thyroid gland atrophy causes this immune disorder. Genetics plays a central role in this heritable condition. Fat tissues in idiopathic thyroid gland atrophy replace thyroid tissues. More than 95% of dog cases involve hypothyroidism. The remaining 5% includes rare diseases like thyroid gland cancer. 

 pitbull and lab, pitbull lab
full grown labrador mix pitbull

Caring For You Pit Bull-Labrador Retriever Mix Dog

Labrador retriever and pitbull mixes must engage in mental and physical exercise. It aids in strengthening the immune system, bringing mental clarity, preventing destructive behavior, and eliminating specific health issues. 

Dogs can refuse boring activities. Here are a few tips to make exercise exciting for your labrador pitbull mix.

  1. Dog walking is an essential activity and must be done twice daily. Take them to a dog park or around the neighborhood. Keep changing the routes to help your pitbull lab mix learn new smells.
  2. Never create a complicated exercise routine. Racing up and down the stairs is efficient. Simple activities like this deliver excellent results. It is also great to lose weight.
  3. Swimming is another excellent exciting activity. Use toys like floating Kong to encourage your furry friend. Reward them for making it interactive.
  4. A fetch play provides the required workout for your American pitbull terrier lab mix. It will keep the pitbull lab mix healthy and hearty. Get a dog frisbee for more fun. 

Pit Lab Mix Training Guide

Start by establishing yourself as the leader. Physical superiority is not always crucial. Stick to the rules and set proper boundaries and benefits. Having control leads to a successful pet-owner relationship. Don’t let your pitador think you are weak. Be calm and fair; you’ll have the most obedient and loyal dog ever. These dogs are sensitive too. Here are some tips for training them right.

  • A Lab pit mix dog appreciates yummy treats and praise. Employ positive reinforcement, especially during initial potty training. 
  • Reward your pitbull lab mix when they poop for encouragement. They will repeat it, knowing it is desirable and good. 
  • Be counterproductive instead of harsh while punishing. Constructive punishment is critical to correcting your lab pit terrier mix. 
  • Ignore the pitbull terrier lab mix for some time. Maybe confiscate his favorite chew toys? Avoid physical punishment as it hampers the bond. 
  • Take them with you to help explore new grounds. It enriches their experience. 
  • More exposure during puppyhood helps a lab pitbull terrier mix become a calmer adult. It shapes their behavior toward fast-moving vehicles and unfamiliar structures.
  • Like both parents, the black lab pitbull mix puppy demands tons of mental and physical stimulation. Regular exercise is a must to combat obesity.

Pitbull Lab Mix Grooming Techniques

The minimum grooming requirements and low shedding make maintaining the labrador pitbull dog easier. 

  1. Brush your pitbull lab mix black weekly to eliminate dead hair from the coat. Minimize bacteria and allergens by bathing them weekly. 
  2. Bathe immediately if your pit chocolate lab mix is dirty and smelly after a rough play outside. Check your dog’s health and skin during the baths. Call a vet if there are any signs. 
  3. Start nail-slipping slowly with a pit lab mix black. One or two sharp nails are excellent to get started. 
  4. Make progress with each session. Give a black pitbull lab puppy some treats to stay calm and relaxed.
  5. Brush your dog’s teeth once a week from puppyhood. It prevents future gum disease. Clean their ears with a damp cloth between the baths.


Many owners reside in areas where pits are banned. Contact the shelters if you want to assist with the pitbull shelter crisis.

Pitbull Bites

Bite statistics provide information about canine aggression. A source reported 22 fatalities due to pitbull dog bites in 2016. It accounted for 71% of dog bite deaths in the United States. 

For similar reasons, pitbull are banned in certain countries, including the UK. Another source suggests 46 pitbull lab mix attacks between 1982 and 2014. Pitbulls are misidentified as an attacking breed. They are famous for their courage and determination.

The chances of a pitbull bite are similar to other dogs. However, a pitbull does not bite and let go. It holds on. The damage can be more than an average dog bite.  

The Statistical Lowdown On The Pitbull Lab Mix

A breeder usually provides you with a labrador retriever mixed with an American pitbull terrier. However, many prefer rescuing instead of buying. It is possible your lab pit mix does not have any pit bull genes. There is not much difference apart from more masculinity. 

pit lab dog, labrador retriever mixed with pitbull.
lab mixed with pitbull


Obesity, anxiety, and health and joint problems are typical in otherwise healthy dogs. You can use CBD for your pitbull lab mix for mentioned concerns. 

CBD allows the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to better the body’s inner happenings. Stress can make body cells perform poorly. CBD regulates cellular activities in humans, cats, and dogs. 

1. CBD For Anxiety Relief

Both labradors and pitbull suffer from anxiety, especially separation anxiety. Sensitive in nature, they become dependent on their owners. CBD aids in treating separation anxiety. It clears the mind when they are alone. CBD and behavioral training combined are effective treatments. The pitbull lab mix will experience mild drizzling. It keeps destruction at bay

2. CBD For Obesity

The labrador’s appetite can make the mixed breed dog overweight. CBD helps regulate and promote healthy appetites.

3. CBD For Hip & Joint Health

Giant dog breeds like labradors and pits experience mobility issues. CBD works in several locations in the body to provide relief. Find the right CBD product for your black lab pitbull mix to aid in the hip, joint, and other mobility concerns.

Is A Pitbull Lab Mix Right For Me?

With controversial views around pitbull, consider these pros and cons before getting a lab pitbull mix.

Positive Traits Of A Bullador

  • Usually, healthy parent breeds
  • Moderate grooming requirements
  • Friendly, playful, and loyal dogs
  • Easily trainable

Negative Traits Of A Bullador

  • They can go from friendly and affectionate to aggressive dogs
  • Few hereditary health conditions
  • Pit lab mix requires space and time for exercise
  • Do not go well with other dogs or animals sometimes

Why Should You Want One Of These Mixed Breed Dogs?

Labradors are playful and spirited, while pit bulls are courageous and bold. The Labrador retriever pitbull mix has an appealing personality Here are some character traits that make you want one of these mixed-breed dogs.

  • Lab pit mix is family-oriented and protects its owner at all costs. They protect their pack and stand against any threat. Proper training will help lab pitbull dogs better understand a threat to show restraint.
  • Pitbull lab mixes are quiet, making them suitable for apartments. They also make excellent watchdogs and senses danger from afar.
  • The labrador pitbull mix connects well with its owners. They understand if you are troubled, sad, or in pain.
  • The pit black lab mix is an active breed but melts quickly. The energetic dog can turn into a face-licking pooch quickly. The charm and innocence shine through until there is a threat.
  • The obedient demeanor of the pitbull labrador mix makes them great dogs. They are one of the smartest dog ever.

Where To Adopt?

Finding a responsible breeder following recommended health guidelines is essential. Look for the ones providing a clean and livable environment for the pitbull labrador puppy. Responsible breeders increase your chances of a healthy pitbull lab mix. Unethical practices will not fetch desirable traits.

Rescues Vs. Breeders

Breeders will charge more for your pitbull labrador mix than rescue groups. Since the pitbull labrador or pitbull mix is familiar, you can quickly get one at the rescue. You can get it for under $ 500 from a rescue.

The experience differs with breeders. While getting them from rescue groups is pocket-friendly, others prefer breeders.They want to raise 8 week old puppy to prevent bad habits. Adopting rescue puppies can save lives while being easy on pockets.

A reputable breeder ensures the pitbull labrador retriever mix was bred from healthy parents. They will offer you their parent’s health clearances. A good breeder has proof of health checkups and answers your questions.

You can seek parents’ bloodlines and learn about the temperament from responsible breeders. The popularity of the mixed breed has increased unethical breeding. Find a reputable breeder for a healthy and happy pit lab mix puppy.

Pitbull Lab Mixes Breed Rescues

UK Rescue

Canada Rescues

Do not judge these small dogs quickly because of their negative reputation. A black lab pitbull mix can live anywhere from a farm to an apartment. They need little maintenance.

They can lack awareness of their strength on some occasions. High-intensity exercise and training benefits in this case. They will snuggle you on a bad day and guard your house simultaneously. Training a lab pit mix is easy.

Train without aggression and let them release high energy levels for the best results. A pitbull lab mix is a perfect and smart dog when raised right.

Pitbull Lab Mix FAQ’s

Are Pitbulls Illegal?

Pitbulls and other dogs are under specific UK, USA, and Australian laws. The residents of these areas can own them only under unique circumstances. The dog fighting background turns their reputation into dangerous.

How Big Can Pitbull Labs Get?

Pitbull lab mix varies in size and stands between its parent breeds. Lab pitbull mix can have heights between 30 cm and 68 cm. Their usual weight is 45-60 lbs but can go up to 95 lbs.

When Do Lab-Pit Bull Mixes Stop Growing?

Lab pit will stop growing when three years old. They become slightly less active besides being mentally mature.

Can You Have A chocolate lab mixed with pitbull With Another Dog?

Early training is significant in your lab pit mixing with other dogs. The males can find slight challenges in mixing, but appropriate training will benefit them.

Do Pit Bull-Lab Mix Dogs Bark A Lot?

Pitbull black lab mix will not bark needlessly. You may not hear much barking in the initial months. However, obsessive-compulsive disorder can result in excessive barking.

When Do pit bull terrier lab mix dogs Calm Down?

Pitbull lab mixes begin to calm down from the age of one. But you will see high energy as their puppyhood continues till they are three.

How Easy Is It To Train A bull lab mix?

The intelligence and keenness of the pitbull lab mix make them easily trainable. They are interested in learning new tricks quickly and pleasing owners. Early training is recommended for best behavior.

Is The Pitbull Lab Mix Aggressive?

Media bias and social constructs have turned the lab’s reputation as aggressive dogs since the mid-1990s. They were misidentified with the attacking breeds.

American pitbull terrier has been under the highest scrutiny. Breeds like the American Staffordshire terrier have never been questioned, though. They are calm, friendly, and loyal dogs.

Are Pitbull Lab Mixes Good Dogs?

The pit lab mix is excellent for families. It is poor training and lack of socialization if they are not good with a family.

Do Pitbull Lab Mixes Shed A Lot?

Most pitbull labrador mix has a low-shedding, short coat inherited from the pitbull breed. Some can have high-shedding coats if labrador genes dominate.

How Loyal Is A Pitbull/Lab Mix?

Lab pit mix is a loyal dog. They will go to any extent to protect their owner or family. Loving and gentle nature makes them great dogs.

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