31 Best Labrador Breeders You Can Place Your Trust In USA

A Labrador Retriever may be your companion if you want a new four-legged family member. These friendly, energetic dogs make great companions and can be great for families of all sizes. But how do you find the best lab breeders in the USA?

We all want to get our pets from licensed and ethical breeders to ensure proper care standards are followed. Furthermore, reputable breeders often have useful genetic information about the parents, which can give buyers peace of mind that their pup is free from inherited health conditions.

We have done an in-depth study of the top Labrador breeders in the United States. Moreover, we will also provide some tips on choosing a breeder so that you can find your perfect family pet without any hassle or stress!

5 Best Labrador Retriever Breeders in California (CA)

Stofer’s Labs

Expect high-quality studs and females at Stofer’s Labs. The white labrador is their signature pup apart from the yellow, black, silver, and chocolate. With over 19 years of experience, they offer tailored care boarding. The holiday boarding is $ 10 per day per dog. Therefore, get socialized and age-appropriated trained puppies with the best labrador breeders in California.

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best labrador breeders

Marble Mountain Kennels

A terrific personality, superior intelligence, and excellent hunting desire are a few traits of labs at Marble Mountain Kennels. Factors affecting price are current demand, rarity, color, etc. Black and yellow males are available at about $ 2300. Chocolate and fox red females cost around $ 2900 due to rarity. The rates are subject to change. You will need to fill puppy preference form to begin.

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Wallee Kennels

This breeder offers affectionate and adorable labrador retrievers. Raising labs since 1970, they are breeders of yellow, light yellow, white, chocolate, fox red, and black labs. The OFA health certificates in elbows and joints are the breeder’s highlight. Moreover, you will also get health warranties to ensure a healthy labrador. Keep track of their official site for new litters who make the best labrador retrievers.

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Sterling English Labrador Retriever

Preserving the wonderful English labrador is their goal. Sterling Lab puppies are intelligent and express a lot.  Among the best English labrador breeders in USA, they choose top-quality studs for their girls. The perks of buying from them are vaccinations, AKC registration, microchip, etc. You don’t have to pay anything for the microchip. Hear what the families with Sterling puppies have to say.

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Sunny Daze Labradors

The Labrador retriever temperament offered by Sunny Daze is hard to beat elsewhere. They have been raising this popular dog breed since 1987. Loyal companions, service, gun, or show-quality dogs, they’ve got everything. Their puppies undergo a veterinary examination before adoption. Check the whelping box for the availability of young pups and old labs.

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5 Best Labrador Breeders in Arkansas

Henderson Labrador Kennel

Henderson Labradors is an experienced AKC-registered breeder. Pick any from yellow, black, and chocolate labrador. They understand the importance of dogs being lifetime companions. 

Puppies’ 2 sets of vaccinations are among the breeder’s strict protocols. Moreover, each dog breed has been handpicked and raised personally. Get a labrador puppy that suits your needs.

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best labrador breeders in usa

Snowy Pines White Labs

Check Snowy Pines’s genetically clean and true English white labradors. They provide a sizeable 5-acre facility for their dogs to roam. What’s more? 

Get your puppy delivered anywhere in the United States with the best English labrador breeders. Purebred labs here make an excellent family companion. In case of genetic diseases, you can get a full replacement. Snowy pines labradors are the best.

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best english labrador breeders

Karemy Labradors

You can expect complete breeding, boarding, and service training with Karemy Labradors. All puppies receive personal care and interaction from Karemy’s family. They come with health certifications for elbows, hips, and joints. It is an AKC-registered breeder raising socialized pups. They offer lifetime service and commitment to their puppy families.

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Mountain Spring Labs

If you are looking for pups with unique coats, this breeder can help. Mountain Spring is an AKC-registered breeder offering dogs in silver, fox-red, and white coats. Dogs are dewormed and receive their first vaccination before adoption. Get a 2-year health guarantee and pedigree proof from the breeder. They also use microchips for their dogs.

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Cadron Ridge Labradors

Labs produced at Cadron Ridge tested for any genetic diseases. They train the puppies from 3 weeks of age for the smoothest transitions. Crate, basic obedience, and puppy training are a few before they leave. Get top-of-the-line English labrador retrievers with them. Fill out the adoption application to become eligible to receive a dog.

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5 Best Labrador Breeders in Virginia

Brookhaven Labradors

The motto of Brookhaven labradors is quality over quantity. Their central practice is to breed multipurpose labs. All pups are raised in a similar space, like homes. Their Labradors live in their home and are monitored by Sharlene. In fact, all puppies are raised in her living room (with her sleeping on the couch next to them). 

They even have a puppy cam to allow families to view their puppies ( the cam is just for viewing purposes, while the pups grow). They bred the first litter in 2004 and believe healthy dog parents produce healthy puppies for sale. 

Sharlene also uses an established puppy aptitude test to match families to the pup whose temperament meets their needs.  She also starts the pups off with early stimulation. 

She also carries out all health tests on the parents available for Labrador Retrievers.  Also, she does heart echo exams on puppies at 7 weeks old to ensure their hearts are healthy.  They expose the pups to various noises, surfaces, and experiences.  Pups are never left alone, ever.

They test for over 20 genetic diseases. Furthermore, they test puppies at 7 weeks of age for Tricuspid Valve Disorder ( one of the few breeders in the country to test for TVD). Not only this, but Sharlene also carries out a test to check the risk of developing Copper Poisoning. Although this test isn’t definite it surely helps a lot.

They are indeed the best in Virginia. Get a pup home from the best labrador breeders in USA.

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Piney Creek Labradors

All breeding stock at Piney Creek is AKC registered. OFA on hips and elbows, eye evaluation by CERF, and EIC are a few perks offered by the breeder. They have been breeding quality English labs since 1996 and know the trick. Get great looks, sound health, a calm disposition, and a strong bloodline with Piney Creek Labradors.

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Luv My Labs

Chocolate, yellow, white, and black labradors are available at Luv My Labs. They ensure AKC-registered genetically sound parents. The breeder takes complete care of timely vaccination and deworming. You will need to deposit to get a puppy. It is non-refundable until the requested sex or color is unavailable. You also get a year-long health guarantee for your pup.

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Griffinsburg English Labradors

At Griffinsburg, all labs are vaccinated, examined by a vet, and microchipped before adoption. Get assistance from them for grooming and training your labrador. This top rated labrador breeders ensure the pups get into the right home and are cared for. If you have visited other kennels, you must wait 48 hours for a Griffinsburg appointment.

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reputable labrador breeders

Cresthill Kennels

Cresthill Kennels is an all-breed boarding kennel. It is small, family-owned, and has a labrador breeding facility. Their breeding stock has OFA eye certification, excellent hips, and normal elbows. They are among the rarely responsible breeders who submit breeding dogs to DNA testing. The facility aims to produce pups free from any genetic defect.

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best labrador breeders near me

5 Best Labrador Breeders in Florida

Cornerstone Labradors

Breeding since 1987, Cornerstone Labradors are AKC registered. However, they don’t sell or ship labs over the internet. Located in West Central Florida, they support purebred rescue adoptions. They claim their breed can fetch a bird without harming it. The breeder helps ensure a safe experience for you and your family.

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best english labrador breeders in usa

Seminole Labradors

Are you looking for top-quality AKC-registered purebred labs in Florida? If yes, Seminole Labradors can assist. They provide only three colors – black, yellow, and chocolate. They work on maintaining breed integrity. Unique hallmarks of labrador retriever like sound temperament, water-resistant coats, otter tails, beautiful heads, etc. has been their main focus.

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Quail Meadow Labs

Quail Meadow Labs have some of the most socialized lab puppies for sale in Florida. All of their labs are English with sound temperaments. With experience above 18 years, the breeder ensure the labs have no joint, hip dysplasia, or elbow issues. Check the puppy request form to know more about new litters.

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Blue Cypress Kennels

Whether you are looking for a hunting companion or stud for breeding, Blue Cypress can rescue you. Their females work as gundogs at BCK. They also provide training programs. Puppy Fundamentals is an excellent training that impacts the first eight weeks of your puppy. Gor for this breeder for British Labrador bloodlines package.

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Tarrah Labs

Visit this breeder for beautiful yellow and black labrador retriever puppies. They do not believe in chaining a dog at all.Their labs are CERF, OFA, OPTIGEN and EIC cleared. Sold on AKC limited registration, their pups are microchipped and fed a SARF diet. Get a labrador retriever with a warranty at Tarrah Labs.

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5 Best Labrador Breeders in Pennsylvania

Sideling Hill Labradors

Sideling Hill breeds chocolate, black, and yellow labs but specializes in almost white labrador puppies. These state-licensed breeders have been in action since 1987. Each puppy here leaves with an eye and hip guarantee. Born in climate-control rooms, each movement of labradors is monitored. You must use PayPal to deposit to Sideling Hills Labradors when required.

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Bowery Run Labradors

Get exclusive black and chocolate labs from top English labrador breeders in the US. They are a family-based breeder offering well-socialized pups. The puppies are tested via recognized OFA organizations for health clearances. However, they avoid selling full registration. It is to protect the breeding program, requiring neutering puppies before 18 months.

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Winchester Labradors

Established in 2015, Winchester Labradors are different from others. All their dog live in their home. You will get selected breeding and neutered dogs here. They focus on producing labradors with excellent temperament and health. The majority of pups are sold on limited registration. If interested, animal lovers can make an appointment to meet the family.

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De Soleil Labradors

This labrador retriever breeder has been raising and showing labs since 2001. They breed champion labrador show puppies in Northeastern Pennsylvania ( black, yellow, and chocolate ). They refrain from selling to pet shops and ensure their puppies get the right home. Some perks include vaccine records, 3-generation pedigree, AKC limited registration, etc.

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Larke Lab Kennels

Their love for labrador retrievers started in 1988. Larke Lab Kennels raise beautiful chocolate, black, and yellow labradors. It is a family-owned breeder and accepts visitors by appointment. The labs are AKC registered and award-winning. Adult dogs are OFA, and CERF cleared. Larke Lab will help you find the perfect lab for you.

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Special Mentions

Rhumbline Retrievers — New York

The New York breeder has been operating since 1993 and is one of the top labrador retriever breeders in USA. Their first litter was born in 1996. 

They excel in a few categories: service, competition, hunting, and family dogs. Dogs bred by them have competed nationally in hunt tests, agility, and obedience. 

They raise the puppies at home and expose them to several things. All their dogs make a family pet first. It is an excellent option for first-time pet parents.

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Michigan Elite Labs — Michigan

This breeder from Michigan focuses on raising excellent family pets. They are AKC registered and produce calm labs. Each lab undergoes extensive testing for health issues. Starting in 2005, Michigan Elite Labs’ love for labradors has only grown. The testimonials suggest each lab has a quality temperament and personality.

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labrador breeders

Simpson’s Labrador Retrievers — Illinois

Quality, health, and high standards matter immensely at Simpson’s. A family-owned labrador retriever breeder, they produce puppies from champion labrador hunting lines 

Get the finest labrador retriever in St. Louis, Chicago, and Illinois with them. They breed 3 recognized colors by AKC – black, yellow, and chocolate. Before leaving, each puppy receives full grooming, basic obedience, deworming, vaccinations, etc.

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Dawson Labs — Missouri

Get quality English labrador puppies with Dawson Labs in Missouri. Who are their primary customers? Labrador lovers at heart who need a calm and healthy puppy. 

They do not appreciate phone calls after 10 p.m. Chocolate, yellow, and black puppies are available at Dawson’s. A non-refundable approval deposit of $ 300 is obligatory. Check the puppy application for future litters.

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Iowa Pointing Labs — Iowa

You will get both English and American labradors at Iowa Pointing Labs. This AKC breeder produces some of the best gundogs. They are highly active on the field and retrieves in no time. Their breeding philosophy aims to produce intelligent dogs for field requirements. Expose your new puppy to birds, children, gunfire, etc., with their Head Start Program

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USA Purebred Labs — Arizona Labrador Breeders

It will only take 24 hours to get a response from the USA Purebred Labs post-depositing. They claim the world’s first low-shedding labs. How about a try? You can make a first pick at $ 2995. Get a $ 1000 discount on the moderate shedding pups. Get purebred, good fit, genetic, and hip guarantee with them. 

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Here are our top picks from all the states

The Importance of Finding a Reputable Labrador Breeder

Finding a reputable Labrador breeder is important for responsible breeding practices and providing healthy puppies. Therefore, here are some reasons why it’s so important to find a reputable breeder when getting a Labrador:

1. Reputable breeders have many years of experience in breeding Labradors and are experts in the breed standard and temperament traits. This gives them strong knowledge of which lines are best to produce healthy puppies with desirable characteristics.

2. Reputable breeders can provide parents with high pedigrees and health clearances and ensure their puppies get good socialization through early puppy training classes.

3. Proper selection of parents helps reduce the possibility of hereditary diseases in their puppies since good breeders emphasize health testing their Labradors for any known genetic diseases before they breed them together.

4. Good breeders will provide buyers with the paperwork they need – such as AKC registration certificates – and information on a proper pet care schedule for new Labrador pups, such as nutrition information and tips for house training them successfully.

5. Potential customers can often visit a breeder’s premises to meet their puppy’s parents before buying, assuring them of the pup’s raising conditions are perfect. And there haven’t been any problems between parents or their pups during rearing time either.

6. Finally, they back up all their puppies for sale with warranties – whether it’s health coverage or behavioral training support (or both). Moreover, buyers can rest assured that if unexpected vet bills come up or there’s a behavior issue, they won’t be stuck footing the whole bill themselves. Hence, just like any customer service experience one might expect from a good business!

8 Important Questions To Ask A Potential Labrador Breeder:

  • How long have you been breeding Labrador Retrievers?
  • Are the parents of the puppies health tested and certified ?
  • What kind of feed do you provide to your litters?
  • What is your experience with training Labradors?
  • When getting a puppy, do you provide a health guarantee or any other written contract?
  • Can I see the medical documents for one of the parents or the litter?
  • Are your Labradors AKC registered, and do they come with a pedigree?
  • Do you offer health or calm temperament guarantees on your puppies for sale?

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