14 Best Dog Dematting Tool For Undercoat: Top Brush & Comb

Entangled fur and painful mats don’t have to be inevitable in regular grooming. While frequent brushing is essential, sometimes tangles become too tightly wound and widespread to tackle without help. Instead of a frustrating session with a standard brush or even shaving your pup’s coat, the best dematting tool for dogs makes removing stubborn knots, clumps, and mats far more manageable.

We’ll cover what to look for in an effective, pain-free dematting tool and review our top pick that stands above the rest for its versatility, durability, and customization to enhance your grooming.

1. Furminator Dematting Tool

If you’re struggling with keeping up with mats and tangles in your pet’s thick fur coat, the Furminator Adjustable Dematting Tool is an excellent solution worth considering. This easy-to-use tool differentiates itself from cheaper, flimsier models thanks to its durable stainless steel construction and ergonomic handle.

At the business end, curved blades safely work through snarls without scratching skin or cutting hair, while the rounded edge loosens the undercoat and protects the topcoat when used properly. The best grooming practices always avoid hurting your dog, and the furminator is not at all painful for your dog.

The adjustable blade width is a major perk, allowing you to customize it to tackle everything from small mats behind the ears to larger tangled sections on the haunches or tail. An integrated fur ejector button also makes quick work of cleaning out gathered hair while grooming.

furminator deshedding tool
Best Dematting Tool for dogs

Additional thoughtful touches, like the attached safety guard and how-to DVD to prevent incorrect use, make the Furminator tool stand out. It may have a higher price tag than bare-basic manual shedders, but it’s built to last through years of tough detangling jobs.

For pet parents tired of fruitless dematting session, the premium features of this adjustable dematting tool justify the investment. This tool is perfect for best results in dog deshedding.

2. Hertzko Dematting Comb for Dogs

With its undercoat rake design and safety edges, Hertzko dog tool works great for cutting and removing dead, matted, or knotted hair without causing discomfort. This dematting comb’s ergonomic inline design ensures it is comfortable during grooming sessions.

Its anti-slip rubber grip and additional metal thumb grip help prevent hand & wrist strain while you navigate through different fur types, especially those prone to tangles and mats.

The rust-resistant stainless steel teeth are durable and easy to clean after use. Moreover, the rounded tips protect your hands and your pet’s skin from harm. This effective tool features 2.5-inch serrated teeth that quickly cut through tough mats without painful pulling – proof that it deserves its No. 2 spot on our list!

I have experienced how challenging it can be to remove stubborn mats and tangled fur from my dogs’ coats. However, with this double-sided comb at my disposal, keeping their grooming woes at bay has become a breeze!

dematting comb
Best Dematting Tool for dogs

3. GoPets Dematting Comb For Dogs And Cats

The GoPets Dematting Comb will surely help you when you brush your dog. This 2-sided professional dematting rake is designed for cats and dogs, effectively cutting through tangles without causing discomfort. The sharp stainless steel blades ensure a painless experience.

One feature that sets this comb apart is its non-slip silicone gel-filled handle, which adapts to any grip style for maximum comfort. The dual-purpose design of this comb allows it to function as a dematting brush or detangling comb on one side and an undercoat comb or de-shedding rake on the other.

As our No.3 pick in our list of top grooming tools, over 18,000 satisfied users agree that the GoPets Dematting Comb delivers professional results with minimal effort from you.

furminator for dogs
Best Dematting Tool for dogs

4. Andis Dematting Undercoat Rake Comb For Removing Mat

This dematting tool has been designed for de matting your dog with long coats and effectively removes knots, matted patches, and tangles from their coats without causing pain or discomfort. The rake features 10 sharp, rounded blades that cut through mats and prevent scratches on your pet’s skin.

In addition to making grooming sessions more enjoyable for you and your pet, it promotes healthy skin and coat by clearing away dead fur and brushing out dirt or debris. This tool has a rubber handle with ridges for a secure grip during grooming sessions. It helps prevent slips and accidents, even with wet hair.

I’ve noticed significantly less shedding around my home after consistently using it on my pets. If you’re looking for an effective solution, look no further than the Andis Dematting Rake 66050 de-matting grooming brush. This product caters to dog grooming sessions with top-notch materials like stainless steel blades and ergonomic design elements.

dematting comb for dogs
Best Dematting Tool for dogs

5. RUBOLD Deshedding Tool For All Dog Breeds

The all-in-one tool makes detangling, de-shedding and brushing a breeze, offering an enjoyable grooming experience for you and your furry friend. Owning breeds like Golden Retrievers, Poodles, Goldendoodles, Collies, or German Shepherds can be challenging.

However, the RUBOLD Dematting Tool ensures this process becomes hassle-free. This undercoat rake has nine teeth on one side for tackling stubborn mats and tangles and 17 teeth on the other side to thin out or deshed faster, making this undercoat rake one of the best options available.

No more worrying about dog hair scattered around your home – a simple five-minute brushing session will remove tons of dead undercoats from your canine companion.

Moreover, this fine tooth comb has rounded edges outside to prevent any scratching or discomfort during grooming while remaining sharp inside to clear out unwanted matting effectively. The ergonomic design and solid non-slip grip provide ease of use during grooming routines.

You’ll have more playtime with your pup after achieving excellent coat maintenance with the RUBOLD Dematting Tool! It keeps your pet looking fabulous and ensures they stay comfortable by eliminating scratchy tools that can irritate sensitive skin areas.

deshedding tool
Best Dematting Tool for dogs

6. Pet Republique Dog Dematting Tool

The dual-sided 12+23 teeth design is nothing short of genius. The 12-teeth side tackles those pesky tangles, while the 23-teeth side works wonders in thinning out hair or speeding up de-shedding.

One of this tool’s standout features is its sharp stainless steel teeth, making quick work of even the densest fur. Yet their rounded outer edges ensure your pet remains unharmed during grooming sessions.

With an ergonomic non-slip handle allowing easy control and precise handling, it’s no wonder this dematting tool has become a go-to solution. Apart from delivering high-quality performance at a great value, Pet Republique donates 15% of profits to the American Animal Rescue Society.

deshedder for dogs
Best Dematting Tool for dogs

7. Coastal Pet Li’l Pals Grooming Comb

This fantastic comb is specially designed for smaller dogs and puppies, ensuring that our petite pals get the same level of care as their larger counterparts. The stainless steel serrated blades efficiently break apart mats and tangles without touching your dog’s skin.

One of the standout features of this de-matting comb is its ergonomic handle, designed for both right- and left-handed users. The Coastal Pet Li’l Pals Dog Dematting Comb is a gentle and effective option for maintaining your small dog or puppy’s coat. Many responsible pet owners have found it reliable in promoting their pet’s well-being.

dog mat removing tool
Best Dematting Tool for dogs

8. Poodle Grooming Rake Comb To Remove Mat And Tangle

This dematting tool with a stainless steel shedding comb gently remove loose hair from your pet’s undercoat. Designed for pets with short, medium, or long hair – dogs, cats, rabbits or even equestrian horses.

This rake is perfect for maintaining a healthy coat and reducing shedding by up to 90% after just one session! The Poodle Pet Dog Grooming Rake features two rows of precision tapered pins that delicately remove mats, loose hair and undercoats without damaging other hair.

Its rounded pins ensure effective removal and gently massage the skin, which can help loosen dandruff flakes. Suitable for wet or dry coats alike, this dematting tool caters to various coat types, including double-coated breeds, heavy coats, and rustic coat types.

dematting tool for cats
Best Dematting Tool for dogs

9. Double-Sided Undercoat Slicker Brush For Dog And Cat

This versatile tool works wonders on dogs and is suitable for cats and horses. Its dual-head design featuring 9-teeth and 17-teeth sides ensures smooth de-matting and quick coat thinning without causing discomfort to your pet.

Safety is always at the forefront with this de-shedding brush, as it has rounded teeth designed to protect your pet’s skin while brushing. The non-slip handle provides an easy grip, making those dreaded grooming sessions much more manageable. Take it from me; my once-unruly retriever now sports a beautifully maintained coat thanks to this fantastic tool!

dematting brush
Best Dematting Tool for dogs

10. Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming Brush 

The dual-sided design of this grooming brush makes it perfect for your pet’s coat. It has 9-teeth sides to tacket the most stubborn mat and tangles. Once done with the heavy cleansing, switch to the 17 sides for de-shedding your pet’s hair nicely.

It is an effective tool that removes dead hair and dander, knots, and dirt. If you have a pet with a dense fur or double coat, this can be beneficial. It allows you to clean their fur without any irritation or scratching easily.

Besides, the lightweight nature and rubber handle enhance its convenience. Groom your dog at home like never before with Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming Brush.

cat dematting tool
Best Dematting Tool for dogs

11. Coastal Pet Dematting Comb For Long Hair Dogs

This de-matting comb from Coastal can be a complete game changer for your dog’s grooming needs. From an ergonomic design to ease of use, it offers ample benefits. It has robust stainless steel blades that remove the toughest mats and tangles.

You can use this comb for dogs with medium and long hair. The grip handle is easy to use and gives you a comfortable experience. It comes in a single size but is an exceptional grooming tool. This innovative grooming comb can keep your dog and home clean.

furminator for short hair dogs
Best Dematting Tool for dogs

12. MalsiPree Dematting Brush For Dog Grooming

Here is another double-sided de-matting comb and de-shedding rake. This professional grooming tool from Malsipree removes dead hair by up to 95%. It effectively controls sheddings and provides a healthy and clean dog coat.

If your dog has dense fur that requires undercoat care, this brush gently penetrates beneath the top coat. It is an ideal tool for dogs with double coats.

The brush has smooth edges, ensuring optimum comfort for your pets. It can be used for small- and long-haired dogs, making it an ideal option. So, get this versatile grooming tool and say goodbye to matting and shedding.

dog comb for undercoat
Best Dematting Tool for dogs

13. Miu Color Pet Grooming Brush For Dog Deshedding

As a professional pet groomer, I’m very particular about the tools I use on my furry four-legged clients. A bad brush can mean irritated skin, a painful experience, or simply being ineffective at thoroughly brushing through thick coats. I had read positive reviews on this MIU COLOR grooming brush and decided to give it a try in my shop to see if it lived up to its claims.

I have to say, I am extremely impressed with how well this brush works! I’ve used it on dogs of all coat types – short haired, double-coated, curly coated and everything in between.

The clever design with a mixture of stiff and gentle bristles enables me to penetrate right down to the undercoat on long-haired dogs, grabbing all that loose fur without scratching their skin. I’ve also found its just the right amount of stimulation for short-haired dogs, acting like a pleasant massage rather than irritating.

With this brush, my clients also seem much more content and relaxed during their grooming sessions! I can move smoothly around their body brushing efficiently without them wiggling around in discomfort. The comfort grip handle allows me to keep a firm control so I can brush efficiently while keeping pets calm.

undercoat deshedding tool
Best Dematting Tool for dogs

14. Freshly Bailey Dematting Tool For Best Results

As the owner of a long-haired dog breed prone to knots and tangles, keeping my pup’s coat smooth and mat-free is a constant battle. So I’m always searching for the next great dematting brush that can efficiently tackle tangled fur without irritation or pain.

The Freshly Bailey dematting brush has become my new go-to grooming tool for tackling my dog’s wavy, dense undercoat and easily detangling stubborn mats.

This gentle brush features fine bent wire pins that are custom-designed in a wavy pattern to painlessly separate strands of hair and penetrate down to the skin without scratching. The pins have just enough flexibility to glide through all areas of the coat smoothly.

I use this brush for 10-15 minutes of daily brushing sessions on my dog. I’m amazed by how quickly and gently it works through knots, small clumps, and single-strand tangles by detangling from the bottom up without any harsh pulling or tugging. My dog actually leans into the brush, and it’s that comfortable for her! Her coat transforms from a matted mess to a soft, smooth, and healthy texture without thinning.

The lightweight, ergonomic handle provides a non-slip grip so I can brush comfortably and precisely target mats at all angles. And the stainless steel pins rinse clean easily with no lingering fur or residue. While pricier than some basic slicker brushes, the exceptional dematting performance is well worth the investment for high-maintenance coats.

dematting combs for dogs
Best Dematting Tool for dogs

Techniques For Properly Using A Grooming Tool For Dogs

To use a dematting tool properly, start working at the base of the mat with gentle and short strokes. Avoid pulling on the skin; reward your dog for good behavior. Consider using a detangling spray or conditioning treatment.

Start At The Base Of The Mat

When dealing with matted dog hair, it’s essential to start at the base of the mat. This ensures you don’t tug or pull on your dog’s skin and cause discomfort or pain. Here are some steps to follow when starting at the base of the mat:

  • Gently separate the matted fur with your fingers if possible
  • Position your dematting tool (such as a slicker brush, undercoat rake, or dematting comb) at the base of the mat
  • Use gentle pressure to work through the tangles and mats, moving the comb in the direction from base to tip
  • Always work in short strokes and avoid pulling too hard on any one section
  • If you encounter resistance, stop and try to gently loosen the mat further before continuing
  • Remember to reward your dog for good behavior during grooming sessions

Use Gentle, Short Strokes For Comfortable Grooming

A de-matting tool on your dog can effectively remove tangles and mats from their coat. However, it is vital to use the tool correctly to avoid injuring your pet. Here are some tips for using a de-matting tool safely and effectively:

  • Start by identifying the area of your dog’s coat that needs attention.
  • Begin at the base of the mat or tangle and work your way outwards.
  • Use short strokes with medium pressure, careful not to pull too hard or snag the skin.
  • If you encounter a particularly stubborn mat, try working on it in small sections rather than completely removing it.
  • Remember to reward your dog for good behavior during grooming sessions, such as staying still or remaining calm.
  • Consider using a detangling spray or conditioning treatment to make the process easier and more comfortable for your dog.

Avoid The Skin As It Will Be Painful For Dogs

Avoiding the skin when using a de-matting tool on your dog is essential, as this can cause discomfort and potential injury. Here are some tips for avoiding the skin:

  • Start at the base of the mat and work your way outwards with gentle, short strokes.
  • Use caution around sensitive areas such as the ears, tail, or belly.
  • Don’t pull too hard or aggressively; this can cause pain and harm your dog’s skin.
  • Be aware of any signs of discomfort or pain from your dog and adjust accordingly.
  • Use a detangling spray or conditioning treatment to make it easier to brush through matted fur without harming the skin.
  • Regular brushing and grooming can help keep mats from forming in the first place, reducing the need for de-matting tools.

Reward Your Dog For Good Behavior

As a dog owner, I understand how important it is to maintain good behavior during grooming sessions. Here are some tips for rewarding your dog for good behavior:

  • Use treats: Treats are an effective way to reinforce good dog behavior while grooming positively. Choose high-quality treats that your dog loves and give them as a reward after each successful brushing session.
  • Praise: Dogs love praise and attention from their owners. Use positive reinforcement techniques such as verbal praise, smiles or patting on the head whenever they do well during grooming sessions.
  • Toys: Some dogs may be more motivated by play than food rewards. Consider using their favorite toy as a reward for good behavior during grooming time.
  • Short sessions: Start with short grooming sessions and gradually increase the duration. This helps to prevent boredom and frustration in your dog.
  • Consistency: Be consistent in your rewards so your dog learns what behaviors lead to a reward. Consistent rewards will help your dog associate good behavior with positive outcomes.

Use A Detangling Spray Or Conditioning Treatment

Detangling sprays or conditioning treatments can make a big difference when removing mats and knots from your dog’s coat. Here are some benefits of using these products:

  • They help to smooth the hair, making it easier to brush and detangle.
  • They can reduce breakage and damage to the coat while brushing.
  • Some sprays contain natural ingredients like aloe vera or chamomile, which can soothe the skin and prevent irritation.
  • Leave – in conditioners add extra moisture to dry or damaged coats, leaving them looking shiny, healthy, and smelling great.
  • A detangling spray before brushing can help avoid painful tugging on mats and knots in your dog’s fur.
  • Detangling sprays also prevent static, making combing easier for you and your dog.

When choosing a detangling spray or conditioning treatment for your dog, look for products with natural ingredients that won’t harm their skin. With regular use, matting becomes less of an issue. Some recommended brands for dogs with sensitive skin are:-

  1. Lillian Ruff Leave-In Conditioner,
  2. Burt’s Bees Detangling Spray,
  3. Pet Head Fur Ball Detangling Spray.

Overview Of Any Pet Grooming Tool And Undercoat Rake

Dematting tools for dogs come in various types, including slicker brush, undercoat rakes, mat splitters, and dematting comb, all essential to maintaining your dog’s health and comfort.

Types Of Dog Grooming Brush And Comb

As a dog owner, it’s crucial to familiarise yourself with the type of grooming tools available for effectively grooming your canine companion. These tools include:

  1. Slicker Brush: Designed with fine, short wires close together, these brushes are ideal for removing loose fur and helping to break apart smaller mats in dogs with long or curly hair.
  2. Undercoat Rakes: Featuring long, thin teeth that can reach deep into your dog’s coat, these rakes work well on dogs with thick double coats or heavy undercoats by removing loose hair and preventing mat formation.
  3. Mat Splitters: These sharp, single-bladed tools are used to cut through severe mats safely while minimizing potential damage to the dog’s skin.
  4. Dematting Comb: With two sets of rotating teeth – one shorter and one longer – these combs glide through tangled fur without pulling on the skin, making them suitable for moderate matting in many dog breeds.

Importance Of Dematting Your Dog

Properly de-matting your dog’s fur is essential for maintaining its health and well-being. A matted coat can lead to various issues, such as skin irritation, infections, and parasites. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be to wear a heavy sweater that constantly pulls at your skin. This is similar to what a dog feels when their coat becomes matted.

Regular de-matting is important to make your dog comfortable and healthy. We can achieve this by using appropriate shedding tools such as an undercoat rake or slicker brush.

What To Check Before Choosing the Best Dematting Tool For Dogs?

Consider your dog’s breed, fur thickness and length, matting type, blade and teeth quality, ergonomic design, and safety features when choosing a de-matting tool.

The Size And Breed Of Your Dog

Understanding your dog’s size and breed is crucial in choosing the right de-matting tool for their unique grooming needs. Different breeds have varying coat types, meaning some dematting tools explicitly designed for one coat type may not be suitable for another.

On the other hand, smaller breeds, such as Poodles or Bichons, often have curly coats that require special attention when it comes to de-matting. Curly-coated dogs need pin dematting brush, combs, dematting tools, and sprays to maintain their luxurious locks.

Thickness And Length Of The Dog’s Fur

As a dog owner, it is important to consider the thickness and length of your dog’s coat when choosing a de-matting tool. Some tools are designed for short-haired breeds with fine fur, while others are better suited for long-haired dogs with thicker coats.

For instance, if you have a Poodle or Bichon Frise with curly hair, using a slicker brush can help remove mats from their coat without causing discomfort. On the other hand, if you have an Alaskan Malamute or Siberian Husky with thick undercoats, an undercoat rake will work best to remove dead hair and prevent matting.

Matting of Dog Hair (Medium to Long)

Different types of mats require different de-matting techniques and tools. Mats can range from small tangles to large, dense mats that cover a significant area of your dog’s coat.

A slicker brush or detangling comb may be sufficient for smaller tangles or knots. Identify the type of matting before starting the de-matting process as using the wrong tool could lead to discomfort.

If you are unsure about identifying the type of mat on your dog, consult a professional groomer who can guide you in choosing the right de-matting tool.

Quality Of Blades And Teeth

As a dog owner, choosing a de-matting tool with high-quality blades and teeth is important. This ensures the tool can effectively remove mats and tangles without causing discomfort or harm to your furry friend. Look for blades made of durable materials such as stainless steel, which will last longer and prevent rusting and corrosion.

For instance, the RUBOLD RUB001 de-matting tool has extra wide-rounded blades that speed up grooming while being gentle on your pet’s skin. A good de-matting tool should also have angled teeth that easily detangle knots and reach deep into your dog’s coat.

Ergonomic Design And Safety Features of the Brush Tool

Look for tools with ergonomic designs that will reduce strain on your wrist and arm during grooming sessions. Some dematting tools come with rubber handles or anti-slip grips to prevent them from slipping out of your hand.

Safety features are equally essential when choosing a de-matting tool. Ensure the blades and teeth are sharp enough to cut through mats without harming your furry friend’s skin.

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush has bent wires that prevent scratching. Furminator Tool has safety edges to ensure blades do not accidentally cause injury while brushing different parts of your dog’s body.

Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is an important factor to consider when choosing a de-matting tool for your furry friend. You want to ensure that you invest in a product from a reputable brand with a proven track record of producing quality grooming tools.

One top-rated brand for dog grooming tools is FURminator, known for its deShedding Tool, which removes loose hair, fur and undercoats quickly and easily. Another reputable brand is Pet Republique, offering de-matting combs made from durable materials that last longer while being gentle on your pet’s skin.


Which dog Brush is best for removing mats?

The best tool for the job will depend on the severity of the mat and the type of hair your dog has. Some of the most popular tools for removing mats include Dematting combs, Deshedding brushes, Slicker brushes, and Mat splitters

How do you untangle severely matted hair on a dog?

If your dog has severely matted hair, take them to a professional groomer. Removing the mats yourself could cause pain and injury to your dog.

Do de-matting brushes work?

Yes, de-matting brushes can be effective in removing mats. However, use them cautiously, as they can easily pull out hair if not used properly.

Does coconut oil help de-matting dogs?

Coconut oil can help prevent mats from forming in the first place. It can also help to loosen mats that have already formed. Massage a small amount of oil into their coat. Then, brush their hair thoroughly.

What do groomers use to remove mats From Pets With Long Hair?

Groomers use de-matting combs, de-shedding brushes, slicker brushes, and mat splitters. They may also use a blow dryer to help loosen mats.

Do vets remove matted hair?

Yes, vets can remove matted hair. However, taking your dog to a professional groomer is often best, as vets may not have the time or expertise.

Does olive oil remove mats from dogs?

Olive oil can help loosen mats but is less effective than coconut oil.

What is the best brush for a matted dog’s hair?

Hertzko grooming tool used to remove loose hair is great. Perfect for your dog’s hair to stay free from tangles and mats

Are Pet Brushes Used For All Animals?

No, all pet brushes are suitable for all animals. Some brushes are explicitly designed for pets like dogs and cats while others for smaller pets like rabbits. It is recommended to opt for a brush based on your pet’s coat type, size, and grooming requirements.

How Often Should I Use A Grooming Tool?

A grooming tool like a brush must be used at least once a week. Use it more frequently if your pet has a longer, thicker coat type. Proper grooming ensures a mat-free and healthy pet coat.

How do you untangle severely matted hair on a dog?

For severely matted fur, it’s best to use a specialized dematting tool instead of a regular brush. Look for one with stainless steel blades that are blunted at the ends to avoid scratching the skin. Work in small sections, holding hair taught and working from the ends up into the mat to gently loosen and untangle. Always ensure the skin is free of pinching to avoid discomfort.

How do you get mats off a dog easily?

Carefully working a dematting rake through the mat small section by small section is the easiest way to remove them. Allow the dematter’s blades to cut through and loosen, using an under-and-over motion. Avoid pulling on sensitive skin areas. Follow up by lightly brushing to remove loose hair and smooth the coat.

What do groomers do when a dog is matted?

For minor mats, a professional groomer will use dematting tools and techniques to gently work out tangles without cutting the hair. For long, tightly adhered mats, they may recommend shaving down the dog’s coat instead to avoid pain and irritation from aggressive dematting.

Is it better to detangle dog hair wet or dry?

It’s best to detangle matted fur when damp, not fully wet or dry. Water softens and loosens the coat so tools can pass through more easily. But over-wetting makes hair prone to breakage. Lightly mist fur before working out mats with a dematting tool.

Can I use a dematting brush or dog rake on a puppy?

Dematting tools should be avoided on puppies. Their coats are soft and sensitive as they mature. Harsh metal blades can damage follicles developing under delicate puppy fur. Use a wire slicker brush or regular comb instead to gently smooth out any tangles starting to form.

Can I use a dematting rake on my short-haired dog?

There’s no need to use a dematting tool on a short-haired dog breed. Their fur does not grow long enough to form the kinds of stubborn mats and knots these specialized tools are designed to remove. Regular brushing with a bristle brush is sufficient grooming for maintaining a smooth, tangle-free coat.

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