Why Is The Pink-Nosed Dudley Lab So Special?

Dudley Lab is a yellow Labrador Retriever with a pinkish nose, eye rims, and paw pads. It results from a lack of pigmentation. Dudley Labs have blue or green light-colored eyes, unlike a Labrador’s typical black nose and dark eyes.

The term “Dudley” is used to describing their unique coloring. It doesn’t affect the dog’s health or temperament in any way. Dudleys make great family pets and are as loyal and friendly as any other Labrador Retriever.

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dudley labrador

What Are Dudley Labrador Dog Breeds?

The American kennel club says it is not a labrador breed standard. We can call it a lab with a pink nose. It is a subcategory under the yellow lab. The Dudley lab vs yellow lab comparison has been going around for ages. Other sub-categories found in labrador retrievers are foxy red and white labradors.

Pigments are absent in the dog’s nose, eye rims, and feet. They have pale-colored eyes, usually teal or blue. A typical lab has dark-colored eye rims alongside dark gum tissues. Both areas will be pink in a Dudley yellow lab.

If the labrador is dark in most parts of the year and turns pink in winter, it isn’t a Dudley dog. Remember that the light pink nose of the labrador retriever Dudley remains the same year around.

yellow labs with pink noses
dudley lab puppies

Where Do Dudley Labradors Come From?

The three recognized types of labradors are – yellow, dark brown, and chocolate labs. Two genetic loci affect the pigmentation in these dogs.

The two loci are B and E and can be “BB, Bb, bb, EE, Ee, or ee.” Now, the color of the labrador depends on these combination types. The puppies inheriting “bb” and “ee” are usually Dudley labradors. Some black and chocolate labradors have reduced pigmentation. However, it is not the reduced combination that makes a Dudley but a rare genetic occurrence.

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Labrador Pigmentation Genetics

Most puppies born with a pink nose don’t stay as pink-nosed. When they age, it turns to a turn light brown nose or dark black nose at some time. Some remain pink forever.

The difference in shade occurs due to the varied melanin density each dog cell carries. The ‘Bee’ genes control the black and dark brown shades, and Eee works on the yellow coloration.The possible gene combination for yellow coloration in labradors are –

  • eeBB
  • eeBb
  • eebb

Any ‘ee’ combination in lab genes will result in yellow labrador coats. However, the ‘Bee’ genes determine the nose color. Melanin is influenced by it, and the color depends on its density. The parental genetic trait is also a contributory factor among adult dogs.

Labrador Nose Turning Pink

A Dudley labrador’s nose remains pink throughout life. However, some labrador retrievers’ noses turn pink as they age. It is called depigmentation; it is common and not a cause of concern.

Young yellow labrador puppies have black noses and dark eye rims. The coats become slightly white as they age, and a lack of pigmentation is noticed.

An enzyme called tyrosinase is responsible for the lab’s nose pigmentation. The enzyme becomes less effective with labrador retrievers age. The lack of pigmentation is less noticeable in warmer weather. The enzymes work better in heat.

dudley labrador health issues

A lab’s nose may turn pink occasionally because of medical conditions. If your lab has a cut, the pink nose will return to its usual color over time. However, an inflamed, crusty, and sore yellow lab pink nose needs veterinary attention. Here are a few problems associated with pink noses in labradors.

Bacterial Infection

  • Infection in the blood and nose causes lightening of the black or brown nose shade.
  • It is often concerned with hyperkeratinization resulting in crust formation.

Contact Dermatitis

red nose labrador retriever
dudley labrador retriever

Vitiligo And Other Depigmentation Conditions

  • A lack of melanin affects the dog’s skin in this condition.
  • The lab’s nose is pink from birth in Albinism.
  • During vitiligo, the dark black nose of Labrador Dudley slowly turns pink.

Autoimmune Disorders

  • Lupus and pemphigus are common autoimmune conditions causing pink noses.
  • Skin issues like alopecia can also trigger the condition.

Skin Cancer

  • Cancer in labs can cause a pink nose. The pink spots during cancer can also turn into ulcer lesions.
  • Book a vet consultation if you notice any pink spots on your full-grown Dudley labrador.

are dudley labs purebred? Can They Be Show Dogs?

The Dudley yellow lab is considered among purebred labrador retrievers because they fall under the yellow labrador category. However, their acceptance as show dogs are doubtful. If you want a show dog, don’t buy Dudley Labs.

A Dudley lab puppy is rare; most labrador breeders avoid the pink color. The focus of most professional breeders is on show dogs. This is why breeders avoid Dudley lab puppies. However, not becoming a show dog does not undermine the wonderful traits of a Dudley Lab.

yellow lab pink nose
dudley lab

Can You Predict Nasal Pigmentation When Breeding?

Yellow labs with a yellow coat can undergo DNA tests to see if they carry the right alleles in DNA to produce Dudleys. It becomes highly crucial in the case of show labradors. Pigmentation lack in yellow labradors is not acceptable in the show rings.

How Is the Personality of a Typical Dudley Lab Different From Other Labs?

Labrador and Dudley’s personalities are alike. You will hardly find a difference as they have the same temperament. Labradors are considered quality family dogs and excellent with children and other pets. You can easily take them to a dog park.

They are food-oriented and make excellent service dogs. Dudley yellow labradors can be amazing retrievers. If you are looking for a hunting companion, the pink nose lab is a perfect match like labrador retrievers. Your Dudley is unique and requires sunscreen because of its pink nose before heading outdoors.

dudley labs
pink labrador

How Are Dudley Labs Different From A Labrador Retrievers?

Dudley labs are hardly different from other labrador retrievers apart from their pigmentation of the nose cells. They are prone to similar health issues as any other lab. However, the pale nose requires additional care.

Recent laboratory studies show no difference in labradors’ intelligence or trainability due to color. However, some suggest yellow labs can be slightly more aggressive toward other dogs than any two chocolate labs or black labs. No concrete evidence exists for differences in behavior and intelligence.

The only and most significant distinction is their inability to become show dogs. Their pink noses are considered a drawback in the ring. The Kennel Club does not recognize them as a labrador breed standard like a golden retriever. They aren’t fit for registration. However, they are a part of the Labrador Retriever Club.

labs with pink noses
dudley lab eye color

Do Dudley Labs Have Additional Health Issues?

A Dudley lab has the same health issues compared to other labradors. However, their pink noses warrant a lot of care.


If you have Dudley labrador retrievers at home, always carry sunscreen if you plan to stay under the sun. While dogs are prone to sunburns, the chances are high in Dudley labs. Their pink nose can get severely sunburnt. Continued exposure and negligence can cause cancerous lesions over time.

Dog Nose Hyperkeratosis

Nose hyperkeratosis happens when the skin cells on the lab’s nose produce excess keratin. The hard crusts formed might affect the dog’s smelling abilities. The pooch can get uncomfortable because of it.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Irreversible and slow vision loss is progressive retinal atrophy. While there is no cure, early discovery, and training can help deal with it better.

Hip Dysplasia

All labradors are affected by hip dysplasia, including other yellow labradors and Dudley labs. It impacts the formation of hip joint sockets due to the lab’s large size. It can form arthritis if not managed with diet modification, exercise, and medication.

Osteochondrosis Dissecans (OCD)

Improper growth of cartilage around the elbow area leads to OCD. The condition can be painful for your pup with stiff joints. It affects the movement of the concerned joint and occurs in the first four months of the dog.

labrador with pink nose
yellow lab with blue eyes and pink nose

Does a Dudley Labrador Retriever Shed? Grooming Tips

Quality grooming is mandatory in a Dudley lab. They have special needs. Here are a few tips for managing the shedding and effective Dudley grooming.

  • A Dudley lab can go from average to extreme shedding. Brushing the coat three times a week is recommended. 
  • Dudley’s have sensitive skin. Scheduling a shower every one or two months helps. Using quality shampoo can make a significant difference. A few perks include relieving itchiness and eliminating odor.
  • Hyperkeratosis and sunburn result due to hypopigmented noses. Paw balms can help better infections and cracks. Nose balms will keep your dog’s nose safe and smooth.

Does A Dudley Labrador Bark A Lot? Temperaments Of Dudley Labs

Dudleys may bark to convey something. Give them a toy for chewing and keep them occupied. Here’s why Dudleys and other labs are alike.

Eagerness to Learn

Dudley Labs’ eagerness to learn makes them intelligent, obedient, and active. The only trick is to find the right rewarding system for your lab.


Dudleys are perfect companions. You can make them undergo timely obedience training for discipline. Daily exercise is essential to prevent them from being destructive. Pent-up energy can cause them to chew furniture and carpets.

Even Temperament

Gentle nature makes them ideal for a family setup. They are very protective of their owner or their children.


Dudley Lab is a friendly pooch. Quality socialization and dog training are great for them as they love the company of others. They get sad if left alone for a long.

lab with pink nose
pink nosed labrador

Facts About The Dudley

All labs are born with a lack of melanin. However, it reaches a proper level to darken their noses in a few weeks. Dudley lab lacks the Tyrosinase enzyme responsible for pigmentation. Hence their noses remain pink forever.

Breeding two chocolate labs with a yellow lab produces a Dudley. Another way is cross-breeding a yellow lab and a chocolate lab. Irresponsible breeders execute the latter method, which is less common.

There is a single Dudley lab gene combination. An “eebb” gene combination is a must for Dudley lab breeding. Many refer to Dudleys as yellow labs with brown noses. However, a true Dudley has a pink nose.

Dudleys have a light eye color with a pink nose. Light blue or teal is the most common eye color in Dudleys. It is also due to pigmentation lack.

Not only all Dudleys but also labs are born with pink noses. The nose of a regular labrador turns black or brown over time. However, the pink nose of the Dudley remains like that forever. Yellow labradors with pink noses are not albino labs. There are three pigment types – black, liver, and NBP. Dudleys are bred via the NBP method and must not be considered albinos.

Does The Pink Nose Affect How Long These Labradors Live?

Dudley labradors are often confused due to their pink-colored nose. Several responsible sources have discredited the myth surrounding their lifespan. It also does not indicate any additional health concerns. A Dudley lab lives as long as any other labrador type. However, the weather and environment can have a significant impact.

Dudleys have light-colored noses and eyes. Long exposure to the sun puts them at sunburn risk. The same is not true for yellow labradors with black noses and dark eyes.

dudley lab vs yellow lab
white dudley labrador

Dudley labrador vs Yellow labrador

A Dudley lab is no different specie. It is a yellow lab with no pigmentation on the eyes, nose, and feet. However, there are some structural differences.

How Are They Similar?

  1. Both dogs are from the labrador dog species.
  2. The standard labrador characteristics remain the same.
  3. Both are great retrievers and love swimming.
  4. Both are family-oriented and enjoy spending time with families.
  5. They are energetic and are inclined to hunt.
  6. Both need lots of food and playtime.
  7. Their coats are similar, and they experience identical health issues.

How Are They Distinct?

  1. Lack of pigmentation is the biggest difference between the two dog breeds.
  2. A Dudley puppy is genetically different from a yellow lab.
  3. Different parents and explicit genetic codes make them different.

Pros of a Dudley Lab

  • The pink nose makes the Dudley unique among other dog breeds.
  • A Dudley lab stands out in a crowd.

Pros of a Yellow Lab

  • A yellow lab is perfect if you want a standard labrador.
  • Yellow labs don’t experience sunburns.

Since the comparison is between two labs, no one is better. They possess more or less the same qualities. Their actual personality depends on the training received. Dudley Labs will fetch fewer points if you are explicitly shopping for a show dog.

Where To Buy A Dudley Labrador? dudley lab price

While Dudley Labs are purchased from the same place as regular labrador retrievers, they are rare. A Dudley labrador puppy is a rare genetic mix and does not occur naturally in a litter.

Several breeders exclude Dudley lab puppies due to their breeding and competition restrictions. Some even get DNA testing to avoid a Dudley Lab puppy among their litters.

You can request the breeder to attempt a Dudley lab for a premium price. A labrador retriever costs about $ 3000, while a Dudley can cost a bit more. Dudley labs are more common in the non-professional breeder’s litter.

Should I Buy A Dudley Labrador Retriever Puppy?

Dudley Labrador puppy is hardly different from its other labrador friends. However, they cannot be show dogs. They are prone to sunburns because of their pink nose. Keep this in mind before getting yourself one.

Where To Buy A Dudley Labrador Retriever?

A Dudley lab mix can be brought from an expert breeder. Their rare genetic mix makes them rare. Consult and ask a breeder if it’s for you. A non-professional breeder’s litter has a higher chance of Dudleys.

Are Dudley Labs More Expensive?

Rarity makes Dudley more expensive. While they are as healthy as the yellow labs, their rarity costs you a few extra dollars. The average cost is between $ 500 and $ 2000. Some can go up to $7500

dudley lab puppy
labrador red nose

FAQ: Dudley lab puppies

How Long Do Dudley Labs Live?

Dudley lab life expectancy is the same as other labradors. They live long, and their lifespan is about 10-12 years.

What Eye Colors Does Dudley Labrador Retriever Have?

Dudley labradors lack pigments on their nose and eyes as well. Consequently, they have light-colored eyes like light blue, hazel, and teal.

Can a Dudley Lab be AKC?

Dudley Labs are disqualified from the competition circuit. The American Kennel Club does not recognize a Dudley for breeding.

What is the difference between a Dudley Lab and a champagne Lab?

Champagne labs are energetic and playful, while Dudley labs are calm. A Dudley lab is gentle and also bigger than a Champagne lab.

What causes Dudley nose?

A mutation in the TRYP1 gene causes a Dudley nose. The gene impacts the pigmentation synthesis that leads to black noses in labs. A Dudley nose occurs when the dog has two recessive alleles for mutation or is homozygous.

Why does my yellow Lab have a pink nose?

The nose of a yellow lab can turn pink as they age. It is because the pigmentation produced by the tyrosinase enzyme reduces. It is a common phenomenon in yellow labs and nothing to worry.

What color nose should a yellow Lab have?

A yellow lab usually has a black nose. The nose color fading a little over time is not a fault. An entire pink nose or one with no pigmentation is disqualified.

Why are they called Dudley Labs?

A Dudley lab falls under the category of labs with pink noses. Their eye rims, nose, and feet lack pigment. They appear pink right from birth to old age and are called Dudley.

are dudley labs rare?

Yes, Dudley labradors are rare as they have a specific genetic combination. Several breeders control and exclude breeding Dudley labradors. It is because they are excluded from shows and registries.

What is the rarest color Labrador?

A Chocolate labrador is the rarest labrador color among the primary three. EEbb and Eebb are the two genes that produce chocolate labs. They also vary significantly in their coat colors than other labradors.

What are the 2 types of Labrador retrievers?

The two labrador types are – English Labradors and American Labradors. British or English Labs are soft, quiet, and less active. American Labs have higher energy and are more active.

Why are Labs called Dudleys?

Labrador puppies born with pink noses are called Dudleys. They appear pink as they are born without pigmentation. They are born with pink noses and remain like this until old age.

Why is my yellow Lab black nose turning pink?

A lab’s nose turning from dark to light color during winter is a snow nose or winter nose. This condition is called hypopigmentation and causes a dog to lighten its nose color.

Why do some yellow Labs have brown noses?

Yellow lab noses have various shades – pink, brown, and black. The melanin type and density in the dog’s cells result in the final shade. The melanin depends on the puppy genes inherited from the labrador’s parents.

Why is my yellow Labs nose not black?

Your yellow lab might be experiencing snow or winter nose. The condition impacts many dog breeds, including labradors. The normal black color of the nose fades during cold and short winter daylight.

How can you tell if a yellow Lab is purebred?

DNA tests are the best way to tell if a lab is pure bred. A visual assessment can verify by matching the dog with the prescribed breed standard. However, pedigree papers and DNA results are more trusted identification methods.

What kind of dog is Dudley?

Labradors with pink noses are referred to as Dudleys. However, some dogs with brown noses are also called Dudleys.

are dudley labs bad?

Dudley Labs are not bad. They are simply a Labrador Retriever with a diluted coat color. This means that their fur and skin have less melanin, the pigment that gives fur and skin its color. As a result, Dudley Labs have a yellow coat without any black markings, and their nose and paw pads are pink instead of black.

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