How Much Is A Labrador Puppy? (Stats Included)

Labrador Retriever is America’s 2nd most popular dog breed. So how much is a labrador puppy? Well lab puppies are priced between $800 and $2000 on average. Show-quality Labrador puppies, known for their conformation to breed standards, may fall within $1800 to $1900.

For those seeking a Labrador Retriever for field work or as a family companion, a field-line puppy could be a great choice, with prices averaging around $1500. Chocolate Labradors often command a higher price due to their comparative rarity.

TLDR: The lifetime cost of maintaining purebred puppies of Labrador goes upwards of $20,000.

how much is a chocolate lab puppy
chocolate lab puppies price

How Much Is A Labrador Retriever Puppy? 

The answer to “How much are labrador retrievers?” is not straightforward. Factors like coat, color, breeder, bloodline, etc., add to the initial costs.

A labrador’s average cost may range from $ 800 to $ 2000. However, high-quality breeders’ costs can go beyond $ 2500 – $ 3000. While this entails the initial cost, getting home a labrador is more than wet noses and cuddles. Gear up for the supplies, dog house, training, food, and medication costs. 

Every lab is unique and comes with its own needs. While the right-away cost is the purchase price of the labrador retriever, more awaits. The average cost ( monthly ) of a lab may stretch from $ 150 to $ 500, depending on the needs. Consequently, the yearly cost can run from $ 1600 to $ 5000. 

Hence, your search won’t yield a specific answer. The cost will vary from dog to dog and from one household to another.  Here is a list of breeders from where you can buy decent pups from:

black lab puppies price
how much is a black lab puppy

Is There A Cost Difference Between Black And Yellow Labrador?

If one thing can significantly impact the labrador price, it’s the color. The three labrador color options are – black, brown, and yellow. However, the silver labrador is gaining popularity. For many years, the black labrador was in high demand. It was the costliest on upwards of $1500-$3000.  Opinions and prices change over time.

The brown and yellow labs became more acceptable post the black labrador phase. Today silver labradors are gaining much attention and are slightly pricier. Coat trends can quickly change. The demand determines the price of a black or yellow labrador during the buying period. 

Labrador Retriever Puppy Vs. Adult: Cost Comparison 

Not planning to buy an adult? Get a puppy instead. Many opt for a young puppy, but they cost more. To save extra dollars, buy an adult lab. 

Prices increase if you wish to buy a show-line puppy. Be ready to spend more on vet bills when bringing a young puppy home. Consequently, buying a young labrador retriever costs more than an adult. 

Several backyard breeders sell adult labs cheaply to make space for young pups. Buying labrador retrievers from rescue organizations or shelters is economical. The cost can be around $ 300 to $ 500, and you can save the adoption cost. 

labrador prices
price of a labrador retriever

How Much Are Labrador Puppies In Canada & UK?

If you live in Canada, you may have to pay between $ 800 and $ 1200 to get a lab pup home. However, the price varies due to linage, breeder, and expected size. Remember to purchase from a healthy breeder for the best experience. 

The English labrador is the most common among people looking for show labs. They are less active and stockier compared to American dogs. As for UK, expect to pay around £ 2000 for a show labrador retriever in the United Kingdom. Regular pups can be purchased for £600 to £800. 

How Much Does A Labrador Dog Cost In Supplies?

By now, you know how much a labrador retriever puppy costs. Apart from the initial puppy cost, here’s how much it will cost you extra! 

Foods and Treats

You will need a few bags of high-quality dog food and treats with your lab at home. However, remember to measure portions to prevent obesity. Expect to pay between $ 80 and $ 120 for a one-time supply at pet stores.


A soft and comfortable bed is essential for good sleep and health. A good bed will keep hip and elbow dysplasia at bay. It can cost you about $ 40 to $ 200. 


Investing in sturdy and food-grade feeding bowls is essential. These bowls are about $ 10 to $ 35. Some prefer stainless steel bowls over plastic for easy use and better cleaning.

Crate Training

A crate is necessary for your labrador retriever to feel safe. Buy a crate for $ 50 to $ 500 and prevent your lab from being aggressive. The size and quality will determine its actual cost.

lab puppies for sale near me
how much is a brown labrador puppy

Leashes and Collars

A leash will require you to pay between $ 15 and $ 50. Since you will use it daily, invest in a high-quality one. 


Labrador Retriever is a playful and active breed. Be ready to spend $ 30 to $ 50 on chew toys. It will keep them busy and prevent furniture chewing. 

Grooming Products

Grooming essentials like nail clippers and brushes will range between $ 40 and $ 80. It is vital to groom the lab regularly, considering heavy shedding. 


A $ 50 to $ 200 budget must be allocated for your lab’s medication. Dogs receive their initial dose from breeders or shelters. Plan for the subsequent doses. 

Factors Affecting Price

Several factors affect how much is a labrador puppy. Let’s comprehend the price science better. 

Breeder Quality

Tightening your wallet while buying a lab is not wise. A cheaper lab indicates less care received.  It is believed that puppy mills focus more on profits than lab health. Simultaneously, healthy breeders put more effort and care into ensuring dogs’ good health. They will check for genetic and other health issues. A higher breeder quality comes with a higher price, but it is worth it. 

How much do labradors cost when coat colors come into play?

Well, a lot. Black, brown, and yellow are popular colors. The coat color in demand will cost you more, whether black or yellow. Trends change rapidly, and so do the price. 

Time and Place

Time and place are other factors adding to the price. If your breeder lives in a high-cost area, it can increase puppy costs. If it is a reputable breeder with high demand, they can charge more. Buying a lab in winter can help you seal a profitable deal. The demand is usually less because most wait for summer to bring home a pup. 


Labrador Retriever is a popular breed. However, the gene pool for purebred lab puppy is limited and may increase the price. 

Dog’s Age

Most families welcome an eight-week lab into their homes. However, not all puppies are adopted at the right time. The older labs can be bought at a budget-friendly rate. 


Lab puppies may experience several health issues. However, an experienced, reputable breeder conducts multiple tests for its excellent health. No wonder why purchasing from a health-conscious breeder is expensive. 

how much do lab puppies cost?
labrador dog price

How Much Does A Labrador Retriever Cost You To Feed?

A labrador retriever may not be the largest in the canine kingdom but certainly the greediest. An average adult lab will consume about 30 lbs of dog food each month. It can cost you about $ 50. 

If you want to feed your lab with high-quality food, spend more. The monthly food bill can stretch from $ 45 to $ 60, based on the quality. A service dog will need more fuel and energy and must be fed more. A small canine requires less food than a larger one, hence a lesser bill.

While all labs are unique, one can expect them to eat two to three cups of food daily. The cost of the treats must not be forgotten. Add a monthly treat cost of about $ 20 to your food budget.

labrador puppies price
labrador puppy price

Additional Costs To Consider

After spending on your labrador’s necessities, it’s time to keep them happy and trained. While these may not be high on the priority list, it is advisable if the budget allows it. 

Puppy Training Classes

Labs are intelligent dogs, but training classes help. However, if you are a first-time dog owner, getting some help is wise. Potty training or learning basic commands can cost $ 30 to $ 50 per class. 

Boarding Kennels

Boarding kennels cost between $ 20 and $ 30. They are ideal for people who travel without their dogs. It is a lifesaver and takes care of your lab when you are away. A boarding kennel ensures your canine friend is happy and well-adjusted. 

Professional Grooming

Contact a professional if you do not like the idea of DIY grooming. The average price for professional grooming is about $ 40 to $ 60. Since labs shed much, grooming them will keep them tidy and clean. 

Emergency Fund

Setting aside a particular sum for foreseen circumstances is always a good idea. An emergency fund ranging between $ 1000 and $ 5000 for your dog’s health is very smart. 

Dog License

A dog license is necessary for a formal record. It aids in identification if you lose your pooch. Set aside $ 10 or $ 20 for your dog licensing needs. In case your dog bites someone, showing the documents will avoid punishment. 


Labs are very energetic dogs, and high-spirited. Microchips will help you track your lab while they are on a walk or run alone. It will prevent them from getting lost.

Buy a microchip for about $ 40 – $ 60. Several shelter organizations have returned dogs to their rightful owners using a microchip. Moreover, a dog walker for dog walking costs you upwards of 30-40$ an hour

Ongoing Miscellaneous Cost Of Labradors

Bills do not stop once you have welcomed your pal friend. Hence it is challenging to answer how much labrador puppies cost. Few ongoing costs to consider before committing. 

Vet Visits & Bills

The national average for a dog’s routine checkup is $ 50 to $ 250. They include wellness checks, vaccines, lab tests, dental care, etc. While vet visits are about $ 45 to $ 55, an extensive check-up can cost more. 

Replacing Old Toys

The lab toys must be replaced when torn or old. Damaged ones can cause harm. They can cause gastrointestinal issues if swallowed. Using old and infected toys might invite diseases. Replacing them will ensure good health and promote hygiene. 

Equipment For Training Labrador Retrievers

Training equipment includes a comfortable collar, quality leash, fresh treats, etc. They are integral to your dog’s training and help in better learning. The success of your training depends much on the equipment, so purchase good quality products. 

Larger Harness

Since labs are sturdy, some believe a harness is better than a collar. A larger harness is better and a must for a 55-80 lbs puppy. They are secure and give you more control. You can better manage a lab with a large harness. 

Pet Insurance

Nowadays you must look for insurance options for dog owners and your labrador retriever puppy. Be sure to vet an insurance option properly before deciding on one

Final Thoughts On Labrador Puppy Cost

Considering all facets, you must have understood how much labrador retriever puppies are now. While there is no specific answer, you now have a fair idea. Costs vary hugely, and it is challenging to predict a specific amount. 

However, the prices can be brought down in multiple ways. Purchasing a lab puppy from a rescue organization is one way.  The lifetime cost of a labrador retriever is about $ 20000. However, it excludes illness, injuries, and other additional costs.

Considering your financial situation is crucial before you make the final decision. So, are you ready to bring home your labrador puppy? 

how much do chocolate labs cost
chocolate lab puppies cost

FAQ About Labrador Puppy Cost

What Is The Cheapest Price Of A Labrador Retriever?

The average price of a labrador dog is $ 800. You can purchase a labrador from a rescue organization between $ 300 and $ 500 if you want to buy at a low price. 

Are Labradors Good Dogs To Buy?

The sensitive and affectionate nature of labs makes them excellent companions. While they are ideal family dogs, they also fit sole owners. They also cope well with the modern hustle and bustle. 

How Much Do Labs Sell For?

You can purchase a labrador retriever for between $ 800 and $ 1500. The cost for a higher breed might exceed $ 2000. 

What To Know Before Buying lab puppies near me?

Health, chewing habits, destruction level, general cost, how much time they need, etc., are a few things. Enquire how much space they need and if they are purebred for the best experience. 

What Influences The Labrador Retriever Price?

Breed quality, age, health, coat, time, location, and bloodline are among a few factors influencing the lab puppy price. 

Do Labrador Retrievers Need Professional Training?

Private lessons are great for basic training. However, professional training will help your lab learn effective communication. It might be an added expense, but it is worth it. They are very easy for a dog walker to manage. Don’t forget pet insurance, though.

how much does a black lab cost?

The average price of a black Labrador puppy in the USA is between $800 and $1200. a show-quality puppy will cost more than a pet-quality puppy. And a younger puppy will cost more than an older puppy.

how much are chocolate lab puppies?

The chocolate labs price in the USA is also between $800 and $1200

How much does a yellow lab cost?

The yellow lab cost in the USA is between $600 and $1000

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