19 Labrador Breeders Oregon To Trust And Contact

Choosing a reliable Labrador breeder in Oregon is an uphill task. The region is home to renowned breeders prioritizing impeccable breeding standards and uncompromised genetics. Whether you’re on the hunt for a hunting companion or a family pet, these 19 prime Oregon Labrador Breeders have got you covered.

Other notable breeders include Valley View English Labs, Elk Creek Gun Dogs, Cold Creek Farms, and Kinnaman Retrievers. Rogue Retrievers and Aldrich Mountain Labradors are excellent choices for those searching for impeccable pedigree labs.

While Breton Gate Labrador Retrievers and Riverlane Labradors are known for their top-notch breeding practices, Dragon Heart Kennels is recognized for producing labrador pups of absolute quality, and Thornwood Labradors, which has garnered applause across the state.

If you desire amazingly bred retriever pups, then Sutter Bay’s Retriever Junction should be on your list, along with Westlane Labradors that impress with their home-grown labs.

19 Top Oregon Labrador Breeders To Watch Out For

PuppySpot Labrador Breeders for Oregon

PuppySpot Labrador Breeders for Oregon is top-rated. People trust them. They work with 19 of the best lab breeders in Oregon. If you want a lab puppy, they can help. They aim to give you a healthy, high-quality pet. PuppySpot also sells English Lab puppies in Oregon. The breeders care about giving families the best dogs to love and enjoy.

labrador breeders oregon
labrador breeders oregon

Love’s Labradors

Love’s Labradors is in Salem, Oregon. They are known for making top-notch Labradors. The main aim of Love’s Labradors is to make high-quality Labrador puppies. They also offer stud dog services. Many people trust them and they are tied with 19 other top lab breeders in Oregon. You can find great puppies at Love’s Labradors.

  • Address:  Old Divide Rd Montana 59072
  • Website: https://loveslabradorsofmontana.com/health-testing/#
  • Love’s Labradors Contact Details: 541-580-5159

Merganser Labrador Retrievers

Merganser Labrador Retrievers is near Eugene, Oregon. They have AKC Labrador Retriever puppies and offer chocolate and yellow stud service. This trusted breeder aims to make good-looking smart dogs that love to fetch.

Merganser focuses on making sure their Labradors are built well and healthy. Their large land of 70 acres gives the dogs plenty of room to run and play.

 oregon labrador breeders
 oregon labrador breeders

Sunnyview Labradors

Sunnyview Labradors calls Salem, Oregon home. They started this job in 1965. Many people think they are one of the top 19 Labrador breeders in Oregon. Most buyers are old clients or those who book a pup before it turns seven weeks old. The dogs they sell have top quality genes from AKC champion English Labrador Retrievers.

 oregon lab breeders
 oregon lab breeders

Central Oregon Sporting Dog Breeder

Central Oregon Sporting Dog Breeder sits in Prineville. They breed yellow labs, chocolates, silvers, and charcoal pups. People trust this breeder because they are registered in Oregon.

You can find Labrador Retriever puppies for sale on their AKC Marketplace page. This is not a big business but a person who loves dogs and lives in Salem, Oregon. They take good care of all the dogs.

  • Email: tim@oregonsportingdog.com
  • Website: https://oregonsportingdog.com/contact/
  • Oregon Sporting Contact Details: (541) 420-9393

Valley View English Labs

Valley View English Labs sits in Medford, Oregon. They are known to be one of the best breeders of English Labs in Southern Oregon. They have dogs for sale and they give a 24-month health promise.

This promise makes sure your pup does not have issues that come from bad genes. The pups they sell have AKC limited papers. This proves that the dog is a true labrador retriever breed. People trust them when they want to find good lab breeders in Oregon.

lab breeders in oregon
lab breeders in oregon

Elk Creek Gun Dogs

Elk Creek Gun Dogs is a top breeder of purebred Labrador Retrievers in Oregon. They are known for their trust and quality among the 19 best breeders. They only breed dogs with healthy bloodlines and all puppies are registered.

Elk Creek Gun Dogs is loved by many for keeping Labradors strong and healthy. Their hard work puts them in the top ten list of Oregon’s best breeders.

  • Address:  1001 Putnam Valley Road
  • Email: ron@elkcreekgundogs.com
  • Website: http://www.elkcreekgundogs.com/
  • Elk Creek Gun Dogs Contact Details: (541) 836-7254

Cold Creek Farms

Cold Creek Farms sits in North Eugene, Oregon. They focus on breeding a few high-quality Labrador Retrievers each year. Each dog gets checked for all 19 genetic tests by PawPrint Genetics.

This assures their good health. Besides, they also test the dogs’ hips and elbows at OFA. Yellow Labradors are their special breed, including fox red and black ones. Cold Creek Farms is proudly part of the 19 top labrador breeders oregon community.

lab breeders oregon
lab breeders oregon

Kinnaman Retrievers

Kinnaman Retrievers is a top choice among Oregon lab breeders. They have black, yellow, and chocolate Labrador puppies. The dogs are from strong field trial and hunt test bloodlines.

This shows in their health and talent. Kinnaman Retrievers does not breed many females at once. They focus more on quality than on quantity. You can trust them for AKC Champion Quality English Labrador Retrievers.

  • Address:  68050 Fryrear Rd.
  • Email: geffkinnaman@gmail.com
  • Website: https://kinnamanretrievers.com/
  • Elk Creek Gun Dogs Contact Details: +1 (541) 771 2330

Rogue Retrievers

Rogue Retrievers is in Salem, Oregon. It’s near Portland and Eugene in Oregon and Vancouver in Washington. The breeder offers chocolate, black, and yellow Labrador retriever puppies.

They have Golden retriever puppies as well. They are known for breeding Champion Quality English Labrador Retrievers. Their pups come from a strong hunting pedigree. These working retriever pups are perfect if you’re a hunter or need a working dog.

Rogue Retrievers is one of the top 19 lab breeders to watch out for in Oregon!

labrador breeders oregon
labrador breeders oregon

Labrador Lovers Breeder

The Labrador Lovers Breeder is a top pick in Salem, Oregon. They are known for being part of the Labrador Retrievers Breeders Global Group. The focus here is on AKC Champion Quality English Labrador Retrievers. So, if you’re looking for quality pups, check out this breeder on AKC Marketplace!

  • Address:  Keizer, Oregon, Salem, Portland OR, Vancouver WA
  • Email: LabradorLoversUs@gmail.com
  • Website: https://www.labradorloversus.com/
  • Labrador Lovers Breeder Contact Details: (503)508-4086

Aldrich Mountain Labradors

Aldrich Mountain Labradors is in Mount Vernon, Oregon. It has given homes to Labs since 1988. This breeder works with many others in Oregon. They want all their Labs to be healthy and happy. You can find a hunting partner or a family pet here at Aldrich Mountain Labradors.

 oregon labrador breeders
 oregon labrador breeders

Breton Gate Labrador Retrievers

Breton Gate Labrador Retrievers is a top breeder in Oregon. They want people to only get puppies from good breeders. You can use their website to ask about puppies they have for sale.

One of their yellow Labs, Inka, has great health scores and was bred by Betty Barkley. Breton Gate also works with Classic Labrador Retrievers, another trusted breeder in our area.

Riverlane Labradors

Riverlane Labradors is a popular choice for folks seeking healthy, happy pups. This breeder has been serving families for over 30 years. Greg and Susan Huntzinger work hard to lead the pack in their field. They raise Labrador Retrievers to make the perfect addition to any home.

Their dogs don’t just warm your heart but they also shine at shows! Riverlane Labradors aims high with their breeding program. They aim to produce Champion Quality English Labrador Retrievers.

To help new owners, they even offer a growth and weight chart for your growing puppy.

oregon lab breeders
oregon lab breeders

Dragon Heart Kennels

Dragon Heart Kennels is in Southern Oregon. This small breeder cares for Labradors. Their puppies are AKC registered and tested for elbow and hip issues. They take pride in making the best puppies for their customers.

These Labs meet the standards set by the American Kennel Club. Dragon Heart Kennels wants each dog to find a happy home.

lab breeders in oregon
lab breeders in oregon

Thornwood Labradors

Thornwood Labradors is in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Kevin and Cheri Conway run it. They are well-liked for their top-quality Labradors. Many years of experience makes them experts. Thornwood Labradors has a special honor from AKC as a Breeder of Merit.

oregon labrador breeders
oregon labrador breeders

Sutter Bay’s Retriever Junction

Tellus and Tracy Calhoun run Sutter Bay’s Retriever Junction. They breed Golden and Labrador Retrievers. They make sure they have only a small number of female dogs for breeding. This shows they focus on quality, not quantity.

They are linked with other breeders in Oregon who also focus on Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers. You might find puppies for sale here. They even offer a place to list puppies for sale.

lab breeders oregon
lab breeders oregon

Westlane Labradors

Westlane Labradors is on our list of top Oregon Labrador breeders. They love dogs and bring up the puppies as a hobby, not just a job. This breeder focuses on quality over quantity. Healthy and happy puppies are their main goal.

They focus on the English Labrador Retriever breed. All of their dogs get lots of care and attention. You can trust Westlane Labradors when you want to add a new puppy to your family.

labrador breeders oregon
labrador breeders oregon

Labrador Lovers

The Labrador Lovers is a top dog breeder in Oregon. They breed high quality Labrador dogs. All their dogs get tested for genes. This makes sure the puppies are healthy and strong. The American Kennel Club (AKC) and Hunting Retriever Club (HRC) recognize them as good breeders.

People trust in their skills to breed, keep dogs healthy, and train them well. Love’s Labradors has given them good reviews and ratings too!

labrador breeders oregon
labrador breeders oregon


What Is The Best Age To Buy A Labrador Puppy?

You should buy a Labrador puppy when it is eight weeks old. This is the best time to bring one home. A few days before or after this age works too. At eight weeks, puppies are ready to join a new family.

They can bond well and learn quickly at this young age.

What Is The Best Price For A Labrador Puppy?

Labrador puppies prices can vary. A good, purebred lab puppy costs between $1000 and $2000. Show dogs may cost more than this because they are top-notch. If a Labrador puppy is less than $800, be careful! It might not be well-bred which could lead to health issues later on.

The color of the puppy also affects its price. For example, black Labradors and yellow Labradors have different price ranges. If your new friend has papers it will increase the price too.

Papers mean that the dog comes from a good line of dogs with no sickness or other genetic problems.

What Is The Difference Between Lab And Golden Retriever?

Lab and golden retrievers look a bit different. Labs have wider noses than goldens. The coat of labs is simple: black, chocolate, or yellow. Goldens can be many shades from light cream to dark gold.

Goldens are calm dogs, while labs love being active. Labs are also typically larger than goldens and have more stamina and energy. Both are top dog breeds in America, loved for their friendly nature.

How Do I Choose A Labrador?

Choosing a Labrador needs thought and planning. Start by finding a good breeder who cares well for their dogs. It’s best to ask how many dogs they have and how often they breed each one.

Good breeders ensure that their dogs are calm, fit, and easy to train before they let them have puppies.

Look for puppies that stand tall with a healthy shape. They should look bright-eyed and happy too. A puppy like this will grow up into a good adult dog. This is the key in picking the right Labrador!

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