6 Best Bark Collars For Dogs ( Must check )

The most humane and best bark collars for dogs use vibration or static stimulation rather than shock. High-quality brands have adjustable sensitivity settings to limit over-correction. A good bark control collar is lightweight, waterproof, and has a safety shut-off feature after prolonged activation.

The best collars have a dual sensor distinguishing between a dog’s bark and other noises to prevent false triggers. This allows the collar to deter excessive barking using the lowest stimulation level needed for each dog.

1. NPS Dog Bark Collar

Designed for large, small, and medium dogs ranging from 5-150 lbs, this no-shock collar uses smart sensitivity and intensity adjustments through beeps and vibrations to effectively train your dog without causing pain or discomfort. 

Its innovative Smart Chip microprocessor sets it apart from other anti-bark collars on the market by ensuring that only your dog’s bark will trigger the device while ignoring outside distractions such as other dogs barking, growling, or scratching.

This top-ranked bark collar is incredibly user-friendly, with its hands-free design requiring no remote control. Instead, it increases in intensity if your furry friend continues to bark. 

The NPS Dog Bark Collar also has added safety features like an overvoltage protection chip and waterproof construction for peace of mind during outdoor adventures with your pup. Packed with useful features, effective in reducing nuisance barking behavior, and backed by a risk-free guarantee, this product is our number-one pick among dog bark collars.

In summary, the NPS Dog Bark Collar stands out as the best overall option due to its combination of advanced technology (Smart Sensitivity & Intensity Beep Vibration), ease of use (Hands-Free), versatile compatibility (Large Small, and Medium Dogs 5-150 Lbs) and above all its gentle approach towards training (No Pain No Shocks). 

Choose the NPS Dog Bark Collar today for effective yet humane training that results in happy customers who are satisfied with their purchase – you won’t be disappointed!

best bark collar for large dogs
best bark collar


  • A humane and gentle approach to dog training
  • Adjustable for small to large dogs (7 – 115 lbs)
  • Avoids false triggers from other dogs’ barking
  • Smart chip technology for hands-free operation


  • It may only be effective for some dogs, as some may become accustomed to the beep and vibration.
  • Not recommended for dogs with hearing or anxiety issues.
  • Collar size may not fit very large or extra small breeds.

This product is for pet owners who want to humanely train their small-to-large dog not to bark without using painful electrodes.

With an adjustable collar and no false trigger risk, this anti-barking device provides a no-risk guarantee to ensure satisfaction. Get the NPS Dog Bark Collar and start your pet’s training journey!

2. SportDOG

The SportDOG NoBark Collar – For Hunting Dogs offers a highly effective and customizable solution for controlling excessive barking. This rechargeable, waterproof, and submersible collar allows pet owners to choose between Progressive Correction and User Select modes. 

With its patented Silent Partner technology, the SBC-10 ensures accurate bark detection for consistent training while reducing false corrections. Not only is this collar suitable for dogs of various sizes (8 pounds or larger with neck sizes 5″ – 22″), but it also features an impressive battery life lasting up to 200 hours per charge. The quick-charging capability means that your dog’s training sessions can continue after lengthy charging times. 

Moreover, the collar is designed with safety in mind, as it automatically shuts off correction after 80 seconds and resets after a period of silence.

Ranked No.2 on our list, the SportDOG Brand NoBark Collar combines efficiency, reliability, and user-friendliness into one sleek package. this makes it perfect for hunting dogs who need to learn when quietness is required without interrupting their instincts. 

The adjustable design choices cater to different barking patterns while ensuring optimal comfort during use, making this purchase a wise investment in your canine companion’s well-being.

sportdog shock collar
sportdog collar


  • Rechargeable battery with 200 hours of use per charge
  • Waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet
  • Customizable with two modes of operation and 10 levels of static stimulation
  • Patented Silent Partner Technology that detects unique barking style for accurate correction


  • May not be suitable for dogs under 8 pounds or with neck sizes smaller than 5 inches.
  • Some dogs may not respond to static stimulation, requiring alternative training methods.
  • The price point may be higher than other bark collars on the market.

The SportDOG NoBark Collar is perfect for any hunting enthusiast looking to stop their dog’s barking hassle-free.

3. PetSafe

The PetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Control Collar is a top-notch solution for small dog owners seeking to reduce excessive barking in their pets. Designed specifically for smaller dogs weighing 8 and 55 pounds, this compact collar stands out due to its dual detection technology that ensures accurate bark recognition by sensing both vibration and sound. 

This ingenious feature prevents false corrections from other noises or another dog’s bark, making it an effective tool in training your little buddy. The lightweight PetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Collar offers a durable waterproof design suitable for all outdoor activities. Using gentle citronella spray bursts as deterrents, this collar provides consistent correction without causing discomfort to your pet. 

The refillable canister delivers 300-400 sprays per refill, allowing for long-lasting use during training. Supported by PetSafe’s trusted reputation, this collar earns its No.3 spot on our list due to its dedicated design for small dogs while offering reliable monitoring.

Overall, the PetSafe Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar ensures a balanced approach towards reducing excessive barking among small dogs while prioritizing safety and comfort – a perfect choice for any loving pet owner pursuing efficient yet compassionate disciplinary methods.

bark collar for large dogs
dog bark collar


  • Perfect bark detection system prevents false corrections from other noises, ensuring your dog is only corrected when necessary.
  • Waterproof collar means you can use it during your dog’s outdoor activities without worrying about damage.
  • Adjustable to fit neck sizes up to 22 inches – suitable for dogs weighing 8 lbs and up.
  • Uses a burst of citronella spray to discourage barking, reducing excessive noise and creating a more peaceful environment for you and your pet.


  • Some dogs may become accustomed to the spray and continue barking despite its use.
  • The citronella bark collars may not be effective for all dogs, and some may not find it unpleasant enough to stop barking.
  • Replacement spray refills can be costly over time.

The PetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Control Collar is perfect for pet parents with small dogs weighing 8 pounds to 55 pounds.

4. Dogtra YS600

The Dogtra YS600 Rechargeable Bark Collar is a top-notch solution for reducing excessive barking in medium to large dogs weighing 35 lbs and up. This highly effective anti-bark collar offers a user-friendly design with an adjustable intensity that features 10 levels of static stimulation, ranging from low to high. 

The collar’s unique sound recognition sensor only reacts to your dog’s bark, preventing false triggers from external noises. One standout feature of the YS600 Bark Collar is its high-performance pager vibration warning, which alerts your dog before any electric stimulation occurs. 

Not only does this help train even stubborn dogs, but it also provides a more humane approach compared to traditional bark collars with immediate shock applications.

With the Dogtra YS600 Anti Bark Collar being fully waterproof and equipped with a quick-charge rechargeable battery, you can trust this durable and reliable product for both indoor and outdoor use.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking an efficient yet gentle way to curb excessive barking behavior in your medium or large-sized furry friend, look no further than the Dogtra YS600 Rechargeable Bark Collar. 

Featuring top-quality design elements such as waterproof capability, easy-to-adjust intensity levels, accelerometer bark sensors, and superior customer service from a USA-based team – this collar has everything needed to ensure successful training outcomes while prioritizing your pet’s safety and comfort at all times.

best anti bark collar
best dog bark collar


  • Effective anti-bark collar with 10 adjustable intensity levels
  • Waterproof and rechargeable with a quick 2-hour charge time
  • Designed for medium to large dogs, fitting necks up to 5/8 inch in size
  • Features high-performance pager vibration and the latest sound recognition sensor for reliable bark detection


  • May not be suitable for smaller dogs under 35 lbs.
  • Some dogs may not respond well to static stimulation.
  • The collar strap may need to be adjusted or cut for a proper fit, which can take time and effort.

The Dogtra YS600 Rechargeable Bark Collar is ideal for pet owners looking to quickly and effectively train their medium to large-breed dogs. With 10 intensity levels, a vibration warning, a 2-hour quick charge battery, and other features, this bark collar is perfect for those seeking a reliable solution to excessive barking.

5. POP VIEW Bark Collar

The POP VIEW Bark Collar is the ideal budget-friendly solution for pet owners seeking an effective way to control their dog’s excessive barking. This innovative collar addresses this issue by using a humane, alternative method to static shock collars – making it perfect for small, medium, and large dogs over 8 lbs. 

Equipped with 10 levels of safe correction, the PetSafe Audible Bark Dog Collar ensures your pet’s well-being while gently discouraging unwanted barking behaviors. Designed with dual detection technology that senses vibration and sound before activating, this audible bark collar prevents false corrections caused by other dogs or loud environmental noises. 

The lightweight and waterproof design allows your furry companion to comfortably wear the collar both indoors and outdoors in any weather condition. Coupled with its rechargeable battery feature, users can enjoy extended periods of seamless training without worrying about constant battery replacements.

As a trusted leader in pet behavior solutions since 1998, PetSafe guarantees top-quality products that prioritize the safety and happiness of pets worldwide.  Invest in the POP VIEW Bark Collar today for an affordable yet reliable solution to curb excessive barking without causing discomfort or harm to your beloved canine companion. 

Trust PetSafe to provide exceptional customer care service available via phone, email, or chat should you have any questions regarding this product’s usage or maintenance.

bark collars for large dogs
no bark collar


  • Humane and safe way to train your dog to stop barking.
  • 10 levels of correction to find the perfect fit for your dog’s needs.
  • Rechargeable and waterproof, allowing you to train anywhere in any weather.
  • Unique bark-sensing technology ensures corrections are only triggered by your dog’s bark, not other dogs’ barks.


  • May only be effective for some dogs, as some may require a different type of training to address excessive barking.
  • Some customers have reported issues with the collar’s battery life and durability.
  • The 10 correction levels may need more re-customization for pet owners needing more precise control.

With 10 levels of safe correction, it’s rechargeable, waterproof, and suitable for small-medium-large dogs. Join thousands of satisfied customers and take control of your dog’s barking today!

6. Pawious

The Pawious Humane No Shock Rechargeable Anti Barking Collar is an exceptional solution for dog owners seeking a humane approach to curbing excessive barking. 

Designed specifically for small and medium-sized dogs, this upgraded 2019 model addresses the key decision-making factors of pet safety and comfort by providing an alternative that doesn’t rely on harmful prongs or shocks. 

Instead, it employs sound and vibration in seven adjustable sensitivity levels to effectively train your furry friend without causing them any physical harm.

One standout feature of this collar is its customizable design with four color faceplates, allowing you to tailor the appearance according to your preference. The bark collar’s rechargeable functionality makes it convenient for everyday use without worrying about frequently replacing batteries- saving time and money in the long run. 

With numerous positive testimonials from satisfied customers, it’s evident that the Pawious Humane No Shock Rechargeable Anti Barking Collar is a trusted and effective tool for managing unwanted barking habits.

best bark collar for dogs
bark collars for dogs


  • Pawious Humane No Shock Anti Barking Collar is a safe and humane way to control excessive barking in small and medium dogs.
  • The collar uses sound and vibration modes with 7 sensitivity levels, making it effective for dog breeds and personalities without causing harm.
  • Its upgraded design comes with 4 color faceplates, allowing you to customize the look of your pet’s collar.
  • With its rechargeable battery, you can enjoy long-lasting use without worrying about buying replacement batteries.


  • May not be suitable for large dogs
  • May require adjustment for individual dog’s sensitivity level
  • May not work effectively on persistent or highly reactive barkers.

With its adjustable sensitivity levels, this rechargeable and no-shock collar is designed to provide just the right amount of correction your furry friend needs. Get it today and start keeping your dog’s barking in check!

best bark collar for dogs To Correct excessive barking

There are four main types of bark collars for dogs: static collars, spray collars, ultrasonic collars, and vibration collars.

Static Collars To Stop Barking Excessively

Static collars, also known as shock collars or static shock collars, are among the most popular and widely used types of bark collars for dogs. These anti-bark devices deliver a mild electric impulse to your dog’s neck whenever they exhibit excessive barking behavior.

One great example is the NPS Dog Bark Collar, the best overall collar for controlling a dog’s barking tendencies. This clever device can detect only your dog’s unique bark while ignoring other noises or nearby barks from other dogs.

Most static collars incorporate progressive intensity levels that adjust automatically based on how persistent a pup continues to bark to ensure maximum safety and avoid over-correction.

Spray Dog Bark Collar

Spray bark bollar is an innovative and humane solution for curbing excessive barking in dogs. These anti-bark collars release a gentle burst of citronella spray or unscented air when the dog barks, a deterrent to stopping unwanted behavior.

For instance, the PetSafe Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar is highly recommended for its effectiveness in reducing nuisance barking without causing any harm to your furry friend.

This type of collar is particularly suitable for sensitive dogs that may not respond well to static shock or vibration methods. One notable benefit of using spray collars is that they do not emit any sound, making them ideal for use around other pets or people who might be disturbed by ultrasonic noises.

Ultrasonic Collars For Dog Barks

Ultrasonic bark collar is an innovative and humane solution for curbing excessive barking in dogs. These devices detect the dog’s bark and emit a high-frequency sound that is unpleasant yet harmless to the canine.

One of the most notable advantages of ultrasonic collars over other types, such as static shock or spray collars, is their non-invasive nature. Dogs quickly learn to associate their barking with the emitted sound, resulting in less frequent outbursts without causing physical discomfort or distress.

This makes ultrasonic bark collars like the ZNFSZ Dog Bark Collar, which boasts a unique test mode feature, popular among pet owners who prioritize their pet’s well-being while effectively addressing nuisance barking.

Moreover, these collars are generally adjustable and suitable for all dog breeds – large dogs with thick coats or small dogs alike can benefit from this type of bark collar.

sport dog shock collar
sportdog training collars

Vibration Bark Collars

Vibration collars are another effective bark collar that uses vibration to deter dogs from excessive barking. This type of collar emits a pulsing vibration on the dog’s neck whenever they bark excessively, providing a gentle reminder to stop barking.

One popular option is the Dog Care Rechargeable Bark Collar which has seven sensitivity levels and three training modes for customizing its use based on your dog’s size and temperament.

When choosing a vibrating bark collar, consider your dog’s fit and comfort level, especially if they have sensitive skin or thick fur. Additionally, you’ll want to select an option with durable materials and long battery life since many vibrating collars require charging after several hours.

shock collar tractor supply
best anti bark device

Factors To Consider When Choosing top rated bark collars for dogs

Consider your dog’s size and temperament, collar fit and comfort, battery life and durability, safety features, and type of barking behavior before choosing the right bark collar for your furry friend.

Dog Size And Temperament

Keep in mind your dog’s size and temperament when choosing a bark collar. Some collars are designed for small dogs, while others may be too intense for larger breeds.

Additionally, some dogs may be more sensitive or have a different threshold for discomfort than others. For example, a static shock collar that works well on one dog may not work well on another due to differences in their pain tolerance levels.

For instance, the DogRook Dog Bark Collar is ideal for small dogs because it has adjustable vibration sensitivity levels that can be customized according to size.

On the other hand, the NPS Dog Bark Collar is perfect for both large and small breeds as it comes with an adjustable strap length suitable for all neck sizes.

Collar Fit And Comfort

One of the most critical factors to consider when choosing a bark collar for your dog is ensuring a proper fit and level of comfort. The collar should be snug but not too tight, allowing room for two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck.

Also, choosing a bark collar that matches your dog’s size and breed is crucial. Smaller dogs may require lighter collars with smaller sensors, while larger breeds may need sturdier collars capable of withstanding their strength. Most Anti-bark collars are designed specifically for dogs with thick coats, preventing skin irritations caused by prolonged device use.

Battery Life And Durability

Its battery life and durability make a bark collar a great one. You don’t want to constantly replace batteries or break the collar after just a few uses. Many high-quality bark collars offer rechargeable batteries, which can be more convenient and cost-effective in the long run.

In terms of durability, you want a bark collar that can withstand wear and tear from active dogs. Look for collars made with sturdy materials such as nylon or leather that won’t fray easily.

Safety Features in Most Bark Collars

It is crucial to consider the safety features of a bark collar before purchasing one for your furry friend. Look for collars with automatic shut-off features to prevent overstimulation or injury to your dog.

Collars with adjustable levels of stimulation allow you to tailor the intensity to your dog’s size and temperament, avoiding unnecessary discomfort. Choosing a quality bark collar with effective safety features will give you peace of mind and protect your pet from harm while correcting their unwanted barking behavior.

For instance, the Petdiary Smart Bark Collar has an auto-protection mode that deactivates after seven consecutive activations within 60 seconds. The PATPET A01 Anti-Bark Dog Training Collar has a warning tone followed by vibration if excessive barking continues even after Level 7 static correction without manual operation in one minute, thus avoiding sudden shocks for sensitive dogs.

Type Of Barking Behavior

Understanding your dog’s barking behavior is essential when choosing the right bark collar. Some dogs may bark excessively due to separation anxiety, while others may bark out of boredom or as a warning signal to their owners.

For instance, if your pet is an occasional and mild barker, you can opt for a vibration or ultrasonic collar that emits a safe sound or vibration to discourage further barking. However, if your dog frequently barks at passing cars or pedestrians, using a static shock collar with adjustable levels might prove helpful in curbing this specific type of unwanted behavior.

Training Tips For Using best bark collars for dog

To ensure the effective and safe use of a bark collar, it is important to follow proper fitting and adjustment procedures, gradually introduce the device to your dog, and implement positive reinforcement techniques; continue reading for more helpful training tips!

Proper Fitting And Adjustment for top bark collars

It is essential to properly fit and adjust the bark collar to ensure its effectiveness and your dog’s safety. Here are some tips for fitting and adjusting a bark collar:

  • Measure your dog’s neck size accurately before purchasing a bark collar.
  • Adjust the collar to fit snugly around your dog’s neck. It should be tight enough not to slip off but loose enough for two fingers.
  • Ensure that the contact points are in direct contact with your dog’s skin. If your dog has thick fur, trim it around the contact points.
  • Test the collar’s sensitivity level by barking at it or using the test mode feature before putting it on your dog.
  • Gradually increase the intensity level of the collar and observe your dog’s response. Do not start on high levels immediately.
  • Regularly check and adjust the fit of the collar as needed.

Remember that improper fitting can cause discomfort or injury to your pet, so take the time to ensure it fits correctly.

Gradual Training Approach

Training your dog to use a bark collar can take time and patience. While it may be tempting to rush the process, a gradual training approach is key in ensuring your furry friend feels comfortable and safe while wearing their new device.

Start by introducing the collar to your dog, allowing them to sniff it and get used to its presence. Then, fit the collar snugly around their neck – not too tight, but not loose enough for them to slip out of it.

When you’re ready to begin using the bark collar as intended, start with low-level intensity settings first and gradually increase them over time if needed. It’s important to reinforce positive behavior with rewards when they don’t bark excessively or stop barking altogether when prompted by the device.

Positive Reinforcement Techniques

It’s important to note that bark collars should not be the sole solution for excessive barking. Positive reinforcement techniques should also be implemented to correct the behavior. When using a bark collar, combining it with positive reinforcement training methods like treats, playtime, or verbal praise is recommended.

For instance, if you notice your pup barks excessively when separation anxiety kicks in a while departing home or going to work – rather than scolding him upon return from a long day at work – reward his moments of calmness with an embrace and a treat.

FAQs for best-barking collars for dogs

1. Are bark collars safe for dogs?

Bark collars have been designed to provide harmless correction, usually through vibrations or sounds, and do not inflict pain on your pet. However, using them correctly and under supervision is vital to avoid unintended consequences.

2. Can bark collars help with excessive barking?

Yes, they can be a useful tool in managing unwanted barking behavior in dogs by providing consistent correction when activated at appropriate times. They are particularly effective when combined with positive reinforcement training techniques.

3. What type of collar works best for my dog’s size and breed?

The best type of bark collar will depend largely on the size and breed of your dog and your specific needs as an owner/trainer. For example, larger breeds might require more powerful shock/vibration options, while smaller breeds may benefit from gentler audible cues or sprays that don’t trigger anxiety.

What is the most effective bark collar?

There is no one “most effective” bark collar, as the best collar for your dog will depend on their individual needs and behavior. However, some of the most effective bark collars on the market include:

  1. SportDOG NoBark SBC-R Rechargeable Bark Control Dog Collar
  2. Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe Dog Training Collar
  3. PetSafe Static Basic Waterproof Dog Bark Collar
  4. PetSpy M86 Advanced Dog Training Collar
  5. DogRook Dog Bark Collar

These collars use various methods to deter barking, including beeps, vibrations, and static stimulation. They are all designed to be humane and effective and can help reduce excessive barking in most dogs.

Do vets recommend bark collars?

Some vets do recommend bark collars, but others do not. Vets have no consensus on using bark collars; some believe they can harm dogs. If you are considering using a bark collar, you must talk to your vet for their opinion.

What is the best no shock bark collar?

There are several no-shock bark collars on the market, but some of the most popular include:

  1. PetSafe Gentle Leader No-Shock Bark Collar
  2. SportDOG BarkLimiter No-Shock Dog Training Collar
  3. PetSafe Ultrasonic Bark Collar
  4. DogRook No Shock Bark Collar
  5. PetSpy No Shock Bark Collar

What Are The Best Anti Bark Collars For Small Dogs?

DogRook Dog Bark Collar: 

This no-shock collar uses vibration, beep, and static stimulation to deter barking. It is adjustable to 6 different sensitivity levels so that you can find the most effective level for your dog. The collar is also waterproof and rechargeable.

PetSafe Bark Collar: 

This is another good option for small dogs. It is a vibration and static stimulation collar adjustable to 10 different sensitivity levels. It also has a built-in safety feature that prevents the collar from delivering a static correction if the dog barks for more than 10 seconds.

Woof Whisperer Anti Bark Collar: 

This no-shock collar uses a high-pitched ultrasonic sound to deter barking. The sound is inaudible to humans but very annoying to dogs. The collar is adjustable to 5 different volume levels so that you can find the most effective level for your dog.

What Is The Best Bark Collar For Dogs Under 5 Pounds?

The DogRook Dog Bark Collar is a good option for dogs under 5 pounds. It is adjustable to 6 different sensitivity levels so that you can find the most effective level for your dog. The collar is also waterproof and rechargeable.

What is the best anti barking dog device?

The best anti-barking dog device depends on your dog’s needs and behavior. However, some of the most popular anti-barking dog devices include:

  • Bark collars
  • Spray collars
  • Ultrasonic collars
  • Vibration collars
  • Remote control collars


In conclusion, excessive barking can be a frustrating issue for pet owners. However, bark collars are an effective way to train your dog and minimize nuisance barking behavior. We have highlighted the top bark collars on the market, including our two recommended products: the NPS Dog Bark Collar and SportDOG NoBark Collar. These reliable and durable options cater to different needs, including sensitivity levels, hunting dogs, and rechargeable batteries.

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