5 San Diego Labrador Breeders To Trust And Contact

Finding reliable Labrador breeders can be challenging for potential dog owners. San Diego is home to several reputable and trustworthy Labrador breeders, so this city is an ideal place to start your search. We will guide you through a list of six top-notch Labrador breeders in San Diego, ensuring your furry friend comes from a healthy, loving environment.

Why Choose a Labrador?

Labradors are full of energy. They love to play and run. This makes them great for families with kids or anyone who likes to stay active. They also like making friends and being part of a group. Besides, these dogs have a thick coat that keeps them warm in cold weather.

The Labrador’s love for water comes from their strong hunting past. This is why they like swimming so much! Labradors come in three colors: black, yellow, and chocolate brown. No matter the color, they are always beautiful animals with shiny coats and sweet faces.

The Importance of Selecting a Trustworthy Breeder

Choosing a good breeder is key when buying a Labrador. You want to pick from healthy, happy pups raised in the best conditions. Breeders who care for their dogs’ health and behavior make top-notch dogs.

They do genetic tests and give medical check-ups often. Good breeders will let you see where the pups grow up before you buy one.

Doing your homework helps find such breeders. This means asking many questions about how they raise their dogs and looking for reviews or feedback online. Don’t be shy about this! It’s how you can ensure your pup gets off to the best start possible.

One more thing: Avoid puppy mills at all costs! If a deal looks too good to be real, it likely isn’t real at all. Stay clear of places where dozens of different breeds are sold, too.

In short, find someone who loves Labradors as much as you do! We give some options below so keep reading!

Cedar Ranch Labradors

At Cedar Ranch Labradors, you will find a breed-specific dedication focused on producing all-purpose Labrador puppies that strictly adhere to the AKC Breed Standard. This breeder is beloved for its commitment to maintaining clean, healthy bloodlines and emphasizing important aspects such as health clearances and genetics.

Dedicated to producing all-purpose Labradors

Cedar Ranch Labradors in San Diego loves making all-purpose Labradors. These dogs are good for many things. They can be family pets, show dogs, or work as service dogs. The Ranch makes sure these Labradors fit the AKC Breed Standard rules.

They keep their bloodlines clean and care a lot about health check-ups. Cedar ranch’s goal is to provide healthy and high-quality Labradors for you and your family to enjoy.

Adheres closely to AKC Breed Standard

Cedar Ranch Labradors takes pride in following the AKC Breed Standard. This means they care about their dogs’ look and health. They make sure their dogs have the right coat color. They also look at ear shape, just like the AKC says to do.

Many Labrador fans trust them because of this focus on AKC rules. It shows that they want to raise high-quality Labs.

Utilizes clean, healthy bloodlines

Cedar Ranch Labradors uses only clean, healthy bloodlines for breeding. They want the best for their labrador puppies. The breeder knows that good health begins with strong genes. That is why they are picky about the dogs used in their program.

They use dogs with show and service dog pedigrees, like Cedar Ranch Rowdy Rose (Rosie). She has great hip, elbow, cardiac, and patella clearances. This shows her high-quality bloodline.

Focus on genetics and health clearances.

Cedar Ranch Labradors care a lot about the health of their dogs. They make sure all puppies are healthy before they go to their new homes. These breeders check things like hips, elbows, hearts and knees in each dog.

This checks that the dog has good genes and no health problems.

They do this because they know good genes help make great dogs. Cedar Ranch Rowdy Rose (Rosie) is a good example of this. She passed all her health checks with flying colors! So, if you choose a puppy from Cedar Ranch Labradors, you know it comes from strong, healthy parents.

san diego labrador breeders
san diego labrador breeders

Tender Oak Ranch Labradors

Tender Oak Ranch Labradors, located in beautiful San Diego, is celebrated for its commitment to breeding AKC-registered purebred Labradors. They place a high emphasis on early neurological stimulation and socialization from a young age for their puppies.

Nutritional excellence and preventative medical care are pivotal parts of their puppy-rearing philosophy, demonstrating their strong devotion to each Labrador breed’s health and happiness.

Producing purebred, AKC-registered Labradors

Tender Oak Ranch Labradors in Lakeside, California is known for its purebred, AKC-registered Labradors. They breed these smart dogs with care and attention. The team at the ranch has been doing this for 20 years.

They aim to breed healthy Labs that have great temperaments. Every dog bred by Tender Oak Ranch Labradors is a part of the American Kennel Club (AKC). The AKC is known for its high standards and passion for dogs.

Breeding purebred Labs ensures they meet these standards every time.

Emphasis on early neurological stimulation, socialization, and nutrition

Tender Oak Ranch Labradors gives young dogs a strong start. They use early neurological stimulation. This means they handle puppies in their first weeks of life. It helps the dogs grow healthier brains and deal with stress better.

They also make sure puppies play and learn with others, which is called socialization. Proper food is also a big part of what they do for their dogs’ health and growth.

Commitment to preventative medical care

Tender Oak Ranch Labradors keeps their dogs safe from illness. They do this by using preventative medical care. This action shows they care a lot about the health of their dogs. It helps ensure all pups are born strong and healthy.

This Ranch also gives a 100% health guarantee for the puppies it breeds. They know that good genes make up healthy dogs, so they check them carefully before breeding.

san diego labrador breeders
San Diego Labrador Breeders

Pebble Beach Labrador Retrievers

A small hobby breeder based in San Diego, Pebble Beach Labrador Retrievers breeds healthy pups with a focus on strong bloodlines and comprehensive genetic testing; they ensure each pup is raised with love and plenty of socialization.

Read more to explore their practices and commitment towards the Lab breed further.

Small hobby breeder located in San Diego

Pebble Beach Labrador Retrievers is in San Diego County. They love and care for a few litters of Labradors each year. This breeder used to be called Ebbert Retrievers. They focus on having fewer dogs so each gets lots of play and learning time.

You can call, text or email them to learn more about their dogs. They put the dog’s health and well-being first, not just making many dogs to sell as pets.

Raised with love and socialization

Pebble Beach Labrador Retrievers gives their puppies lots of love and time with people. All ages get to cuddle them. This helps the dogs feel safe and happy. The breeders also teach the puppies how to be around others in a calm way.

They do this with care and proven ways that work well. This training makes sure the dogs grow up friendly and easy-going. It is done in a home full of love where they can learn best.

The result is Labradors with great behaviors, perfect for homes or as fetching pals.

Focus on clean, healthy bloodlines and genetic testing

Pebble Beach Labrador Retrievers makes sure its dogs have clean, healthy bloodlines. They only want the best dogs to have puppies. To do this, they test their dogs for any bad genes that could make the puppies sick. This helps them stop any sickness from passing on.

BBK Labs does something similar as well. They also check the genes of their Labradors before they let them have puppies. This step keeps their Labradors healthy and balances them out nicely.

Both these breeders know how important it is to keep a close eye on the health of future puppies!

labrador breeders san diego
Labrador Breeders San Diego

Ebbert Retrievers (a.k.a Pebble Beach Labrador Retrievers)

This San Diego breeder, known for producing quality AKC-registered Labrador puppies annually, promotes slow growth for ideal joint health and stresses on sound conditioning and tactile training.

Home to a few litters of AKC-registered Labrador puppies a year

Ebbert Retrievers brings new litters of AKC-registered Labradors into the world each year. They take pride in their pups. Each one is friendly and loves kids and families. Their puppies aren’t just pets; they’re part of the family.

With black, brown, or golden coats, there’s a puppy for everyone! Plus all of them come with a special welcome packet. This includes details about their AKC registration and family history facts.

Belief in slow growth for joint health

Ebbert Retrievers care a lot about their dogs’ health. This San Diego breeder thinks it’s good for pups to grow slow for strong joints. They make sure each Labrador Retriever pup grows at the right pace. No rushing here! It helps keep the dog’s joints healthy as they become big dogs.

Emphasis on sound conditioning and tactile training

Ebbert Retrievers puts a lot of effort into sound conditioning and tactile training. They know this helps puppies be calm and confident. Sound conditioning is all about helping the puppy get used to different sounds.

It can help keep them from being scared later on.

Tactile training is also very useful for Labradors at Ebbert Retrievers. The trainers touch the dogs in different ways so they learn trust and feel relaxed when being handled. This makes trips to the vet or groomer less stressful for these pups! They grow up to be friendly, happy dogs that people love to have around.

labrador breeders san diego
Labrador Breeders San Diego

Judy at Tender Oak Labradors

Judy at Tender Oak Labradors is a dedicated and trusted breeder who ensures all puppies come from thoroughly screened, healthy adult dogs with solid genetics, making her one of the reliable sources for those seeking pedigreed Labrador puppies in San Diego.

Contact for upcoming litters and reserving puppies

Judy at Tender Oak Labradors is ready to help you. You can call her at (619) 443-8966 or email her at Judy@TenderOakLabradors.com. She gives information about new litters and how to save a puppy spot.

The website of Tender Oak Labradors helps too. It has details on puppies that will be born soon.

Commitment to health and genetics

Judy at Tender Oak Labradors specializes care for health and genes when breeding dogs. She does this by testing the adult dogs well. Before having puppies, these tests help her know if the dog has good health and genes.

This makes sure only healthy Labradors are bred. It helps keep our loved Labrador breed strong and free from bad health problems. Judy’s work also comes with a two-year promise on genetic health for every puppy from Tender Oak Labradors.

Thorough screening of adult dogs

Judy Carr at Tender Oak Labradors checks adult dogs well. She looks for good health and strong traits in each dog. She knows that this is key to breeding healthy puppies.

The tests Judy uses are not noted here, but they make sure each dog is fit for breeding. The end goal is to give you a pet that will live a long, happy life with your family.

labrador breeders san diego
Labrador Breeders San Diego


These five San Diego Labrador breeders are the best places to look for a new friend. They all care about health, good bloodlines and proper training. You can trust them to have healthy, happy puppies. So pick up your phone or send an email now!

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